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“There is a shift in consciousness happening on this planet. Mankind is beginning to wake up and realize its full potential. Gaia is helping to expedite that process and expose wisdom to the masses with amazing EYE opening content.”

– Billy Carson

Gaia’s new original series Deep Space takes you on a tour of Earth's secret space programs. The show features experts like Billy Carson who share historical truths and experiences never revealed before about the program We encourage you to come along decide what truth is for you. In the end, it will be up to you to choose what you believe.

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About Billy Carson

A forerunner in the search for anomalies across our solar system, Billy Carson is on a mission to bring to light the hidden truths that surround us. As the founder of 4Bidden Knowledge and the United Family of Anomaly Hunters, he has partnered with top anomaly researchers to track down unbelievable evidence to confirm one undeniable truth – we are not alone in this universe.

UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

Billy Carson and his team have tracked down close to 50,000 known anomalies in our solar system with the help of space agencies from around the world. The evidence they have found is featured in Jose Escamilla’s critically acclaimed documentary "UFO:The Greatest Story Ever Denied III - UFOs from Outer Space".

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