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Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) have occurred across time, cultures, and belief systems. Every story is a bit different; some people see heaven, some are reunited with loved ones, many others witness a bright glowing tunnel of light. Some scientists have explained this phenomenon as a deprivation of oxygen to the brain, thereby causing hallucinations. Yet, others say that the medical situations that can trigger a NDE are too varied for these sensations to not be real. Regardless of what actually happens to an individual during a near death experience, there is a common collective thread of having a profound spiritual moment. This moment allows people to tap into a greater universal consciousness. In other words, there is a feeling of deep connection and profound peace regarding their place on Earth. Do you believe these widespread events are mere coincidence or something more meaningful? Learn more about near-death experiences with Gaia and decide for yourself.

What is a Near-Death Experience?

According the the Greyson Scale developed by professor & psychiatrist Bruce Greyson, there are 16 defining and common perceptions associated with an NDE. Many stories include the sensation of separating from one’s body and hovering nearby; a feeling of flying through space at the speed of light and being basked with the love of the infinite, spending time in a beautiful, otherworldly realm; or encountering spirits or long-lost relatives. Many people who have a near-death experience return with feelings of bliss and often a changed perspective and purpose for their life.

“Although I didn't take the escalator to the afterlife, whatever the afterlife means, I knew it was there and I could feel that there were many at the top waiting for me. It felt loving and reassuring, even though it was something I'd never considered being real before that very moment.”

Mo Abdelbaki

Signs You’ve Had a Near-Death Experience

Sometimes people return from a near-death experience and piece it together slowly as the effects become more noticeable. Some of these signs include:

  • A heightened sensitivity to light, sound, and certain chemicals
  • Having a strange influence on electrical equipment
  • Being more caring and generous, sometimes to a fault
  • Having trouble with keeping time and managing finances
  • Feeling unconditional love for everyone

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Life After a Near-Death Experience

For many people who encounter a NDE they return changed, transformed even, with a realization that being here now is more important than whatever comes next.

Check out the infographic for first-hand accounts of common changes to perceptions and actions after a near-death experience.

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Near-Death Experiences: I’m a Believer

Mo Abdelbaki recalls his near-death experience that occurred nearly 30-years ago as he came down with a bout of double pneumonia, that left him nearly suffocating with only one quarter of a lung left. Similar to others who have a NDE, Mo saw a brilliant white light and was reunited with a spirit in the form of his father. Learn why he chose to come back instead of taking the escalator to the other side, and how this choice has made a profound impact on his entire life and purpose.


Why Explore Near-Death Experiences on Gaia?

From first-hand accounts to scientific theories, Gaia is here to help you explore all there is to know about near-death experiences. We pick only the best and most insightful experts in their fields of study so that you can discover the most thought-provoking information out there—all in one place. Ready to uncover more?

Go Deeper with These Experts

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Beyond Belief: A New Understanding of Near-Death Experiences with Dr. Raymond Moody

Scientists have their doubts about near-death experiences and most religions have strict viewpoints on notions of the afterlife. This leaves many people lost as they look for an explanation for their own near-death experiences. Could there be an explanation that crosses the boundaries between science and religion? Dr. Raymond Moody, author of the best-selling book Life After Life, discusses new ways to think about and talk about the journey of life after death. He also answers many of the most important questions, such as how often do people see the light at the end of the tunnel? What happens to a person in a comatose state? And why do people return from death if they feel infinite love and peace?

31 min.

Beyond Belief: Explaining Near-Death Experiences with Dr. Raymond Moody

People are drawn to the stories of near-death experiences, but the concepts are harder for many to truly understand. Despite the commonalities that people undergo, from the tunnel of light to the panoramic life-review, many find it difficult to explain what happened to them on the other side. Dr. Raymond Moody discusses the emergence of new logic that enables us to think in a genuinely rational way about the afterlife. By plugging that logic in, people will be pre-equipped if they encounters a near-death experience to have the tools to describe the event in better detail, thus developing the skills to better understand and grow from the experience.

1 hr.

Beyond Belief: Near Life Experiences with John St. Augustine

It can be difficult for many of us to recognize the greatness we hold within and accept those moments in life when we are called upon to let our light shine through - See more at: http://www.gaia.com/video/near-life-experiences-john-st-augustine#sthash.4w5WkyoA.dpuf. After two Near Death Experiences and a long walking mediation, John St. Augustine came to understand that we all can choose to live fully by accepting responsibility for what goes through us.

“Although I have been aware of the Dr. Moody and his work in near-death studies, this was the first time I've heard him interviewed. What a delightfully upbeat, articulate and eloquent guest! I truly enjoy the convivial interaction between you, George, and Dr. Moody. I look forward to future interviews with him. Loved his definition of a skeptic!”

etheart1168, Gaia Member


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