• Play Again
    What are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature?
  • Meetings with Remarkable Men
    This newly remastered director's cut tells the story of Gurdjieff’s search for hidden knowledge.
  • One Track Heart
    The inspiring story of how one man’s journey continues to transform countless lives.
  • Fibre & Wood
    A portrait of two master craftspeople -- felting artist Sanna Rahola and woodcarver Douglas Drdul.

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New & Noteworthy

Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979)
90 minutes
This remastered director’s cut tells the story of the young G. I. Gurdjieff and his search for hidden knowledge and inner growth, following his journeys through Central Asia as he discovers new levels of understanding in his ...
Available worldwide
Play Again (2010)
53 minutes
At a time when children play more behind screens than outside, Play Again explores the changing balance between the virtual and natural worlds. Is our connection to nature disappearing down the digital rabbit hole?
Only available in Canada, United States
Season 1, Episode 9
Coffee (2008)What's Really in Our Food?
Season 1, Episode 9
, 23 minutes
Coffee contains caffeine, the most widely consumed drug in the world. So does drinking too much coffee do us any harm, and how much is too much?
Only available in Canada, United States
Fibre & Wood (2015)
10 minutes
Fibre & Wood is a portrait of two master craftspeople -- felting artist Sanna Rahola and woodcarver Douglas Drdul.
Available worldwide

Documentaries: A Life of Faith

One Track Heart (2012)
72 minutes
One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das follows Jeffrey Kagel, a young musician, on his journey to India and back, his struggles with depression and drug abuse, and his eventual emergence as Krishna Das — the world-renowned ...
Available worldwide
Raw Faith (2010)
92 minutes
An intimate and revealing documentary that follows two years in the private life of Marilyn Sewell, an outspoken and socially progressive Unitarian minister who has re-energized her Portland community.
Only available in Canada, United States
Cave in the Snow (2002)
52 minutes
British-born Tenzin Palmo isolated herself in a cave in the Himalayas at 14,000 feet above sea level. Here, with only the company of wolves and snow leopards, she embarked upon a 12-year period of intensive Buddhist meditation.
Only available in Canada, United States
Mireille Nègre: A Consecrated Dancer (2013)
54 minutes
Art, beauty and spirituality come together in a unique and distinctive fashion in the life of ballet dancer Mireille Nègre.
Available worldwide

Inspirational Films: Find Yourself Away from Home

Outsourced (2006)
102 minutes
Enjoy this delightful romantic comedy that follows a novelty company manager to India after his company outsources its customer service department.
Available worldwide
Opa! (2005)
94 minutes
In the magical Greek island of Patmos the inhabitants have lived, danced and laughed for thousands of years. But, with the arrival of a straight-laced, high-tech archaeologist, everything could forever change.
Only available in Canada, United States
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952)
113 minutes
The classic film, with an all-star cast, based on the short story by Ernest Hemingway: As renowned writer Harry Street lies dying on the frozen slopes of Kilimanjaro, he reflects on his life.
Available worldwide
The Forgotten Kingdom (2013)
97 minutes
A young man reluctantly embarks on a journey to his ancestral land of Lesotho to bury his estranged father, and finds himself drawn to the mystical beauty and hardships of the people and the land he had forgotten.
Available worldwide

Shorts: Looking at Resilience

Alive to Possibility (2015)
22 minutes
What happens when life doesn't go as planned? Alive to Possibility looks at the way we face problems in our lives, and how one's perception of a situation can change the situation itself.
Available worldwide
The Perfection of Anna (2012)
9 minutes
A young dance student tells the story of her teacher and mentor, who suffers a stroke and must find a way to reconnect with who she is.
Available worldwide
Shadow (2013)
31 minutes
Pro surfer Chase Davis is riding the waves of success until a career-ending injury brings his world crashing down. In this uplifting tale of friendship, rehabilitation and hope, it is a rescued three-legged dog named Shadow ...
Available worldwide
Adversity into Advantage (2013)
5 minutes
By facing our own personal demons, we are able to overcome adversity and live our best, most advantageous, lives.
Available worldwide

Series: People & People

Status Anxiety (2003)
3 Episodes
One concern that keeps us awake at night is status. Am I a success? Have I made it? Do I have the right car, the right clothes? Do people think I’m a loser? And should I really care?
13 Episodes
Insights is a holistic tour and directory of thirteen cosmopolitan cities throughout the world. It offers valuable information to the discerning leisure and business traveler seeking more than beach, cocktails and bikinis.
Ancestors in the Attic (2008, 2009)
21 Episodes
Got any secrets in your family tree, skeletons in ye olde ancestral closet? Were your ancestors sinner or saints, royals or rogues? Hosted by Jeff Douglas, this irreverent, fast-paced series takes Canadians on road trips and worldwide searches to track down their ancestors.
Conversations with Remarkable People
10 Episodes
Chantal Westerman interviews celebrities, spiritual teachers and leaders of ancient wisdom.

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