Supernatural Selections

Explore the unexplained with this Special Collection of paranormal programs. What happens after you die? Why do Orbs of light appear in digital photgraphs? Is Big Foot real or an urban legend? Sit back, relax and find out!

Titles In This Collection

Ghosts & Ghoulies: Westcoast Ghosts
46 minutes
True accounts of ghostly encounters as told by the men and women who actually experienced them. Meet a cross section of British Columbia’s most famous hauntings, some that stretch back to the middle of the nineteenth century.
Only available in Canada, United States
In Dreams
13 Episodes
Dreams haunt and horrify, inspire and guide, comfort and confuse, forewarn and foretell, and sometimes they change our lives. Join author, speaker and Jungian analyst Dr. Marion Woodman and other experts, including Dr Teresa DeCicco and David King of Trent University and Toronto dream therapist ...
Orbs: The Veil Is Lifting
63 minutes
We live in the midst of other dimensions that our eyes alone cannot perceive. New technological advances are allowing us to confirm what many have believed: that there is more to our world than meets the eye.
Not available in France, Germany, Italy, Japan
Encounters with the Unexplained
52 Episodes
A provocative series exploring the paranormal and the unexplained.
Beyond Reality
44 Episodes
A supernatural drama series follows two para-psychologists who research strange and unusual phenomena that are "Beyond Reality."
Doreen Virtue on Connecting with AngelsInspirations
91 minutes
Explore the subject of guides and guardian angels with Doreen Virtue, a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm and is one of the foremost authorities in this area.
Available worldwide
Raymond Moody in Pursuit of the AfterlifeInspirations
90 minutes
Dr. Raymond Moody, psychiatrist, researcher and bestselling author, has interviewed more than a thousand survivors of near-death experiences. Watch this fascinating conversation between Dr. Moody and Lisa Garr to find out why, ...
Available worldwide
Beyond Bob
87 minutes
Beyond Bob is a quirky feel good comedy about a love that persists even beyond the grave. Bob returns as a spirit to try to set things right and stop a potentially disastrous wedding leading to one silly debacle after another.
Only available in Canada, United States
Life After Death and Channeling (Jon Klimo)Thinking Allowed
24 minutes
Jon Klimo discusses life-after-death, the phenomenon that we have come to recognize as channeling, and his belief that humans can communicate with other beings and people from past-lives.
Available worldwide
The R.I.P. Files
13 Episodes
A group of ghost hunters use science and metaphysics combined to find proof of the paranormal while investigating the scariest places on the planet.

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