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If you love the Notes from the Universe, we think you’re going to love Gaia also. With over 7,000 videos to choose from, you’ll find everything from critically acclaimed documentaries to hard-to-find independent films to transformative talks with today’s most influential teachers to instructional yoga and meditation videos. Gaia is one of the best spiritual growth resources we’ve found!

Gaia Recommendations from Mike Dooley


Beyond Belief

Remote Viewing and Collective Consciousness with Marty Rosenblatt



A Mindful Meditation and Full Body Practice



A Posture Flow Opening to Light


Yoga Every Day

Set an Intention for Your Day

More Gaia Recommendations from Mike Dooley

We love Gaia because they are helping to bring awareness to the planet! They’re raising the level of consciousness by sharing enlightening information about food, health, spirituality, the environment, metaphysics, reincarnation, our planet, the universe, and so much more. We love it when we find a company that is doing so much good for the world and raising the collective consciousness higher. Thank you Gaia! Power to the people!