Yoga for Stress Relief

Too often, stress is our middle name. But with yoga, you can reset and rejuvenate your system. Your anxiety and stress will melt away as you sink into your mat with our specially curated collection of spa-like asana practices. Nourish your body from the outside in. Stress? #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

Titles In This Collection

Relax and Unwind
31 minutes
Unwind and slow down with this evening flow practice from Danielle Mika Nagel. In this sequence, focus on releasing tension in the hips and creating space throughout the body. An emphasis will also be placed on the areas of ...
Available worldwide
Anxiety RX
28 minutes
This short sequence with Hala Khouri, can help decrease anxiety and stress by helping you calm down to get grounded and centered again. This is a gentle practice emphasizing breath, and some strengthening postures as well.  
Available worldwide
Day 1: Exhale and Unwind7-Day Bali Retreat: Awaken to Bliss
44 minutes
In this first class from Janet's seven day retreat, you are treated to a practice of unwinding. If left unchecked, the amount of toxins we carry in our emotional, mental, and physical bodies begins to clog our vision, congest ...
Available worldwide
Finding Your Center Amidst Chaos
30 minutes
This video from Hala Khouri is part of our series for Busy Mom's. Most of this practice is floorwork geared towards unwinding stress in the upper body and hips, strengtheners for the core and legs, and heart openers to foster ...
Available worldwide
Yoga For Anxiety
33 minutes
This flow with Rick Coe was designed to reduce anxiety through balancing and calming breathing exercises such opposite nostril breathing (nadi shodhana) and bee's breath (brahmari). The first flow of asanas are vigorous with ...
Available worldwide
InnerYoga for Reducing Stress and Anxiety PM
67 minutes
This deeply nourishing and relaxing practice with Dina Amsterdam is ideal when you feel depleted after a stressful day of work or during a difficult time of anxiety and/ or exhaustion. The sequence, a combination of ...
Available worldwide
Anxiety No More!
40 minutes
This class from Ashley Turner is designed to reduce Pitta and build stability, steadiness and resilience. Begin with a mudra for grounding, a simple flow to reduce tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders and then some ...
Available worldwide
Kundalini Yoga for Tension Release
16 minutes
This practice from Gloria Latham is great to do when you’re feeling “funky” and aren’t sure why. It will release you of the energies that drag you down and keep you from feeling vibrant and fully alive.
Available worldwide
Kundalini for Releasing Stress
59 minutes
We all face fears, anxiety and stress in our life. Use this practice with Lindsey Lewis to help you release them.
Available worldwide
Yoga for Stress Reduction: Getting Grounded with Ease
74 minutes
In this gentle slow yoga blend, Dina Amsterdam, Kia Miller, and Ashleigh Sergeant join together to support you in feeling relaxed and grounded with ease.
Available worldwide
Calm Mind, Strong Nerves
15 minutes
Practice this kundalini meditation with Kia Miller to gain a calm mind and strong nerves.
Available worldwide
InnerYoga for Reducing Stress and Anxiety AM
41 minutes
This gentle practice is designed to be grounding and nourishing for those of you who are challenged by stress and anxiety.
Available worldwide

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sonya_pc, posted on August 12, 2015

wonderfull! thanks!!!

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