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What are sacred relationships?

sacred relationship (noun)

[sey-krid ri-ley-shuh n-ship]

As humans, we experience many different types of relationships, but there are those that tend to leave lasting imprints on our spirit--those connections are the most sacred. In these captivating collections only from Gaia, learn more about sacred relationships and the many forms they take in our lives.


Live Your Truth and Love Your Life
(41:50) - Ashley Turner
Want to build clarity and confidence to follow-through and achieve your goals? Fire up your truth center as you develop your core with Ashley Turner in this 40-minute power class.
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Love At First Sight
(12:41) - Short Film
Young or old, rich or poor, falling in love can happen to anyone at anytime. In this short film, meet 70-year-old Arthur on the day he falls in love with a beautiful woman named Ruth.
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Your Soul Contract
(1:00:35) - George Noory
Go beyond the basic five senses and discover your life’s purpose with the agreements you made before being born. Awaken your psychic abilities and discover your soul contracts with Dr. Lauren Cielo.
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Journey Into Love
(19:51) - Sarah Harrison
Cultivate love and joy in just 20 minutes with this guided meditation from Sarah Harrison, designed to help you find profound bliss in every moment.
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