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No more searching for the perfect class in the abyss of online practices, with our Yoga Every Day series you’ll find 15-minute practices that focus on a new theme every week to inspire your daily practice and help you set a motivating intention each day. Ready to hit the mat?

Day 1: Set an Intention For Your Day

This free vinyasa practice with Steph Schwartz begins to build the elements you need to establish your foundation.

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Drop in anytime for your daily 15-minute practices

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Stream all summer long anytime, anywhere on your favorite devices

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Daily tips, discussions, and doses of gratitude in our Facebook group

Your You Moment

Foster strength, focus, and flexibility to tackle anything life hands your way

“I love this. I’m a mother of two little ones and often don't have time to do an hour long practice. This is 15 minutes I can do!

“I am so grateful! I was seeking a way to nurture myself! This was exactly what I needed. Synchronicity!! Thank You!!”

This series has been perfect. The instructors are wonderful and the length makes it so easy to do everyday!”

“Thank you for this series...in our rushed day it is always possible to find 15 minutes to center ourselves. Much gratitude for this programming.

“This series has truly improved my life! i love having these practices to wake up to especially on the days that i get up very early for work and come home late in the evening (i'm a nurse!). even on days that i do a longer practice, i still love having these little nuggets to wake up to. thank you!”


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Yoga Every Day, not Everyday Yoga

At Gaia, we believe yoga is a lifestyle, a way to live on and off the mat. Our passion is to offer yoga practices, documentaries, films and talks to go beyond exercise to stoke the mind, evoke joy and inspire your spirit. It’s an experience of discovery that ultimately brings us back to the true meaning of yoga. Yoga Every Day is a new series designed to complement our library of asana practices of every length.  We are dedicated to and inspired by our members and will be here for you to provide the best online yoga, every day.

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