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Your Highest Potential Awaits

Join William Henry in the second season of Arcanum as he takes us on an exciting quest to uncover the mysteries of soul ascension. Packed with facts, science, and secrets, this 13-episode series will shed light on metaphysical questions and give practical actions to take to awaken the soul to its fullest potential.

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Introduction: Awakening the Soul

In this overview, William Henry examines the origin of the soul as depicted through arcane works of art, in order to reveal the soul’s path of initiation and ascension.

Episode 1: The Cosmic Egg

William Henry explains the cosmic origin of physical and spiritual life from the moment our souls were brought into being and throughout the entirety of our existence. We have always been a part of a greater consciousness and we can see this in the imagery of the cosmic egg.

Preview Episode 2: The Secrets of Soul Ascension

William Henry examines the historical remnants of the Middle East, texts and artworks, which indicate that the ancient Annunaki may not really have come to harvest all the gold from our planet. Rather they may have left behind the secrets of soul ascension, a different kind of golden harvest.

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about william henry

William Henry is an investigative mythologist who has researched ancient mythology and neo-archeology for over 25 years. His research on stargates in ancient art, myth, and texts has been documented in 16 books and numerous DVD programs, including the best-selling Stargate Mythology series.


Season 5, Episode 3
Blue Avians & Spheres in Ancient Art (June 2016)Cosmic Disclosure
Season 5, Episode 3
, 34 minutes
In this special presentation, William Henry joins the program to reveal imagery from historical works of art which corroborate Corey Goode’s testimony as to long-term presence of extraterrestrial beings.
Available worldwide
Season 1, Episode 1
Mysteries of the Philosopher’s Stone (March 2014)Arcanum
Season 1, Episode 1
, 58 minutes
Secrets of the transmutation of the human soul are hidden within the metaphorical imagery of the philosopher’s stone and rods of power. Clare and William Henry explore the mysteries behind the recurring imagery of the rod and ...
Available worldwide
CMN:  Video
Season 8, Episode 17
William Henry on The Light of Sion (April 2012)Conscious Media Network
Season 8, Episode 17
, 50 minutes
William Henry, author The Secret of Sion, discusses his decoding of Gnostic gospels and sacred art that reveals that Jesus ascended and will return by means of a stargate, that advanced humans live in the center of the galaxy, ...
Available worldwide
CMN:  Video
Season 5, Episode 10
William Henry on Stargates (March 2009)Conscious Media Network
Season 5, Episode 10
, 36 minutes
Author and investigative mythologist William Henry discusses stargates - what they are, their history, and how they work.
Available worldwide
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