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Many of us lead busy lives, which means it may be a challenge to make it to the yoga studio as often as we like, but luckily there's a way to supplement your practice at home on your own time. Young or old, mother or brother, teacher, student, CEO, friend or lover — whoever you are, there's a home practice waiting for you. Pick your favorite teacher, your ideal space, the time of day, length of practice— and get started. This is the beauty of a home yoga practice. Here at Gaia, we believe yoga is more than exercise or asana, it's a lifestyle. Even a little bit of yoga everyday is certain to transform your life and become one of your healthiest and most important routines.

Why Practice Yoga at Home with Gaia?

Want to live a well-rounded conscious life? Are you working to uncover your highest potential? Do you desire challenges for your mind, body, and spirit? Looking to improve relationships in every area of your life? Tired of searching the vast void of the internet for the right video? If you’re leaning toward yes, then a home yoga practice with Gaia is the perfect addition to your daily routine.

any level

Any Level

Classes for the beginner to
the advanced.
any styles

Any Styles

Find high energy flows to relaxing restorative classes.
your time

Your Time

Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, don’t waste it searching for the right video. Hit the mat every day with classes to fit any schedule.
your space

Your Space

Supplement your studio practice on-the-go or in the privacy of
your home.

“The mind and body are inexhaustible playgrounds full of play, intrigue, dangers, freedoms, sadness and joy… your home practice is the perfect place to unwrap these gifts.”

Rodney Yee

At Home Yoga, Where the Magic Begins

When you’re willing to be lost in the unknown, you are willing to live—and this is what you learn on the mat, away from the public eye.

Rodney Yee

As you practice yoga at home and you drop deeper into your own rhythm you will:

  • Uncover connections between the mind, body, and spirit
  • Find the beauty within
  • Quiet the mind and reenergize your spirit
  • Glow brighter every day
  • Recognize love in all moments
how to start a yoga practice at home

How to Start a Yoga Practice at Home.

Squeeze it In

Just like brushing your teeth or eating a healthy breakfast, make a little bit of time for yourself a priority every day.

Space Out

Clear a room from distractions and create an area of inspiration that you find joy spending time in with yourself.

Stay Curious

By remaining playful and open to the possibilities you’ll be elated with who you can and will become.

must read
yoga at home

Yoga at Home: The Intimate Experience of Self-Practice

Yoga can be plainly understood as a state of union where all the fragmented parts of ourselves–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual–coalesce into a singular experience of the present moment. We are never “doing” yoga, we are yoga. When you experience yoga at home, you have the potential to live your yoga every single day. Every time we give ourselves the gift of yoga at home, we shift into a place of abiding in spirit, while interacting with the world instead of the other way around. And while nothing quite compares to the live transmission of a living, breathing teacher, there is an unparalleled intimacy that grows out of self-guided practice. Not to mention the opportunity to drop into a personal connection with the divine while eluding the modern obstacles of schedule, cost, convenience, availability and travel time to name a few. Go even further into the how and why of a home yoga practice in this compelling and helpful article.


must read
yoga every day

Yoga Every Day: More Than a Hashtag

Yoga every day is a mindset. It’s not about hitting an hour-long power class every morning or having the perfect pair of stretch pants. It’s a way to live life vibrantly. Yoga every day embraces the concept of being in touch with your own divine self and practicing with intention. According to recent scientific studies, yoga has the ability to change the way our genes express themselves, these changes actually work in order to help a person achieve optimal health. Join Laura Hand to learn more about the science of yoga and the three elements you need to build and maintain a successful yoga practice in this fascinating article.


Start Your At-Home-Practice!

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Vinyasa, 32 min.

Just One Dance Vinyasa Class

Looking for a quick way to improve your mood? Reduce stress as you ride the wave through the breath and body in this at home yoga practice. Step out of the day and connect with the self in this 32-minute flowing vinyasa class with Clara Roberts-Oss.

In this at home practice you will go through a constant slow flow that opens your whole body as you connect with the mind and spirit. It’s the perfect way to find yourself getting back into your own natural groove. Take this moment to recognize the bright light that burns inside of you and let it shine for all to see.

Hatha, 40 min.

Clear Breath Fluid Body

Find focus and clarity in this 40-minute hatha and meditation class with Mara Branscombe. Leave fatigue and tension behind as you melt into this whole-body practice. In this hatha class, you will hold poses longer so you can work on deepening your breath. A slower and deeper practice will help open the hips, heart, shoulders, and back.This yoga at home class is great for grounding energy and releasing stress anytime of the day. Let your breath simply unwind as you soften and become more receptive to the art of just being.

Yin, 43 min.

Yin Yoga and 8 Limbs

This super chill practice is the perfect way to let go of tension and become more self-aware. Melina Meza leads this yin all-levels class and discusses the eight limbs of yoga in greater detail. Make space for your body and mind as you interrupt habits and observe your reactions during this self-study.

Meza will explore the system of tools that can lead to greater awareness and stability as you develop a relaxed and centered approach to yin. Your lifestyle is your own medicine, enjoy the exploration of silence and get closer to your subtle body and breath in this 40-minute yoga at home practice.


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