Yoga for Weight Loss

Get your heart pumping with our Yoga for Weight Loss collection. Tone your body, strengthen your muscles, and burn calories—all while changing your nervous system. Find a new perspective on your mat to live out your body’s transformation off the mat. A healthy body creates a healthy mind.

Titles In This Collection

Yoga for Weight Loss with Colleen Saidman
Colleen Saidman
4 Episodes
These energizing practices will burn calories and increase strength, flexibility, balance and focus—all keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body.
Fit Body Yoga
4 Episodes
Learn the same moves Gwen uses to keep professional athletes fit and injury-free.
Yoga Burn
57 minutes
Created and led by Rodney Yee, the innovative Slow Burn Yoga delivers dramatic, immediate results through slow yoga. Obtain a sculpted physique and greater mental focus.
Available worldwide
Seane Corn Detox Flow
5 Episodes
Purify your body and mind.
Yoga for Weight Loss
3 Episodes
In this series, Yoga for Weight Loss, Ashley takes you through practices to build strength, core power, and upper body strength to boot! Join her on this journey to a healthier and happier you!
Tapas: An Advanced Vinyasa
53 minutes
Tapas has many meanings including heat, fire, and discipline. It can be defined as the unwavering discipline you have to practice daily, regardless of how you feel. In this practice, we will explore tapas through building heat ...
Available worldwide
Get Lean, Get Healthy
31 minutes
Get ready to get healthy and lean. This instructional practice from Desiree Rumbaugh leads you at a fast pace through twists, arm balances, and a handful of inversions - all with the intention of bringing you deeper into each ...
Available worldwide
Flowing Practice for Weight Loss
61 minutes
This challenging one hour PranaVayu class with David Magone has been specifically formatted to help you lose weight. To accomplish this, we incorporate sun salutations to get your heart pumping faster, a standing pose set ...
Available worldwide
Calorie Killer Yoga
Colleen Saidman
5 Episodes
Acclaimed yoga instructor Colleen Saidman leads five fat-burning, cardio yoga routines.
Mandy Ingber‘s Yogalosophy
6 Episodes
Yoga meets toning to sculpt sleek muscles with Mandy Inber's Yogalosophy.
CorePower Yoga® Calorie Blast Yoga
5 Episodes
Lose weight, increase flexibility and build lean muscle with practices based on the CorePower Yoga studio classes.
Trudie Styler‘s Weight Loss Yoga
7 Episodes
Discover a gentle, sustainable approach to weight loss.

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