Crow Pose



  • Strengthens the arms and wrists
  • Strengthens and tones the core muscles
  • Stretches the upper back
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Prepares the body and mind for more difficult arm balances
  • Pose

  • Cautions

  • Modifications

  • Chronic or current wrist pain
  • Carpel Tunnel syndrome
  • Pregnancy
  • If you are new to this pose, build strength and prepare for the pose by lifting one foot off the ground at a time, then alternating feet.
  • If you are having trouble getting your hips high enough, try the pose with your feet elevated on a block.
  • Images
  • Step-by-step

Bakasana (bahk-AHS-anna)
Baka = Crow
1.Start in Mountain Pose with your feet together. Squat down low enough to place your hands firmly on the floor, shoulder distance apart.
2. Lift your hips high, engage your core muscles and place your knees against your upper tricep muscles. Bend your elbows enough to make a shelf with your upper arms.
3. Make sure your gaze is slightly forward of your hands. Begin to shift your weight towards your hands lifting your feet off the ground. Stay here, or straighten your elbows for the full expression of the pose.
4. Remain in the pose for 10 seconds to 1 minutes, then lower your feet to the floor and find a Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana).

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