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  • CMN - Lorraine Day on Cancer and Faith (March 2006)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 8, 39 Minutes
    If you have someone in your family that has a medical condition and you don’t trust what you hear, you may want to pay very close attention to this interview with Dr. Lorraine Day as she explains how she healed her cancer, ...
  • CMN - Lorraine Day on Cancer, AIDS and Vaccines (August 2006)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 29, 51 Minutes
    In the second part of our interview with Dr. Lorraine Day, she continues to stir the pot and reveals information that you are likely never to have heard before, concerning cancer, AIDS, bird flu, sudden infant death syndrome, ...
  • Day 3: Simplify and Empower (May 2014)
    Janet Stone
    Runtime: 51 Minutes
    In day three of Janet's seven day retreat, the focus is on stilling the swings of the mind. We use that focus to build power and to empower our mind, heart, and body to find a place of unity. In this sequence we build on the ...
  • Day 2: Purify, Lighting the Fire (April 2014)
    Janet Stone
    Runtime: 45 Minutes
    In day two of Janet's seven day retreat, harness your heating breath, uddiyana bandha and kapalabhati to stoke your fire and clean out built up toxins. This is a fluid class that will light you up from the inside out, allowing ...
  • Day 7: Slow and Low, Sustainable Resources (May 2014)
    Janet Stone
    Runtime: 39 Minutes
    In this final sequence of Janet Stone's seven day retreat, we'll stay close to the earth and allow for a day of opening and rest. Full exhales allow us to open space for what's to come. As we move through, contemplate ways in ...
  • Day 1: Exhale and Unwind (April 2014)
    Janet Stone
    Runtime: 43 Minutes
    In this first class from Janet's seven day retreat, you are treated to a practice of unwinding. If left unchecked, the amount of toxins we carry in our emotional, mental, and physical bodies begins to clog our vision, congest ...
  • Day 4: Strength and Length (May 2014)
    Janet Stone
    Runtime: 45 Minutes
    In day four's practice, journey along with Janet Stone as you continue to build your internal strength. Begin to reach out and lengthen into the fullest potential of your life and into the world. This sequence builds on the ...
  • Day 5: Shiva, Shakti: Becoming Wholehearted (May 2014)
    Janet Stone
    Runtime: 42 Minutes
    Day five of Janet Stone's guide is all about the heart. Through balancing the powerful nature of Shiva and Shakti, we'll open the nectar of the heart through unity. Shakti is the force of energy acted out in our lives, and ...
  • Day 6: Grace in Motion (May 2014)
    Janet Stone
    Runtime: 39 Minutes
    Release into the grace of fluid movement on day six of Janet Stone's retreat. Throw off the hard edges and dive into awakening. Through graceful motions we connect one posture to the next and leave a few pauses for our ...
  • CMN - Lorraine Day on Vaccines and Antibiotics (December 2008)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 48, 58 Minutes
    The information in this interview is designed to inform you rather than scare you – the initial impact may speed up your heart rate or challenge you but this is important information to know about and Lorraine is a straight ...
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