Yoga for Detox

Looking to purge your body of toxins? What about your mind and spirit? Our collection of detox yoga asanas can help you do all three. Scrub your inner and your outer with a variety of workouts from fiery flows to kundalini chakra cleanses that incorporate twists and core work to stimulate circulation. Buh-bye toxic, hello purity!

Titles In This Collection

Anti-Aging Flow: Detox and Let GoYoga for Women
41 minutes
Part five of our Yoga for Women with Faith Hunter focuses on the beauty of aging. This flowing detox practice will help you feel youthful, cleanse internal organs, and let go of negative thoughts that are polluting your mind.
Available worldwide
I Am Pure
44 minutes
In this playful vinyasa practice with Rina Jakubowicz, we move closer to our own truth by cleansing the body and mind through asana.
Available worldwide
Hot Detox Fusion
29 minutes
This all levels Detox Hot Fusion with Jules Peláez blends traditional hot yoga with classic vinyasa sun salutations.
Available worldwide
Radiant You! Fiery Flow and Guided Visualization
28 minutes
In this quick uplifting detox flow Jules Peláez will open you up to your true potential through the power of asana and guided visualization.
Available worldwide
Detox Diva
31 minutes
This is a full mind-body detox and challenging kundalini practice with Ashley Turner. Ignite your day with this practice and leave feeling refreshed, light, clear and joyful.
Available worldwide
Twisting Detox Flow
18 minutes
This short but effective yoga practice with Ashley Turner gives artistic instruction for movement guided by breath to fire up your core with twists.
Available worldwide
Daily Detox Hatha Yoga
59 minutes
This practice from Cameron Gilley is a heating Hatha yoga class. With an emphasis on cleansing and detoxing the body and mind, this class integrates plenty of twists and forward bends to help you make space in all aspects of ...
Available worldwide
Kundalini Chakra Cleanse
54 minutes
This sweet and ethereal practice from Zain Saraswati Jamal combines hatha asana with invigorating kundalini kriyas that support the energy body from root to crown, in releasing anything that is no longer serving, so that prana ...
Available worldwide
Fiery Detox Flow
24 minutes
This fun, fast paced class with Ashleigh Sergeant will get your heart rate up and wring out the toxins. Work through a variety of twists, inversions and strength based asanas intended to build heat in your body and make you sweat!
Available worldwide
Conscious Cleanse Flow
39 minutes
Flow through a practice designed to kick start slow digestion.
Available worldwide
PurifySeane Corn Detox Flow
64 minutes
Just right when we’re feeling sluggish and need inspiration.
Available worldwide
Day 4: Clean It OutRodney Yee‘s Daily Yoga
27 minutes
Help your body detox with this Ashtanga-style practice. Yoga master Rodney Yee guides you in this cleansing practice designed to renew vitality and cultivate clarity.
Available worldwide

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B-health, posted on July 9, 2015

There are so many times when I need to turn to yoga and can't get to a public class. What a luxury knowing I can turn to a panel of fabulous instructors and so much variety. Thank you Gaiam!!


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