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  • Beyond Belief - Learning to Communicate with Animals with Amelia Kinkade (July 2014)
    George Noory
    Episode 55, 27 Minutes
    Many of us share a home with a beloved animal companion, but how many of us can share a heartfelt moment, knowing exactly what each other is thinking and feeling. Amelia Kinkade demonstrates how you can build a bridge to an ...
  • Healing with Animals (2003)
    Healing with Animals is a 13-part documentary series that explores the many levels in which animals enhance human health. People benefit on a physical, emotional, and psychological level when they interact with animals.
  • Animal Tracks (2011)
    Mark Irvine (narrator)
    From cute and cuddly to spiky and slimy, Animal Tracks looks at how animals and humans co-exist on our fragile planet.
  • Open Minds - Our Innate Connection with Animals with Linda Bender (July 2015)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 31, 59 Minutes
    It seems that we not only share this planet with a great diversity of life, but we all share in a collective consciousness as well. Linda Bender has long had a deep rapport with the animals in her life and she explains the ...
  • Beyond Belief - Universal Consciousness and Animal Communication with Amelia Kinkade (June 2014)
    George Noory
    Episode 51, 24 Minutes
    In our technological age, many of us are more concerned with getting online than connecting with those closest to us. This includes the animals with which we share our lives. Amelia Kinkade gives an in-studio demonstration ...
  • Spirit Talk - Connecting with Animals (January 2015)
    James Van Praagh
    Episode 11, 57 Minutes
    Anyone can cultivate a deeper connection with a beloved animal companion by learning to tap into their psychic potential. James Van Praagh psychically connects with dogs to demonstrate how we can all do the same thing with any ...
  • Sense of Danger: How Animals Anticipate Natural Disasters (2005)
    Runtime: 51 Minutes
    Sense of Danger explores the previously unexplained phenomenon of how animals around the world use their innate senses to predict approaching disasters.
  • Omega - Animal Talk (Penelope Smith)
    Penny Price
    Episode 26, 23 Minutes
    Penelope Smith believes and that there are certain steps we can take to uncover our ability to connect with animals and become more receptive to their feelings and emotions.
  • Wonderful World - Amazing Animal Builders - Part 1 (2009)
    Episode 39, 21 Minutes
    Animals exhibit a wide variety of skills when it comes to the need for shelter and safe haven. We take a look at animal builders, from mobile homes to coral reefs.
  • Golfing with Animals (2008)
    Runtime: 57 Minutes
    A golf course is wilder than you might think! Golfing with Animals shows the popular sport in a totally new light and through the eyes of a different type of spectator.

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