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  • Debris (2015)
    Runtime: 14 Minutes
    Pete Clarkson is an artist who lives near the seashore in British Columbia. For several years, he has collected debris from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
  • CMN - Jessica Murray on the Astrology of 2012 (January 2012)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 1, 51 Minutes
    Astrologer Jessica Murray looks back briefly at events of 2011 (such as Occupy Wall Street and the credit crisis) and at the astrological conditions for 2012.
  • Honeyboy (2002)
    Runtime: 82 Minutes
    When legendary blues musician David “Honeyboy” Edwards died in August 2011 at age 96, we lost the last living link to the delta blues. Listen to his haunting blues and hear him talk about his life in Honeyboy.
  • The Eleventh House - Neptune and Chiron in Crisis (March 2014)
    Robert Phoenix
    Episode 16, 46 Minutes
    Fukushima, fracking and chemtrails are all a part of a crisis that began in February 2011 when Chiron began its long journey through Pisces. Robert Phoenix reveals the implications of this Neptunian and Chironic crisis as well ...
  • Inspirations - Gregg Braden on the Crises of Our Times (November 2011)
    Lisa Garr
    Episode 3, 59 Minutes
    In a penetrating conversation about the crises of our times, Gregg Braden, author of Deep Thought, talked with Lisa Garr during a live webcast on November 30, 2011.
  • Lilou Visits Wayne Dyer (2011)
    Lilou Mace
    Runtime: 43 Minutes
    Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away in Maui Hawaii. In this interview from 2011, Dr. Wayne Dyer invites Lilou Mace to talk about illness, healing, and aligning with the source of your being.
  • Beyond Belief - Exposing Proof of UFOs with Chase Kloetzke (September 2015)
    George Noory
    Episode 46, 29 Minutes
    Our skies are indeed the stratum for UFO activity is accruing amply. Chase Kloetzke presents her case that the public is ready for disclosure of extraterrestrial activity, however the evidence must be presented in a way that ...
  • Beyond Belief - MUFON and the Alien Agenda with Chase Kloetzke (October 2015)
    George Noory
    Episode 55, 23 Minutes
    With every new UFO sighting reported, MUFON investigators are not far behind doing their best to collect credible evidence and validate eyewitness reports. Signs may be hidden amongst the collected data suggesting that these ...
  • Beyond Belief - Let's Talk about Death with Gail Rubin (November 2015)
    George Noory
    Episode 59, 39 Minutes
    Many people are woefully unprepared for the complexities of the road that lies before them when death touches their family. Fortunately, there are individuals who are adept in helping people to plan a good goodbye and easing ...
  • Earth/Sky/Heart Workshop (2011)
    Drunvalo Melchizedek
    This 5-day workshop was created by Drunvalo Melchizedek to give anyone who has previously activated their Merkaba everything they needed to ascend into higher levels of consciousness.

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