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Watch as David Hosts Two Revelatory Shows on Gaia

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Love David Wilcock?

So Do we!

Why David?

As a professional researcher of ancient civilization, David was the obvious choice to host shows on metaphysics and suppressed sciences.

Why Gaia?

No more waiting for his next book or conference, David delivers his message at the speed of discovery exclusively on Gaia.

Why Now?

We’re at a critical time in history, it’s never been more urgent to get this new body of research out to the general public.

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Explore the shows

Wisdom Teachings

Rediscover systems of physics and spirituality from ancient to present times with David as he combines esoteric philosophy with alternative science.

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Cosmic Disclosure

Join insider Corey Goode as he reveals to interviewer David Wilcock the extraordinary details of his 20-year involvement in the Secret Space Program, in this ongoing weekly series.

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Topics covered

The Shift Begins When You Press Play

See what our members are saying

“I think the information you're putting out is going to empower people to not see world changes in such a fearful light. Bravo for such an original show, this is exactly why I signed up here.”

“It is hard for me to get to see David with my school and work schedule. I am so grateful for Gaia for allowing me this opportunity to see David weekly! I like that I can rewind and re-listen and taking notes is way more efficient here.”

“Two thumbs up on Disclosure. Great stuff. Please keep it coming! Excellent guests, great content, and a storyline that may be the most profound ever.”

“Well done David, keep up with your work. I cannot wait till next Thursday. That is exactly what I've been waiting for - real knowledge without censure.”

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The Shift Begins When You Press Play
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New episodes every week from David Wilcock, plus hosts like Regina Meredith and George Noory, so you’re always up-to-date on the latest happenings.

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