Who Were You?
Past Lives Explored

Are you playing out your karma? Could your past lives have made an impact on your goals, relationships, and personality today? There is a way to uncover a deeper layer of knowledge on your previous life experiences. Are you ready to learn from the wisdom found in a life you lived prior to this one?

How Does One Access Past Life Memories?

The best technique for recalling past life memories involves utilizing a facilitator to go into a deeply relaxed state, also known as a hypnosis; the entire process is referred to as past life regression. Past life regression allows a person to travel back through time to discover the roots of relationships, problems, attitudes, skill sets, or other typical patterns that are currently influencing this present life. Depending on the person, the experience can differ, some have very vivid and emotional recollections, while others may not experience much imagery, but may come away with a more intuitive understanding.

“To know what you were in a past life, look at how your life is now.”

Kaedrich Olsen

Past Life Regression Benefits

Regression, done correctly can provide the answers to why you are here, the cause of different struggles in life, and can also connect you with a talent or skill you once had.

Kaedrich Olsen

Choosing to explore your past lives can help to:

  • Unlock hidden talents
  • Create more compassion for yourself and others
  • Greater sense of inner peace and self-acceptance
  • Reveal your life’s purpose
  • Overcome fear of death
  • Develop your truest potential

Past Life Regression Techniques


Hire a regression therapist.


Use an online guide to facilitate a past life regression.


Record your own past life regression audio and play it back for yourself.

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Who Was I In My Past Life?
A Guided Journey to Traverse the Waters of Time

It is good to know that somewhere buried in your subconsciousness lies the memories of pivotal moments, which have shaped your personality traits and the lessons you are encountering in this life. Learn a simple process for discovering who you were in a past life with this quick read on how to perform a self-guided past life regression meditation.


“Time is like a river, running forward, always into the future. With the right contraption, let’s say a boat which can traverse such waters, one can travel backward, across the currents to rediscover the events from
the past.”

Kaedrich Olsen

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Beyond Belief: Past Lives, Future Lives with Bruce Goldberg

How many times have you thought, “I’ve lived another life?” If it is possible that the soul reincarnates, what lessons can we learn from past life regression? Dr. Bruce Goldberg, dentist, clinical hypnotherapist and author of, The Search for Grace and Astral Voyages, explains his research into past life regression and the revelations people can have when they uncover past life memories. Dr. Goldberg has regressed over 15,000 patients into over 35,000 past and future lifetimes and is an international bestselling author.


Beyond Belief: When Children Remember Past Lives with Susan Masino

Nothing could have prepared Susan Masino for her son’s vivid recollection of a past life on board the ill-fated Titanic. As a rock historian and journalist, Masino had seen and heard many strange things. Since age five, she has had a strong interest in the paranormal and has written several books on the topic including The Secrets of the Universe-Universal Laws, Past Lives, Ghost Adventures and More. In this interview she discusses her son’s turbulent journey of discovering who he once was, and she offers advice for parents whose children may be re-experiencing events from their own past life.


Beyond Belief: Living Between Lives with Richard Martini

Do you remember times before you were born? Can you recall what was there, what you saw, felt, or experienced? In this captivating interview with George Noory, Filmmaker Richard Martini discusses Michael Newton’s work using hypnotherapy to recover memories of living in between lives. Reveal the nature of soul groups, reincarnation, and life in the spiritual realms as you learn the processes for touring the places in between one life
and the next.

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