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Streaming yoga videos for kids at home is a lot like sneaking vegetables into cake—healthy and sweet, all in one. Yoga for kids isn’t quite the same as adult yoga. Here it’s okay to make noise, it’s okay to be a bit fidgety, it’s okay to just move however the body feels like moving—no corrections needed. The best part about yoga for kids is that you can do it as a family, and with practices available to stream at home, you’ll find classes that can fit any busy schedule.

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Are you looking for fun, engaging activities that help your kids move? Whether you’re a teacher, parent, relative, or babysitter, yoga videos are a great addition to the daily routine. Yoga for kids can help little ones find better focus, increase flexibility, balance, and coordination, and boost self-confidence.

“Yoga practices help kids concentrate and focus, and improves their strength, motor coordination, and social skills. Teachers report that yoga poses for kids aid in decreasing problematic behaviors.”

Lisa Fierer

Yoga for Kids, Where the Fun Begins

In today's world, too many children are at risk of being disenfranchised. Internet and video games can substitute for meaningful real-life connections. Yoga brings kids into the present moment, their own vitality and the community. It's powerful and life-affirming.

Amy Taylor

As kids practice yoga at home they will:

  • Enhance their physical flexibility
  • Refine their balance and coordination
  • Develop stronger focus and concentration
  • Boost their self-esteem
  • Have fun, laugh, move

Poses Kids Love

Lion Pose

Creates a Healthy Anger Outlet & Reduces Emotional Outbursts

Puppy Pose

Revs Up and Releases Energy & Helps Guide Relaxation

Down Dog

Promotes Body Awareness & Connection to the Self & Others

Caterpillar Pose

Encourages Learning, Connection, and Experimentation

Cocoon Pose

Used with Caterpillar & Butterfly Pose to Teach Scientific Transformation

Butterfly Pose

Used in Connection with Caterpillar & Cocoon Pose to Complete the Story

Child's Pose

Helps Center and Calm While Allowing One to Rest Between Other Poses

Frog Pose

Incites Play and Curiosity While Promoting Self-Expression and Fun

teach kids yoga

Animal Yoga Poses for Kids: From Lion to Frog

Kids are naturals when it comes to moving their bodies in ways that help them feel better. They’re also amazing at observing their environments and emulating what they see; that’s why you might find children on all fours chasing the pet dog around or flapping their arms up and down like a bird as they run through the park. Yoga is a beautiful way to get kids moving in either formal or informal practice. Kids yoga can help develop a greater sense of intuition and connect children to better body awareness and mental focus. Discover eight popular yoga poses for kids that allow for creativity, interaction, and fun.


Tips for Kids Yoga

tip 1 Wear Comfortable Upside Down-Friendly Clothes (forget the socks and the jewelry) handstand
tip 2 Just Like Swimming, Wait an Hour After Eating fish
tip 3 Have Water on Hand water
tip 4 Remember, It's About Creating Beautiful Poses, Not Perfect Ones yoga pose
tip 5 Supervise or even better—practice together yoga with kids
tip 6 Sing it Out, It Helps Regulate Breathing birds
tip 7 Don't Leave Out Savasana cat sleeping
tip 8 Be Creative and Let Them Lead creativity
teach kids yoga

How to Teach Kids Yoga: Find Greatness

Kids are naturals when it comes to yoga. The playful, expressive shapes come fluidly and intuitively. One super positive advancement is that yoga is increasingly being utilized in classrooms around the U.S. to help improve behavior, cultivate the ability to better focus, and enhance performance in school. Whether the little ones in your life are participating in yoga in formal teaching practice or informal play, it’s a vital way to increase connections to themselves and others. Lisa Fierer discusses in more detail the benefits of kids yoga as the space to both learn and play, while giving them more opportunity to develop their creativity and intuition—beneficial both on and off the mat.


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10 minutes

Bedtime Yoga

In just 10 minutes time ease restlessness and wind down the day together with this kids yoga class from Josephine Lowey. Put on your favorite pajamas and say goodnight to the sun, the moon, and the stars. In this practice, partner poses allow a special time for children of all ages to connect and move together. Kids will learn relaxation techniques that will help them for years to come.

6 minutes

Fairy Tale Yoga: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

In this short 6-minute practice Josephine Lowey brings the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life. Through song and movement, children will investigate the virtue of creating balance in life — “not too big, not too small, just right!” This class is perfect for kids who are drawn to storytelling and acting, a stellar introduction to yoga flows, and a quick way to getting moving and find harmony inside and out.

15 minutes

Gecko Hands and Kissing Feet: Yoga Fundamentals

In this 15-minute kids yoga class from Josephine Lowey, children will be introduced to several yoga basics. They will have fun using their imaginations to emulate animals like puppies, frogs, and lizards. Kids will practice different breathing techniques by sipping yoga soup and by becoming happy and scaredy cats. Finally, they’ll enjoy a guided meditation for relaxation. This is a fantastic practice to utilize the art of play while working on balance, flexibility,
and focus.


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