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  • CMN - Brian O’Leary on Free Energy (May 2010)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 18, 56 Minutes
    Brian O’Leary has seen more than just about any civilian when it comes to the world of free energy, or Zero Point energy devices. On one of Brian’s rare visits to the US, Regina asks him about the pattern of suppression of ...
  • Wisdom Teachings - [#172] Free Energy Should be Free (July 2016)
    David Wilcock
    Episode 10, 33 Minutes
    We live in a time when the food made most plentiful helps to generate huge profits for pharmaceutical companies. Also, our main fuel source is a great detriment to health and environment. All of this is beginning to change.
  • Wrist-Free Energy Yoga Flow
    Kreg Weiss
    Runtime: 25 Minutes
    Practice yoga without putting stress on your wrists.
  • Great Dreamers - Free Energy of Tesla (2011)
    Episode 5, 52 Minutes
    Tesla was considered a genius by many, a lunatic by some, a product of extraterrestrial intervention by few and an unfathomable enigma by everyone. Meet the man “who discovered the 21st century.”
  • Muscular and Organic Energy Anusara Yoga (January 2010)
    Christine Price Clark
    Runtime: 63 Minutes
    Explore the pulsation of Muscular and Organic energy to bring you into dynamic balance with Christine Price Clark. Before we can express ourselves to our fullest and most authentic capacity, we draw knowingly into the middle, ...
  • CMN - Reinhold Ziegler on Solar, Wind and Renewable Energy (July 2005)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 5, 55 Minutes
    Renewable energy expert Reinhold Ziegler discusses how tapping into the natural forces that surround us yields a cleaner, cheaper and freer future for us all.
  • Dance Your Spirit Free (December 2013)
    Kimberly Miguel Mullen
    Runtime: 30 Minutes
    Rev up and dance your feet off with Kimberly Miguel Mullen as you set your spirit free. This thirty minute dance routine will help you loosen up and shake out any old, stagnant energies from your whole body. Beginning from the ...
  • FoodWise - Flax Oil Dressings and Totally Dairy-Free Cooking (2000)
    Jesse Cool
    Episode 5, 23 Minutes
    Fall in love with flax , and then learn to cook totally dairy free in this episode of FoodWise hosted by Jesse Cool.
  • CMN - Chris Martenson on Economics, Energy and Environment (March 2010)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 9, 57 Minutes
    Chris Martenson is not an economist! He is trained as a scientist, having completed both a PhD and a post-doctoral program at Duke University, where he specialized in neurotoxicology. His extensive training as a scientist ...
  • Wisdom Teachings - [#39] The Science of Dematerialization (December 2013)
    David Wilcock
    Episode 1, 32 Minutes
    The science of free energy technology is being repressed by those who stand to gain the most from our current energy technology. David Wilcock reveals the work of one such pioneer, John Hutchinson and explains how the science ...
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