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  • Open Minds - Beginning Contact with James Gilliland (November 2014)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 43, 36 Minutes
    “Are we alone in the universe,” is a persistent question that may soon be answered…or not. James Gilliland argues that contact is real and explains who these beings are, why they are here, and shares techniques for connecting ...
  • CMN - James Gilliland on Our Link to the Outer Limits (March 2008)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 10, 27 Minutes
    James Gilliland has been trying to take the giggle factor out of the subject of UFOs for many years. For more than a decade, James has been exposing average citizens, government agents and UFO researchers to his land to “call ...
  • CMN - James Gilliland on Viewing Multi-dimensions (July 2011)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 27, 43 Minutes
    Minister, counselor and author James Gilliand talks about the nature of some of the beings that visit his Oregon ranch and about the need for all of us to unplug from the Hollywood portrayal of the evil monster scenarios that ...
  • Contact Has Begun (2012)
    Runtime: 59 Minutes
    This is the story of James Gilliland. From UFOs and ETs, to orbs and near death encounters, James has led an incredible life. His story not only tells the journey of one man through an incredible life, it also tells the story ...
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