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  • Reality TV: UFOs - Crop Circles: The Enigma (2007)
    Episode 6, 69 Minutes
    Steve Mitchell explores the enigma of crop circles, gaining insights as to the meaning of the enigmatic patterns and symbols found across the world. Embark on a journey into the mysterious world of crop circles like never before.
  • On the Edge - Crop Circles: What Do They Mean? (2009)
    Runtime: 40 Minutes
    Andy Thomas, author of Vital Signs and leading researcher into crop circles, joins the show to explain the phenomenon of crop circles. He gives the history of crop circles and some insight to their creation and possible meanings.
  • On the Edge - The Crop Circle Man: The Incredible Tales of a Crop Circle Maker (2009)
    Runtime: 48 Minutes
    Matthew Williams is a UFO researcher with a strong interest in crop circles. One day, he and his friends figured out how to create these shapes in the fields. Williams explains how they made the circles and the ultimate event ...
  • CMN - Bert Janssen on Crop Circles (June 2010)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 23, 38 Minutes
    From the way Bert Janssen looks at it, crop circles are the greatest mystery of modern times. Being an intellectual, however, he could not find the practical implications of the knowledge until he made the acquaintance of an ...
  • Encounters with the Unexplained - Are We Creating Killer Insects? & Are Crop Circles the Language of Aliens? (2002)
    Episode 52, 43 Minutes
    Experts have warned that the surge of insect populations will have a impact on the health of global populations. In part two, previously dismissed by skeptics as the work of clever hoaxers, crop circles are now the focus of ...
  • Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious Universe - A Crop of Circles (1994)
    Episode 9, 26 Minutes
    The global phenomenon of crop circles has intrigued scientists, parapsychologists and new age enthusiasts alike. This episode attempts to determine the real causes behind them while distinguishing the hoaxes from the authentic ...
  • Encounters with the Unexplained - Secret Messages From Crop Circles (2002)
    Episode 5, 42 Minutes
    Some believe crop circles are a method of communication from alien visitors, others see them as messages from the spirit world. With each new discovery the mystery and the controversy intensifies.
  • CMN - Freddy Silva on Crop Circles (September 2007)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 35, 35 Minutes
    Freddy Silva is considered to be one of the top researches in the arena of crop circle phenomena. After watching this interview, I doubt there will be anyone who could say this is the subject of hallucination or fantasy, there ...
  • The Crop Circle Enigma (2003)
    Runtime: 45 Minutes
    Southern England is the region where most of the crop circles appear, each summer. You are invited to open your mind and ponder for yourself as to what mystery lies behind these astonishing formations.
  • Crop Circles: Embrace the Mystery (2012)
    Crop circles: Are they communication, an art form, or a big experiment? Messages from an unknown sender from an unknown source? These questions open doors to a new world, maybe to something that we have forgotten along the way.
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