• Spark: A Burning Man Story
    An eye-opening look at a life-changing experience.
  • Happy Thoughts
    Life has landed Stan in the worst position he could ever have imagined. That is, until Joy gives him a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning in a hand-colored mug.
  • The Milky Way
    The benefits of breastfeeding for newborns are well established, so why does the United States lag far behind so many other countries?
  • Surviving Progress
    What is progress? Are we a thriving society? Or on the path to extinction?

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The Milky Way (2013)
93 minutes
The spectacular benefits of breastfeeding for newborns are well established, so, when it comes to supporting nursing mothers, why does the United States lag far behind so many other countries?
Available worldwide
Spark: A Burning Man Story (2013)
91 minutes
Burning Man, the annual week-long experiment in community, art, and radical self-expression, has grown famous for inspiring ordinary people to shed their 9-to-5 existence and act on their dreams.
Available worldwide
Happy Thoughts (2015)
12 minutes
Life has landed Stan in the worst position he could ever have imagined. That is, until Joy gives him a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning in a hand-colored mug.
Available worldwide
Suzuki Speaks (2004)
45 minutes
David Suzuki on the human animal and our place in the universe.
Only available in Canada, United States

Documentaries: A Contrarian View of Progress

Surviving Progress (2012)
87 minutes
Technological advancement, economic development, population increase – are they signs of a thriving society? Or too much of a good thing?
Only available in United States
Turning Back Time (2001)
50 minutes
On the tiny Pacific island nation of Vanuatu people are looking back to their ancient traditions to find their future.
Only available in United States
The Selfish Ape: The Tribe of the Suit (2011)
52 minutes
The human being is the self-proclaimed king of the creation. Our extraordinary cultural and technological evolution has led us to dominate the planet and all its creatures. But perhaps the human being is not as smart as he ...
Only available in Canada, United States
The Lost Tribes of New Guinea (2004)
29 minutes
West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), which is the western or Indonesian half of New Guinea, is one of the most primitive regions on earth. Here we closely examine the lives of three indigenous groups: the Dani, the Asmat and the ...
Only available in Canada, United States

Inspirational Films: Suffering the Influence of War

Lifted (2010)
108 minutes
Thirteen-year-old Henry Matthews struggles with life after his reservist father is deployed to Afghanistan. With the help of a local pastor, the boy decides to take part in a local singing contest.
Only available in Canada, United States
Nurse Edith Cavell (1939)
96 minutes
The story of the brave nurse who served the Allies so gallantly during WWI while working with the Belgian underground to aid wounded soldiers.
Available worldwide
Johnny Got His Gun (1971)
108 minutes
After a shell leaves his body mangled on the final day of World War I, young Joe Bonham lies trapped in a hospital bed; a fully conscious quadruple amputee who cannot speak, hear or see, left to wander within his own mind ...
Available worldwide
When Day Breaks (2012)
90 minutes
What do you do when you find out you’re not who you thought you were? For retired music professor Misha Brankov the initial shock of this discovery will soon give way to a determination to fulfill the shattered dreams that he ...
Only available in Canada, United States

Shorts: Marriage Follies

Sunday Punch (2013)
9 minutes
A middle class couple, Anna and Jason, speak over breakfast when Anna hits a nerve and their morning routine spins into an alternate reality. An amusing and thought-provoking perspective on domestic disharmony.
Available worldwide
Into the Unknown (2009)
14 minutes
Life for retired couple Al and Fern is as peaceful as the lake in their cottage's backyard --until the fateful day they discover a black hole growing in their shower drain.
Available worldwide
Brownie Points (2011)
11 minutes
On their anniversary, all Jake wants is to give his wife Sandy the most romantic day ever.
Available worldwide
How to Change the World (2012)
18 minutes
In this heartwarming fantasy, Jay, a young scientist with a desire to change the world through the power of invention, must also figure out how to keep his wife from losing faith in him.
Available worldwide

Series: Adventures of the Spirit

Women and Spirituality (1989-1993)
3 Episodes
Women and Spirituality explores the power of the sacred feminine in mythological, historical and cultural contexts.
Eastern Mystics (2010)
4 Episodes
Extensive, in-depth interviews with some of the most respected spiritual leaders from the Eastern traditions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and more. They exhort us to discover the sacred in the ordinary.
Eye of the Spirit: Soul Stories
13 Episodes
Soul stories allow real people to tell their story of how they reached spiritual awakening or consciousness.
Life Changing Encounters (2011)
13 Episodes
Each episode follows a journey into the inner world of internationally-renowned masters of bodily and spiritual healing. See how the life stories, ideas and beliefs of these masters have gained them international recognition in their chosen fields and benefited millions world-wide.

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