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  • Inspirations - The Power of Ritual with Chris Attwood (November 2014)
    Lisa Garr
    Episode 11, 59 Minutes
    What does a CEO and senior executive for the past 30 years know about creating success through rituals? A lot, actually. Chris Attwood explains why it’s so important today for people to incorporate regular rituals into their ...
  • The History of Space Flight (2010)
    Runtime: 17 Minutes
    When the Beasley children realize that their parents are leaving them home alone for the afternoon, the only thing separating them from immortality is the 13 feet 6 inches it takes to reach the attic door.
  • The End of Time (2012)
    Runtime: 114 Minutes
    With stunning cinematography and a knack for capturing astonishing moments, Peter Mettler's enthralling, mind-bending new documentary is a tour de force that challenges our conception of time – and perhaps the very fabric of ...
  • Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious Universe - Secrets of the Pyramids (1994)
    Episode 13, 26 Minutes
    The pyramids of Egypt have long been a subject of scrutiny and awe. Yet there are still unanswered questions surrounding them. Arthur C. Clarke digs deep to determine the facts behind one of the wonders of the ancient world.
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