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Explore the building blocks for a successful practice with our Yoga Foundations Guide. Find your flow in the comfort of your home with practices that fit any level and any schedule.




A Guide to Help You Align

Go at your own pace with this 14-class guide designed to help you master the fundamentals. These classes will teach proper alignment to help keep your yoga practice safe, strong, and flowing with grace.

    Easy, all-around 25 minute practice
    Standing Poses & Sun Salutations
    Open Twists & Backbends
    Closed Twists & Forward Bends
    Hip Openers, Arm Balances, Inversions Prep
    Final 45 minute all-around practice

What Yogis are Saying

  • “So appreciate his calm, peaceful and grounded approach and instruction.”

    - Jennifer
    gaia member

    “Change is inevitable and by having a daily ritual we see the impermanence of our aliveness. We are always beginners and always not knowing of the present that is unfolding.” "Gaia is the premiere yoga university in the most un-intimidating way.”

    - Rodney Yee
    Master Instructor

  • "Gaia is the premiere yoga university in the most un-intimidating way.”

    - Colleen Saidman Yee
    Master Instructor

    "Love Rodney Yee and his style of teaching. Enjoyed these new videos enormously. Thank you for creating sessions that in my mid 50's I can do well and feel good doing.”

    - Dina
    Gaia member

  • “Rodney Yee has helped me to put yoga in my home, not just in a class. I feel he is assisting me in creating a regular personal practice. Thank you!”

    - MaryAnn
    Gaia member

    "After practicing for years, it was perfect timing to visit these fundamentals and TRULY FEEL like a beginner. I gained insight into my body awareness from their solutions.”

    - Amanda
    Gaia member

  • “From Pakistan to Paris we breathe together through the burn and the bliss, experiencing the yoga's union together no matter where we are. I love being part of the My Yoga family.”

    - Andrea Marcum
    Yoga Instructor

    "There is never boredom in the ritual because the nuances are forever different and the exquisite flavor keeps being more refined, delicate and delightful.”

    - Rodney Yee
    Master Instructor

  • “As a avid fan of Rodney– his voice, queuing, and delivery of the poses is always smooth and professional– I look forward to more of in the upcoming series.”

    - Linda
    Gaia member

    "I am an experienced yoga teacher but each time I view Rodney and Colleen, I am pleasantly surprised to learn something new. I appreciate the attention to detail and Rodney's soothing voice.”

    - Studioonthehill
    Gaia member

  • “I think Rodney and Colleen are the best teachers in yoga. Thanks for sharing!”

    - Sabine
    Gaia member

    "If you are just beginning or have been on this Yoga path before, I believe these programs will benefit you in the wisdom that lies in the heart of your being.”

    - Rodney Yee
    Master Instructor

Your Guide Gurus

Practice with two of Gaia 's World-Class Master Instructors.

Rodney Yee

  • Pioneer of Yoga with over 30 years of experience
  • Former gymnast & professional ballet dancer
  • Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN & PBS
  • Author of Yoga: The Poetry of the Body
  • Fun Fact: Dropped out of UC Berkeley to
    pursue ballet full-time

Colleen Saidman Yee

  • Over 17 years as a yoga instructor
  • Former competitive athlete & professional model
  • Featured in Vanity Fair, New York Times, & USA Today
  • Author of Yoga for Life
  • Fun Fact: Lived in Calcutta and worked with Mother
    Theresa at the Home for the Dying and Destitute

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