On The Fringe: A Special Collection

There’s more to our universe than meets the eye. In this thought-provoking video collection, you'll explore mysterious events, alien visitations, past life regressions, paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

Titles In This Collection

Beyond Belief:  Video
John Hogue on Nostradamus, 2012 and the End of TimesBeyond Belief
58 minutes
Does the end of the Mayan calendar really mean the end of days?
Available worldwide
Alchemy: Secrets of the Philosopher's Stone, The Emerald Tablet, Chemistry and The Mysteries of the Mind Invisible College
59 minutes
World renowned expert Adrian Gilbert explores the world of the alchemists both ancient and modern. Gilbert discusses the symbols, Egypt, the Emerald Tablet, chemistry, the Black Mass, the Philosopher's Stone, Carl Jung, ...
Available worldwide
Alien Origins Reality TV: UFOs
135 minutes
If aliens did once walk this planet, is there really evidence that we are the result of some ancient genetic plan? Lloyd Pye is at the forefront of research into human origins from alien sources. Using remarkable scientific ...
Available worldwide
Ghost Circle
5 Episodes
Patrick McNamara leads a team of mediums and psychics as they visit locations that have a history of haunting. Ordinary people gather in séance situations to conjure entities and energies right before them. You will hear from experts as well as participants who observed and actively manifested ...
Beyond Belief:  Video
Lloyd Pye on History and the Alien SkullBeyond Belief
56 minutes
Can one unusual skull prove the existence of aliens on earth? Researcher Lloyd Pye shares his remarkable findings.
Available worldwide
Unexplained Explained: Ghostly Paranormal ActivityReality TV: Metaphysics and Paranormal
73 minutes
Producer Paul Wookey decides to go on a personal journey to investigate the universal ghost and spirit experience along with psychic medium Diane Howe. They investigate the Anchor Pub in Pendle, UK and uncover some amazing and ...
Available worldwide
Gardiner’s World
6 Episodes
World renowned author and filmmaker, Philip Gardiner, interviews some of the most knowledgeable guests on earth discussing all things Esoteric and Occult. Together they delve deep into History, Religion, and Ancient Mysteries.
Archetype of the UFO Reality TV: UFOs
83 minutes
In modern times, the reports of encounters with UFOs and aliens are increasing at an alarming rate. However, what was once considered a sacred experience may now be perceived as an alien encounter. One person’s angel is ...
Available worldwide
CMN:  Video
Philip Coppens on the Ancient Alien QuestionConscious Media Network
63 minutes
Nothing has intrigued human kind more than whether or not we’ve been visited by extraterrestrials. Philip Coppens explains the connections between civilizations and how scientists need to work together with the people who make ...
Available worldwide
Invisible College
11 Episodes
Adrian Gilbert, a best-selling author of several esoteric books, provides series of lectures explaining many of history’s greatest enigmas such as the foundations of secret societies to the mysteries of sacred geometry and the ultimate redemption of mankind.
Reality UFO Series V1Reality TV: UFOs
174 minutes
This four part program was filmed at International Science and Metaphysical Symposium. It features Dr. Roger Leir on alien implants, Travis Walton on The Fire in the Sky movie, Michael Horn on Billy Meier, and Kathleen ...
Available worldwide
On the Edge
11 Episodes
On the Edge takes viewers deep beneath the surface of the stories you might have seen on mainstream news, but looking at aspects the establishment would rather were left alone. Expert guests present their evidence of secret, hidden and even nefarious agendas happening right under our noses.

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