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  • Healing Sounds (2004)
    Runtime: 106 Minutes
    Internationally acclaimed teacher, author and chant master Jonathan Goldman takes us on a captivating tour of the world of sound healing. Through meditations, healings and visual imagery, Goldman discusses and demonstrates the ...
  • Sounds of Healing (Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor) (1999)
    Corinne Edwards
    Runtime: 23 Minutes
    Witnessing the resilience of the human spirit, Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., author of Sounds of Healing, is inspired to use the healing power of sound in his medical practice.
  • CMN - Jonathan Goldman on Healing Sounds (August 2006)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 30, 32 Minutes
    Jonathan Goldman is a writer, musician and teacher as well as an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Wait until the end of the interview for an amazing example of healing sound when Jonathan ...
  • CMN - Ani Williams on Sound Healing (June 2009)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 22, 42 Minutes
    In this fascinating interview, harpist and sound therapist Ani Williams discusses sound and healing.
  • Vibration for Healing: The Sound You Feel (2008)
    Runtime: 37 Minutes
    Vibration for Healing illustrates the many uses of sound for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
  • Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing (1992)
    Runtime: 70 Minutes
    This engaging and emotionally evocative program demonstrates the power of sound to transform mood, mind and matter.
  • Healing with Music, Sound, and Vibration (Joseph Spano)
    Georgia Shakti-Hill
    Dr. Joseph Spano tells viewers how they can heal with the soothing remedy of sound and vibration.
  • CMN - Brian Dailey on Sound Healing, Modern and Holistic Health (July 2007)
    Regina Meredith
    Episode 27, 34 Minutes
    Dr. Brian Dailey discusses the different modalities he uses in his complimentary medical and healing practice.
  • Sound Yoga (2004)
    Shanti Shivani
    Runtime: 79 Minutes
    Nada Yoga was originally only sung by priests in the temples as an act of worship. Internationally acclaimed teacher, vocalist and sound healer Shanti Shivani introduces the mystic practice of nada yoga to bring harmony to ...
  • Integrated Healing and Cancer Care (Dr. Mitchell Gaynor) (1998)
    Dr. John MacCallum
    Runtime: 23 Minutes
    Guided imagery, nutrition, and mediation with voice, sound, and music each play a role in the acute care of cancer, allowing people to center and be at the helm of their own healing while taking advantage of what modern ...
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