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Illuminating Cosmic Treasures

Featuring Robert Nemiroff

Robert Nemiroff brings to light many of the brilliant wonders lurking in the dark regions of the night sky.

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Season 1: December 2012 - July 2013

Season 2: July 2013 - December 2013

Season 3: January 2014 - October 2014

Season 4: November 2014 - December 2015

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Season 6: April 2016 -

Episode List

Hear how the world’s most powerful Ag biotech companies bluff and mislead critics, and put the health of society at risk.
55 minutes
Does the end of the Mayan calendar really mean the end of days?
58 minutes
Is it only a matter of time before people are micro-chipped for 24/7 tracking?
57 minutes
How do we find evidence of the spirit world? Paranormal investigator Joshua Warren shares the tools and technology he uses to find ghosts.
55 minutes
Can one unusual skull prove the existence of aliens on earth? Researcher Lloyd Pye shares his remarkable findings.
56 minutes
Cancer is one of the leading health concerns, today. It is good to know that there are many things that you can do to help prevent and cure cancer. Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains the latest tips and treatments.
56 minutes
Many people claim to have had astounding revelations from past lives while others remain skeptical. Is possible that the soul reincarnates and what lessons can we learn from past life regression? Dr. Bruce Goldberg, a clinical hypnotherapist and author of, ...
59 minutes
When a loved one is near death the body may be near its end, but the soul is alive in the light. There may be lessons we can learn from people on their deathbeds as they are so close to the spirit world. Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved by the Light, ...
59 minutes
Science has yet to discover all of the species of life here on planet Earth. Of the species yet to be discovered, we may be in for some big surprises. CryptoHunter John Rhodes explains his search for mysterious creatures from reptilian-humanoids to big ...
57 minutes
There are over 180,000 documented cases of people transforming into a "light body" after death. Once only accessible to those working with advanced spiritual disciplines, anyone may now be able to transform into a rainbow body. David Wilcock, author of The ...
54 minutes
We all have the ability to reach beyond the veil to communicate with those who have died. It may be easier than you thought and you may already be doing it. Well-known medium James Van Praagh shares how to fine-tune your extrasensory perception to speak ...
57 minutes
The ancient ways of bringing about positive changes to heart, mind and home are once again becoming accepted practices as the season of the witch begins to unfold anew. Practicing witch Fiona Horne explains Wicca and how magic spells can influence your ...
60 minutes
Finding the ideal life partner can be one of the greatest challenges we may face. It’s good to know, that while you are searching, your soul mate is out there looking for you, too. Let Beverly Hills matchmaker, Marla Martenson teach you how to attract your ...
61 minutes
Despite countless eyewitness accounts, the U.S. government has never officially declared the nature of UFOs. Is there proof that some UFOs have been alien visitors? Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, the original civilian investigator of the Roswell ...
61 minutes
The future is a mysterious place full of endless possibilities. Fortunately for us, some people have the intuition and tools, such as cards and astrology, to reveal the light of what has yet to come. Joseph Jacobs, called the psychic to the psychics, ...
60 minutes
No other piece of Christian history has stirred more controversy than the Shroud of Turin. Though it is the single most studied artifact in human history, its origins remain a mystery. Barrie Schwortz, the original documenting photographer of the Shroud of ...
60 minutes
Wild speculation has grown about the governments’ involvement with extraterrestrial life. There are only a few people who know the truth. Investigative reporter Paola Leopizzi Harris shares her views of the political implications of hidden contact with ...
62 minutes
Throughout time, the truth about the Ark of the Covenant has become lost; replaced by conjecture and speculation. However, it may actually be part of a larger, supernaturally powerful Judgment Day device. Investigative mythologist William Henry reveals the ...
60 minutes
Do numbers have special meanings that can give insights to romance, career, and future events? If so what do your numbers mean? Find out what your numbers are and what they reveal with the Numbers Lady, Glynis McCants.
55 minutes
A sense of urgency is growing to assess the looming threat that asteroids pose to our planet. The truth is, we do not know when one will hit the Earth, but it is a certainty. Planetary scientist Dan Durda discusses possibilities of a true cosmic ...
60 minutes
A hidden world full of fairies, ghosts and angels, among other things, coexists with our own mundane world. Rosemary Ellen Guiley, an expert on all things paranormal, discusses paranormal investigations, different types of spirits and interactions, ...
61 minutes
The White Light Express was born when a few friends gathered to focus intention and prayer to bring about abundance and healing for those who were in need. Sarah Nash presents stories of success and simple ways you can make positive changes in your life ...
59 minutes
Awakening the dormant brain dramatically increases your intelligence and creativity as well as releases your mind’s paranormal abilities like telepathy and telekinesis. Researcher Neil Slade discusses the role of the amygdala and how to activate the human ...
60 minutes
Advancements in technology are unlocking the secrets of the brain. Dr. Nick Begich brings to light technologies and techniques that could open hidden possibilities of the mind and awaken the next evolution for mankind or usher in a new era of thought control.
60 minutes
Most of our reality is unseen and comprised of subtle energy that holds a powerful influence over the physical world. We can learn to tap into this energy for healing and manifestation. Intuitive healer, Cyndi Dale describes the anatomy of the soul and ...
61 minutes
We all are vitally dependent upon electricity for our everyday needs. If the electricity is permanently shut off, we are woefully unprepared. History Professor, William R. Forscthen explains what we can do to ensure the safety and survival of our loved ...
61 minutes
Media expert Marc Zicree is a Twilight Zone scholar, and has cataloged every episode ever made in his book, The Twilight Zone Companion.In this fun and dynamic interview, Zicree shares his behind-the-scenes knowledge of the classic series.
60 minutes
What if you could instantly remember everything you ever experienced, right down to the time and day? There are only 12 people in the world that have been documented with such ability. Actress and author, Marilu Henner explains how her unforgettable memory ...
60 minutes
You have the power to reach through the veil, beyond the basic five senses, to discover your life’s purpose and the agreements you made before being born. Dr. Lauren Cielo offers simple techniques that awaken your psychic abilities so you can discover ...
61 minutes
Despite the advances, heart disease is still one of the main causes of death today. Christian Wilde offers an optimistic future for heart health as he reveals revolutionary cardiovascular treatments including stem cell therapy, regenerative science and the ...
59 minutes
With record numbers of people losing their religion, they find themselves searching for a spiritual connection while floundering amid a sea of disempowering emotions. Tina Sacchi reveals her ONE formula to discover your authentic self and live a heartfelt ...
60 minutes
Take a step back in time, to a time a place before you were born. Do you remember what was there, what you saw, felt or experienced? Now, we have a tour guide to the afterlife that can reveal the nature of soul groups, reincarnation and life in the ...
61 minutes
In the spring of 2013, representatives from 10 countries gathered in Washington D.C for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. Investigative reporter, Paola Leopizzi Harris was there and reports on the disclosed encounters by those in attendance and the ...
59 minutes
The cosmic code may be a message hidden in ancient texts that anyone can learn. The Mayans knew of this code and the Illuminati struggles to keep it a secret. Louis Turi explains how the cosmic code may be the secret to prophecy with the power to ...
59 minutes
With advances in medical procedures, government regulations and changing insurance policies, even a routine medical procedure can be overwhelming. Dr. Robin Falkov explains how a patient advocate can bring you peace of mind by helping you make informed ...
58 minutes
Artifacts reveal that Earth's first civilization had an advanced technology which was used to build great stone circles as well as the political structures that would enslave mankind for centuries. Michael Tellinger reveals his research into the Annunaki ...
61 minutes
After two Near Death Experiences, which he calls Near Life Experiences, and a long walking mediation, John St. Augustine came to understand that we all can choose to live fully. He his transformative experiences and the wisdom he gained in this poignant ...
60 minutes
You may have seen the movie, Men Who Stare at Goats, but did you know that it was based on real people? The U.S. Army developed a program, called remote viewing, which trained soldiers to be psychic spies. Major Ed Dames reveals the secrets of remote ...
60 minutes
Everything that we think feel and do is transmitted through the auric field and can affect the people around us and our states of health. This field can get clogged by negativity or an unwanted entity. Sonja Grace explains how to remove this unhealthy ...
62 minutes
Though we may not remember them or realize their importance, everyone dreams. Dreams connect us to the eternal and can reveal hidden information about our lives. Kelly Sullivan Waldon, a dream expert, explains how you can learn to unlock the healing and ...
29 minutes
Some people are more sensitive to psychic energy than others, and we can all learn to detect it. This energy is mostly positive, but it does have a negative dark side. Victor Paruta has encountered these negative forces many times and knows how you can ...
32 minutes
In 1973, Lee Speigel set off to investigate the increased number of reports of UFOs. The result was an audio documentary produced for CBS. Now, he reflects upon his decades of researching strange events and reveals some of his most phenomenal encounters.
30 minutes
Dreaming is one of the most important parts of our lives, but it can be very difficult to make sense of all of the images, situations and feelings. Kelly Sullivan Walden helps you to decode your dreams by explaining meanings behind the most common dream ...
30 minutes
We may be spiritual beings living in a physical world, but the other side of life is still a great mystery. Psychic medium Victor Paruta offers profound insights many of the great questions about reincarnation and receiving messages from beyond.
31 minutes
Salem, Massachusetts has a booming population of witches and Halloween is their favorite time of year. Fortunately for them, many things have changed since the infamous witch trials of 1692. Leanne Marrama dispels several misconceptions and brings to light ...
31 minutes
Witches, casting ominous spells and raising the dead while cackling into the night is a popular image which is both fantastical and contrived. Renowned Salem witch Leanne Marrama unveils the truth behind the beneficial work she performs for her community.
30 minutes
After decades of investigating paranormal phenomena, Lee Speigel has seen some of the strangest things on Earth. In this enlightening interview with George Noory, investigative reporter Lee Spiegel recounts several outstanding cases of otherworldly contact.
31 minutes
With tales of demonic possession and unwanted poltergeist activity, the popular mythology surrounding the Ouija board is ominous at best. However, when used properly, it can be an effective tool to communicate with benevolent spirits. Karen A. Dahlman ...
33 minutes
The assassination of JFK sparked an era of inquiry and demand for full disclosure. Who assassinated the President and why? Was it just one part of an even bigger plan? Jerome Corsi has thoroughly studied the assassination of JFK and has discovered new ...
31 minutes
Deeper inquiries into the assassination of JFK reveal an intricate network of individuals who stood to benefit from the President’s death. Jerome Corsi names the suspected architects of the JFK assassination and details their motivations.
30 minutes
What we think we know about our economy may be part of a war on information being waged by clandestine organizations. Journalist Jim Marrs reveals how the clandestine conspiracies affecting our economy are being enacted and enforced.
30 minutes
Every day, we learn a little more about the human brain. Each discovery brings new diagnoses and a plethora of drugs to treat them. Peter Breggin M.D. highlights many horrors from the history of psychiatry and presents a hard look into the unwanted side ...
33 minutes
Imagine sifting through the cosmic din in hopes of finding a faint signal indicating advanced life in the galaxy. This is a reality for Seth Shostak, senior astronomer with SETI, who explains the process of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence and ...
34 minutes
Mediums have used many tools to pierce through the veil of death, including the legendary Ouija board. Karen A. Dahlman explains how the Ouija can be a positive tool for self-development when it is used to communicate with beneficial spirits.
30 minutes
Many historical rulers come from a small number of lineages. The descendents of only a few elite ancestries play prominent roles in shaping our future. Jim Marrs reveals the secret strategies of these ruling elite and traces their possible origins to an ...
33 minutes
There is no doubt that we are living in difficult times, but there has to be a better way to ease our emotional suffering. Dr. Peter Breggin highlights the dangers of drugging our children and offers a range of therapies to promote the mental health of a ...
32 minutes
The big bang, dark matter, and parallel universes are just a few of the things science is still trying to explain. Seth Shostak, chief astronomer with SETI, discusses some of the biggest questions facing humanity including our mysterious origin and what ...
29 minutes
There is no doubt that the state of health for the average American has been on the decline. Whether we are faced with something missing from our diet or medical mistakes, there are things we can do to stay healthy. Dr. Joel Wallach helps us to make the ...
31 minutes
Documentary filmmaker James Fox reveals two of the most significant cases of UFO sightings that you may have never heard about: 1994, Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 62 school children saw something strange in the sky. In 1964, Socorro, New Mexico, several witnesses saw ...
30 minutes
While many of us may be struggling to keep up with technological advancements, others are strongly motivated to keep up with these changes. John McAfee gives us a peek into the secret cyber war as he recounts his multiple successes and offers us a glimpse ...
31 minutes
For many, life continues even after the body dies. Some move on to a new life in a new world; others remain on the earthly plane. Mary Ann Winkowski is aware of these earthbound spirits and shares what she has learned from helping them.
30 minutes
The human body is a complex organism that requires the right balance of nutrition to maintain and promote good health. Dr. Joel Wallach returns to explain the benefits of proper nutrition and how we can protect ourselves from the toxins in our food supply.
31 minutes
James Fox returns to detail two UFO sightings that were life-changing encounters for the witnesses, but received little public attention.
31 minutes
Technological advancements are propelling humankind into a brave new era, but it should not come at the price of our humanity. John McAfee’s latest endeavors focus on bringing the indigenous wisdom of healing with native plants into the modern era so that ...
31 minutes
Many of us live out our mundane lives completely unaware of the subtle realms that surround our own. Mary Ann Winkowski explains how to detect energetic influences from these realms and offers advice for coexisting with the paranormal.
32 minutes
Long after their deaths, the legends of notable historical and religious figures continue to inspire throughout the generations. Their remains bear tales just as intriguing. Paul Koudounaris, an expert in the history of bone-decorated shrines, shares his ...
29 minutes
It is apparent that something strange is going on with the weather. As a weatherman, Scott Stevens saw firsthand how much of this story was not being reported. He now reveals what he has discovered about weather manipulation, alternative energy sources and ...
31 minutes
Certain locales are renowned for being sacred sites and centers of supernatural phenomena. Jeff Belanger is a prolific paranormal researcher who discusses the truth and fantasy behind some of his favorite legendary and haunted places, including America’s ...
30 minutes
Why do many musicians die at the age of 27? Is it true that popular performers pay tribute to dark forces in exchange for fame and fortune? R. Gary Patterson has studied this strange history and has uncovered the truth behind many of the legends and ...
32 minutes
Throughout the world, elaborately decorated skeletons are put on display to create special sanctuaries. Offerings are presented to these adorned remains in hopes that the dead assist the living. Paul Koudounaris explains the various cultural beliefs and ...
31 minutes
Unmanned surveillance aircraft crisscross our skies weaving sordid tapestries of white trails in their wake. But these drones are doing more than just spying on us. Scott Stevens provides evidence that reveals the direct connection between chemtrails and ...
30 minutes
Perhaps the most famous haunted house in the world is the White House. With its long and rich history, it is no wonder that the souls of past inhabitants would choose to remain through the decades. Jeff Bellanger presents evidence of ghosts in the White ...
30 minutes
Many celebrities are haunted by weird rumors and outlandish stories. Some of these are true, other are complete fabrications. R. Gary Patterson, an expert on the history of popular music, debunks and confirms several strange tales from the dark side of ...
29 minutes
The belief that we are in the biblical last days is reinforced by emerging technology that erodes our sense of privacy and diminishes financial independence. Paul McGuire draws a correlation between bible prophecy and the computer advancements which may ...
31 minutes
It seems that as we learn more about the moon, we uncover even more lunar mysteries and controversies. Mike Bara reveals evidence of what may be great glass structures on the lunar surface, suggesting that we were not the only ones to have visited the moon.
31 minutes
We are perched upon the precipice of the abyss and poised to engage in the greatest battle of all time; for the first time in history, we can eradicate all life on the planet. Paul McGuire reveals prophecies for America and explains how we can fight off ...
29 minutes
Is there evidence of life on Mars that has been summarily ignored or repressed? Mike Bara explores the possibility of past and present life on Mars and reveals mankind’s potential Martian origin.
31 minutes
Whether we want to admit it or not, UFO sightings are part of America’s secret history since World War II and the Cold War. Richard Dolan details important sightings from recent U.S. history and explains why these reports are still relevant in the 21st ...
31 minutes
Dark energies come in many shapes and sizes from thought-forms to fallen angels. When they attach to a person, they can cause any manner of harm. Deborah King offers simple ways to clear out different types of dark energies and advises when it is time to ...
24 minutes
Lurking deep within Einstein’s theories lie the secrets of time travel. Theoretical Physicist Ron Mallett explains the reality of time travel technology that we could see in the near future.
29 minutes
Fuzzy photos and shaky videos are all part of a long history of Bigfoot sightings that dates back to 12th century woodcuts, which depict knights in combat with large hairy human-like creatures. Rhettman Mullis reveals several historical Bigfoot sightings ...
29 minutes
If we are not alone in this universe, and advanced civilizations have visited our planet, then it is possible that traces of their technology have been left behind. Richard Dolan exposes the secret propulsion and electrogravitics innovations that came from ...
31 minutes
We are caught betwixt an ever raging battle between good and evil. From a higher perspective, both are emanations of the same light striving to return to the same source. Deborah King has been called to help us conquer dark forces in order to join with the ...
24 minutes
Theoretical physicists suggest that humanity will unlock the secret to time travel within the next few decades. What this means for our past and present is uncertain. Ron Mallett examines the real possibilities of time travel and how it can affect our ...
29 minutes
Despite the lack of definitive proof, researchers believe that they can understand how Bigfoot behaves and communicates. Rhettman Mullis recounts tales of tracking this elusive creature and reveals how he may one day prove the existence of Bigfoot.
31 minutes
Vaccines have been credited with virtually eliminating polio and small pox. Despite their benefits, vaccinations are not a perfect solution. Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny draws from her years of experience and research to explain problems associated with the ...
31 minutes
In the quiet serenity of night, shadows delicately drape across the room. A movement catches your eye as one of the shadows takes the shape of a person and the tranquility is broken. Was it your imagination or is something sinister lurking in the darkness?
31 minutes
Whether or not you believe that we are alone in the universe, tales of otherworldly visitors have permeated our imaginations from times immemorial and throughout sacred texts. Rev. Michael J. Carter, who has spent his seminary career studying such ...
30 minutes
Despite these repeated threats a pending pandemic every year, we still have not experienced a worldwide disaster. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals some startling information about flu shots and potential threats against our rights to choose to vaccinate or not.
30 minutes
Most shadows are in union with the peaceful stillness of night, others move with sinister intent. Many reports of these moving shadows include encounters with another ominous presence. Hollis reveals what she has learned about the Hat Man, an entity who ...
26 minutes
Try to imagine how a chance meeting with someone from another world would change you and your beliefs. Rev. Michael JS. Carter shares personal reflections from his own encounters with star visitors and reveals more otherworldly encounters from the scriptures.
30 minutes
Jim Paris had a life that most people would consider ideal. Despite his great financial success, everything he worked so hard for was instantly taken away when his brother betrayed him. Jim Paris recounts the trials and tribulations he endured that led ...
29 minutes
We are on the forefront of a new technological horizon as private companies compete with governments for a stake in our future in space. Since the 1960s, we have come a long way in developing space technology, but we have just barely begun our journey into ...
31 minutes
As new paradigms of spiritual practice emerge within the new millennium, the two once divergent worlds of Angels and Tarot cards begin to merge. Radleigh Valentine explains how he uses Tarot cards to receive guidance from the angels.
31 minutes
Jim Paris knows what it is like to work to have everything, only to have it all wiped away in an instant. On the brink of suicide, he prayed to no avail. But he persisted until he succeeded and now shares the secrets to his newfound success.
28 minutes
Every new report on the state of our climate seems to cause a shift in the battle lines between scientists and politicians. Robert Zimmerman sounds a clarion call to scientists, politicians, and the public to demand the straight facts about climate science.
31 minutes
Angels are always with us, just waiting for us to reach out and ask them for help. Radleigh Valentine reveals the world of angels that coexists within our own reality and explains how we can use the Tarot to receive their guidance.
31 minutes
For over 6,000 years humanity has not been alone. Inserting themselves into positions of power, off-planet rulers (the Archons) have been guiding our history for their own gain. Jay Weidner reveals who these Archons are, how they retain power and what we ...
30 minutes
With religion and science not providing answers, many people are lost, looking for an explanation for their own near death experiences. Dr. Raymond Moody shares many accounts of NDEs and offers an explanation that crosses the boundaries between science and ...
30 minutes
In our technological age, many of us are more concerned with getting online than connecting with those closest to us. This includes the animals with which we share our lives. Amelia Kinkade gives an in-studio demonstration with a horse, how we can ...
24 minutes
The sun is moving into a phase that scientists do not fully understand and has the power-elite in a panic. Jay Weidner explains how the changing sun is advancing human consciousness and how those in power are working to stem this transformation, lest they ...
31 minutes
Many people still find it difficult to explain what happened to them on the other side. Dr. Raymond Moody explains the emergence of a new logic that provides a rational way of thinking about the afterlife while giving people the means of explaining exactly ...
30 minutes
Many of us share a home with a beloved animal companion, but how many of us can share a heartfelt moment, knowing exactly what each other is thinking and feeling. Amelia Kinkade demonstrates how you can build a bridge to an animal’s heart and begin ...
28 minutes
Our subtle connection with the energies of the earth can be demonstrated through the healing power of stones. Tom Benedict explains the benefits of various stones and presents a healing stone reading that involves health concerns and insights to past lives.
30 minutes
Thousands of years ago, Planet X, or Nibiru drifted dangerously close to Earth and left its impact upon the planet and human civilization. The earliest accounts of this encounter come from the ancient Sumerians whose culture was dominated by the denizens ...
26 minutes
As a child, Bill Bean’s family was ripped apart when it was attacked by demonic forces. A chance encounter empowered him and gave him the faith needed to engage in spiritual warfare and conquer the dark force destroying his family.
31 minutes
Howard Bloom calls for us to transcend our stagnant truths with a unified vision of pursuing new levels of technological advancements that will ensure continued increases in life expectancy and IQ for future generations.
31 minutes
Although many minerals have healing properties, stones are only part of the healing process. Tom Benedict explains how stones and energy work together in the healing process and presents a stone reading to better demonstrate the specific uses for various ...
30 minutes
Once upon a time, humans knew how to carve and arrange giant stones to be in precise celestial alignment. Jason Martell explains how repeating cycles of knowledge have obscured an ancient history filled with advanced technology and interactions with ...
31 minutes
Worldwide reports of demonic possessions and attacks are on the rise. Bill Bean, who stands on the vanguard of this spiritual warfare, explains how he helps those who believe they need deliverance from darkness.
31 minutes
Howard Bloom reminds us that despite the challenges we face from psychic vampires and illnesses, our minds have the incredible potential to turn all of these negatives into the most powerful positives we can imagine.
32 minutes
In Roswell, NM, July 1947, the most extraordinary manipulation of public perception in human history began. Stephen Bassett has made it his life’s work to break this truth embargo and force the governments to disclose the truth they have been hiding from ...
31 minutes
Ken Klein, a Prophetic Investigator explains that many of the modern trials we face, including chemtrails and GMOs, are part of long historical cycle that fulfills some of the most devastating prophecies from the Book of Revelations.
30 minutes
It is important to recognize that the space we occupy affects each one of us in profound, yet subtle ways. Kelly S. Jones explains how aligning inner and outer Feng Shui with Astrology can help harmonize our living and working spaces to bring balance and ...
31 minutes
In 1609, when Galileo turned his telescope to the night sky for the first time, the greatest mysteries of the universe began to unfold. Steve Kates, aka Dr. Sky, explains how you can tap into the greatest secrets of the universe from your own backyard by ...
31 minutes
For far too long, the governments of the world have kept a tight seal on information regarding the presence of extraterrestrials on earth. Stephen Bassett is a leading advocate calling for the governments of the world to end the truth embargo and to ...
32 minutes
The Old Testament is so full of metaphors and secret codes that many people cannot fully understand the true meanings of the texts. Ken Klein’s life work is the study of biblical prophecy and he reveals what he believes is Lucifer’s plan for us all.
30 minutes
The Akashic Records not only records everything you think, say and do, but it exists in the realm of possibilities where anything can happen. Kelly S. Jones explains how you can find your soul’s purpose in the Akashic records and explore new possibilities ...
22 minutes
Even with astounding advances in technology, there is little interest in supporting ambitious and exciting space exploration projects. Steve Kates, aka Dr. Sky, explains how privatization will reignite our interest in space exploration by spawning a new ...
35 minutes
Off-world colonization will never happen if future generations continue to hold a lackluster view of science and space exploration. Jeffrey Bennett explains the importance of educating and inspiring our children to boldly lead humankind into a new future ...
31 minutes
Sitting quietly in a darkened room, breathing slowly and deeply, visions of another time and place drift into your mind’s eye. As a remote viewer, you are able to discover secrets inaccessible in any other way. Paul Smith explains the basics of remote ...
25 minutes
Developing the complexities of General and Special Relativity is what defined Albert Einstein as a genius and launched an unprecedented era of technological and scientific advancements. Jeffrey Bennett offers a short explanation of what relativity is and ...
29 minutes
We can learn to rise above the din, reach out with our minds and ascertain accurate information about events near and far. Paul Smith explains how the structured practice of Remote Viewing can help you to reduce mental noise and improve your understanding ...
32 minutes
Strange tales of UFOs rising from underground bases and ancient lore of subterranean civilizations reinforce the notion that human life is just scratching the surface of our planet. Brooks Agnew proposes the possibility that we merely dwell upon the ...
31 minutes
Due to the popularity of the internet and telephone-based business, psychic readings have become a booming business. But it is fraught with charlatans looking to make easy money. Angela Thomas explains how you can discern the difference between psychic ...
30 minutes
A glaring weakness in our national security is becoming ever more apparent: our power grids remain vulnerable to an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) catastrophe. Michael Maloof outlines various scenarios we could face if immediate action is not taken to ...
32 minutes
The idea of life on Mars has captured the imaginations of scientists and visionaries for generations. Now, the possibility of finding life on the red planet has become a reality. Robert Zubrin envisions life on Mars from its probable past to our potential ...
30 minutes
Tarot cards can be confusing, if not frightening, for anyone just learning to use them. Angela Thomas helps to clear the confusion by providing a primer for a three-dimensional Tarot reading that incorporates your own interpretations and intuitions along ...
28 minutes
Someday, the sun will produce a coronal mass ejection strong enough to wreak havoc upon our electrical infrastructure. Michael Maloof explains how we can motivate our duly elected leaders to begin hardening the electrical grid and protect ourselves from ...
28 minutes
Just over the proverbial horizon, the first colony of human beings on Mars awaits. Every day, Robert Zubrin works to bring us closer to colonizing Mars and he details what we can expect as we finally broach this new horizon.
29 minutes
Astrology, as a study of personality, is a means of determining your destiny based upon the planetary patterns present at the moment of your birth. Sandra-Leigh explores the connection between personality, destiny and astrology by examining the charts of ...
28 minutes
Every 11,500 years the Earth undergoes a dramatic change: weather patterns become erratic, global temperatures cool, sea levels drop, and magnetic poles reverse as an ice age is born. Robert Felix explains that our climate changing is just the precursor to ...
30 minutes
Micah Hanks espouses that we are not alone in this universe and that it is only a matter of time before scientists breach the technological singularity. Then we will finally become capable of contacting a myriad of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.
31 minutes
Nothing could have prepared Susan Masino for her son recalling vivid details of a past life on board the ill-fated Titanic. She recounts her son’s turbulent journey of discovering who he once was and offers advice for parents whose children may be ...
23 minutes
Every bit of stress, frustration and anxiety we experience is all part of a divinely orchestrated plan. David Wilcock explains how different types of stress actually help us to pay off karma so we can progress to the next level of ascension.
31 minutes
At the moment of your birth, the heavens aligned in such a way as to define who and what you would become. However, this astrological alignment is only one small component of your life. Sandra-Leigh explains how the science of the stars merges with ...
31 minutes
December 7, 1941 is a day said to live in infamy – but even more infamous is the history that we have not been told. In his analysis of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Douglas Dietrich discloses details that cast an entirely different light upon the U.S. and ...
49 minutes
All major news media outlets are being flooded with reports on the Islamic militant group known as ISIS – a group reportedly so vile that even Al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them. Chris Geo, an independent journalist, discusses the influential role ISIS ...
30 minutes
At a very young age, Laura Lee discovered that the afterlife is for real. After years of struggle and loss, she was finally able to accept her psychic abilities. Now she uses her gifts to help others find peace and joy in their lives.
30 minutes
Whether we know it or not, ethereal beings of light play an integral part in all of our lives. No matter what form they take, these entities are here to help guide us through our most difficult ordeals. Laura Lee explains how we can request and receive ...
29 minutes
We dwell within a world awash with myriad strains of viruses and bacteria. Some are beneficial and vital for human life, others are detrimental and deadly. Occasionally, one of these strains catches the attention of the media and a new threat of a pending ...
31 minutes
With a changing climate and increasing instability of infrastructure, disaster may be looming uncomfortably near. Prepping is actually easier than you may think. Chris Geo guides us through the process of preparing our homes, vehicles and lives lest the ...
31 minutes
As we are now perched upon the precipice of another major change, the latest scientists are making some unexpected discoveries as to the cause of our current climate calamity. Robert Felix explains how the normal rise and fall of various natural cycles are ...
31 minutes
Streaking across the sky, strange rocket-like projectiles seem to appear out of nowhere, only to vanish just as mysteriously. Micah Hanks recounts tales from those who have encountered these ghost rockets and speculates about their mysterious origin.
31 minutes
As reports of Ebola begin to wane from news reports, our suspicions are renewed as to the actual danger posed by this potential pandemic. Gary Ridenour discusses the extent of the current Ebola outbreak, what the U.S. government is doing about it and what ...
30 minutes
There are those who vehemently refuse to believe in the existence of the paranormal; until they have their own strange and mysterious experience. Susan Masino shares some of her personal experiences with haunted locales and offers advice for anyone who may ...
31 minutes
The end is nigh…maybe. Many ancient traditions have prophesized various courses of events that lead to the end of humanity as we know it. David Wilcock explains what the end times’ prophecies are really about and cautions that they have already begun.
30 minutes
Not everyone believes in life after death. But what does it take to make a believer out of a skeptic? This is what happened with Sandra Champlain who explains how she discovered that we don’t die.
32 minutes
Ty Bolliger, espouses looking beyond established medical practices by exploring the benefits of natural foods, nutritional supplements and positive thinking as ways to stay healthy in hopes of staving off cancer.
32 minutes
Our reality may indeed be stranger than we can ever imagine. Since the dawn of time, human beings have reported encounters with strange creatures that continue to defy logical explanation. Chad Lewis shares various encounters with lesser known creatures, ...
31 minutes
Who are we and how we got here are two of the biggest existential questions that continue to elude even the most brilliant of thinkers. Gregg Braden explains the importance of crossing science with ancient teachings in order to truly unravel our greatest ...
31 minutes
With the omnipresence of computers connected to the internet, troves of security personnel strive to keep our personal information safe and secure. Charles R. Smith lays out the hidden battlefield of computer security and describes the motivations behind ...
28 minutes
The art and science of Astrology takes years to attain mastery. However, beginning to understand the basics is easier than you may think. Heather Arielle guides us through the basic components of an astrological chart and uses George’s natal chart to show ...
29 minutes
Every situation we face in our lives is nothing more than energy. Therefore, it is possible to create real change in your life by learning how to manage the energy of your life. Coach Bob Glotzhober explains how we can make conscious choices in how we use ...
28 minutes
Before the dawn of time, an ancient race of beings descended from the heavens and declared our world and its inhabitants their own. L.A. Marzulli, who is on the trail of these beings, called the Nephilim, cites evidence supporting his case that we share ...
31 minutes
July 1996, TWA Flight 800 took off from JFK International Airport in New York. Twelve minutes later it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean as flaming wreckage. Jim Sanders has studied every detail of this tragedy and presents his explanation for the downing of ...
31 minutes
Many people are convinced that we are nothing more than physical bodies that wither and die. Others believe that at the moment of death, the essence of our true self takes an ethereal form that can live forever. Sandra Champlain suggests that death is ...
33 minutes
Statistically, 41% of the Earth’s population will face cancer within their lifetimes. Current studies suggest that 85% of those cases will be caused by environmental toxicities. Ty Bollinger helps to reduce these numbers by teaching people how to support ...
29 minutes
The stability of our normal, mundane reality becomes disrupted when something that should not happen, does. Chad Lewis has traversed the world seeking the truth behind the paranormal nature of our reality and he has come to share what he has learned.
29 minutes
The truth of our reality, and our unity, may be concealed in the most unlikely of places. Gregg Braden believes he has found a connection between ancient languages and our DNA that may be the secret to dispelling the illusion of separateness.
30 minutes
Two of the most powerful financial institutions, the US Federal Reserve and Wall Street, are often in the news but little is revealed of their inner workings. John Curtis reveals the ins and outs of how financial tyrants of the world benefit from the ups ...
31 minutes
As the legendary land of Lemuria sank beneath the waves, its inhabitants scatted themselves to start new civilizations. Some of these civilizations flourished, while others floundered. Olav Phillips shares his findings of little known archeological ...
24 minutes
Each one of us has access to the most sophisticated thing in the known universe that can handle any difficult situation that comes our way – our brains. Coach Bob Glotzhober offers techniques that you can use to change your approach to the conflicts that ...
30 minutes
Ancient tales of strange beings which intermingled with human beings seem to be mirrored in modern reports of alien abduction. L.A. Marzulli draws a correlation between the ancient accounts of the Nephilim with modern alien abductions and extrapolates what ...
27 minutes
March 8, 2014, flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing, China. Less than two hours later, it disappeared never to return. Jim Sanders addresses various theories put forth concerning the disappearance of Flight MH370 and offers what he ...
28 minutes
Without a doubt, the theft of personal information can be devastating for an individual. But a cyber-attack upon military networks or the power grid can devastate entire populations. Charles R. Smith relays the impact that global cyberwarfare would have ...
34 minutes
Many of the world’s greatest leaders trusted astrology to guide them through their biggest decisions. Today, all it takes is a computer and a little knowhow to access that same source of wisdom. Heather Arielle explains how transits in your astrological ...
29 minutes
Decades after his death, is the ghost of the suspected Zodiac Killer haunting the newspaper office where he once worked? Olav Phillips discusses details of the Zodiac Killer’s MO and reveals startling details from the unsettling paranormal investigation ...
20 minutes
In the near constant cacophony of information, we unwittingly become ideal consumers and social advocates for partisan politics. But how does this all happen? Eldon Taylor reveals techniques used by advertisers to subtly program our minds in ways we could ...
37 minutes
75,000 years ago, the motherland of civilization emerged as the land we now call Lemuria came crashing to a close with a great deluge and is now waiting to reemerge in a new golden age, the Satya Yuga. Frank Jospeh Hoff discusses the riddle of Lemuria and ...
30 minutes
Paul Elio defies the lack of ecological and economic innovation held by major automotive manufacturers and energy producers with the development of the anti-car, the Elio -car – a groundbreaking approach to solving the economic and ecological problems of ...
18 minutes
Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Features news producer, discusses various indications that Nibiru is returning and describes the effects it will have upon our planet. Astronomer Carlos Ferrada spoke of a planet-sized celestial object with an orbit ...
31 minutes
David Paulides presents facts surrounding several cases of people who went missing in national parks; cases which have left every investigator completely confounded. Every year an increasing number of people disappear and any clues found defy logical ...
33 minutes
Corey Goode recounts his earliest experiences of being recruited and trained for the secret space program via MILAB (Military Abduction). These abilities would be developed and put to use throughout his 20 year deployment within the secret space program.
29 minutes
Larry Dean Hunter is an unorthodox investigators of Egyptology and he presents his heterodox history for the Giza Plateau. The evidence he has gathered profiles a vastly different history than what is accepted by orthodox Egyptology.
31 minutes
Dianne Arcangel offers unique support for those who are grieving by acknowledging the continuance of life beyond the body. Even with an awareness of life after death, grief can be a constant companion for loved ones who find it difficult to deal with the ...
31 minutes
Astronomer, Robert Herrington took strong interest in his discoveries of a strange planetoid moving in a strange orbit around the sun. Unfortunately, he paid dearly for his discoveries and his work went largely unnoticed, until now.
28 minutes
Our skies are indeed the stratum for UFO activity is accruing amply. Chase Kloetzke presents her case that the public is ready for disclosure of extraterrestrial activity, however the evidence must be presented in a way that is not rejected or ridiculed.
30 minutes
Michael Heiser relates who the prophets of the Old Testament were and the role they bore in ancient society. The Old Testament is filled with the words and deeds of the ancient prophets. But who were these sagely mages and how can their words still ...
30 minutes
Humankind has long been at the mercy of the weather, but that is beginning to change. After a thorough investigation into chemtrails and weather modification techniques, Sharon Schloss reveals what many have suspected about the strange crisscross patterns ...
30 minutes
Paul Eno shares some of his encounters while investigating reports of paranormal phenomena. The mere mention of a poltergeist or any type of haunting is enough to frighten most people away from suspected locales. Others see this as a prime opportunity for ...
50 minutes
Wynn Free reveals the subject of his investigation which confirms the return of Edgar Cayce in a new lifetime. Though the man named Edgar Cayce died in 1945, it seems that his work is continuing with a new body and name.
26 minutes
Eldon Taylor explains how to break free from the illusion of limited choices and lead a life that is the manifestation of your own free will. Unbeknownst to the masses, this limitation is self-imposed in order to avoid the ridicule and shame thrust upon us ...
26 minutes
David Paulides reveals evidence of high-level cover-up operations surrounding mysterious disappearances of people in national parks. In each case he describes, the evidence offers no explicable reason why the person went missing.
30 minutes
Michael Heiser delves into the dilemmas faced by the Council of Nicaea as they pieced together the texts that would become known as the New Testament. Few people know of the battles that raged during the construction of that ancient book.
29 minutes
Long before recorded history, human beings were able to break away from the terrestrial confines of our mother Earth. Today, their legacy reigns on within the space-bound civilizations that will stop at nothing to keep their existence concealed from the ...
29 minutes
With every new UFO sighting reported, MUFON investigators are not far behind doing their best to collect credible evidence and validate eyewitness reports. Signs may be hidden amongst the collected data suggesting that these visitors are working to fulfill ...
24 minutes
Mainstream Egyptologists are baffled by the enduring enigma of what technology was used to construct the pyramids on the Giza plateau some 5,000 years ago. Perhaps there is evidence which reveals that a different construction method was available in a time ...
29 minutes
As we continue to explore the problem of chemtrails obscuring our skies and altering the environment, the inevitable question becomes: How can we protect ourselves from this plight? Plucked straight out of the annals of forbidden science, the answer may ...
30 minutes
It may seem like magic to many, and sometimes it is, but the true power of the human brain is unfathomable. From controlling pain to miraculous healings, Jim Karol demonstrates that the potential of the human mind is as limitless as the number of stars in ...
48 minutes
Many people are woefully unprepared for the complexities of the road that lies before them when death touches their family. Fortunately, there are individuals who are adept in helping people to plan a good goodbye and easing the burdens of their passing.
39 minutes
While not everyone may have been born with a proclivity for psychic abilities, the protocols used for Controlled Remote Viewing are easy enough that anyone can learn them. All it takes is diligent practice to unlock your potential for Remote Viewing.
64 minutes
Over the past several months many alternative healers have met untimely and mysterious deaths. One may assume that these are simply random acts of violence perpetrated against hapless victims. But a deeper examination of the details reveals that these ...
37 minutes
If you ever needed proof that one’s life can be gone in a flash, look no further than spontaneous human combustion. Larry Arnold has diligently investigated S.H.C. since 1973 and he shares, with us, just how bizarre this phenomena is.
40 minutes
Edward Leedskalnin claimed to have discovered the long lost techniques used by the ancient Egyptian builders and proved it by building the Coral Castle. Unfortunately, he took his secret technology to the grave.
39 minutes
During the 1940’s, eyewitness accounts of strange sightings sparked a buzz in the hearts and minds of the general public. The U.S Government also became very interested in these reports. Thus began the first official government organizations charged with ...
43 minutes
The road that leads to our final destination bears no pleasantries for anyone. But the final few steps, so says Roberta Grimes, may be the most fun anyone has in their entire existence.
44 minutes
Ancient legends of human-like beings, great and small, became quaint tales. New evidence now substantiates this ancient lore and can rewrite the accepted doctrine of human origins.
43 minutes
It begins with a strange rapping upon the door, only to reveal creepy-looking children bearing unholy terror. Are they interdimensional beings who cannot fully shape themselves into human form?
41 minutes
Ben Fuchs delves into the mysteries of protecting yourself against disease with the medicinal value of foods and supplements, we can better ensure that we are making the right decisions for promoting a healthy long life.
34 minutes
Carmen Boulter tells of three catastrophes which shattered the ancient Golden Age of humanity and ushered in the Iron Age. Remnants of this bygone era, as unearthed from the great pyramids, offer us a clearer picture of who these Golden Age people were and ...
37 minutes
Within a home, nestled in a quiet neighborhood of St. Louis, MO, from 1948-1949, a new horror was made manifest into the world. Recently, filmmaker Jeff Lewis came to the exorcist house to film a movie inspired the actual events which transpired there, 70 ...
34 minutes
Shifting paradigms within various scientific fields are finally bringing to light the hidden potential of human beings. This is nothing new for Jeffrey Mishlove, who is the sole holder of a Ph.D. in Parapsychology.
38 minutes
Valiant Thor, an off-world visitor who came to the Pentagon in 1957, holds a higher perspectives of humanity, as explained by filmmaker Craig Campobasso. Unlike many other extraterrestrials visiting our planet, Valiant Thor was very photogenic and not ...
44 minutes
Susanne Wilson discusses the difficulties she faced as she secretly developed her psychic abilities while climbing the corporate ladder. But a near death experience literally changed her mind about what was important for her life.
36 minutes
Frank Joseph Hoff reveals that the greatest mystery of Atlantis is not the location of this arcane continent, but how the secrets of its location have been kept for over 11,600 years. The question we should be asking is why the location of Atlantis has ...
25 minutes
Vincent Genna’s first crack at life did not seem to set him up to become a psychic who helps to empower people to believe in themselves, but that is exactly what happened. Now he helps people reflect upon their childhood dreams to discover what they were ...
32 minutes
It is easy, sometimes, to turn a blind eye to all of the strange and unexplained events that take place in the world, every day. Then along comes someone like Tracie Austin whose passion it is to seek out and document paranormal occurrences from alien ...
40 minutes
Death in inevitable for each and every one of us. But Dianne Arcangel has discovered, over the course of her career consoling the dying and the bereaved, that death does not have to be the end. There are ways of regaining the connection with our loved ones.
30 minutes
Occult historian, Mitch Horowitz explains the role that esoterism and mysticism has played in shaping the culture of America. Since the dawn of the ages mankind has been fascinated by the unknown, the mysteries and the occult, the U.S. is no different.
45 minutes
In another realm of being, a grand library holds a record of every event that has happened and is yet to transpire. Bill Foss guides people on a journey to explore these arcane annals, a place known as the Akashic records.
43 minutes
Bobby Akart explains, the integrity of the electrical grid may be America’s greatest vulnerability. If we act now, we could prevent the collapse of the grid.
43 minutes
As a clairaudient and empath, Paul Selig has the unique ability to channel the people his clients ask about. This is not about fixing problems or finding resolution. Rather it is about coming into an understanding of what is going on and uncovering the truth.
43 minutes
For many people, getting money from nothing would seem like an impossible dream. For a few private bankers, who hold a stake in the Federal Reserve, this is a dream come true. G. Edward Griffin peels away the layers of obscurity to expose the inner ...
45 minutes
The debate continues to rage as to the cause and solution to climate change. Tim Ball has come forward, openly rejecting the scientific consensus that the growing levels of carbon dioxide is dangerous.
40 minutes
Things changed dramatically for Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon once skeptical of the paranormal, when he had a near death experience. This experience placed him in the unique position to pursue the scientific truth of what happens to us when we die.
48 minutes
Jim Harold, a popular paranormal podcaster, has been privy to a plethora of personal anecdotes of paranormal encounters. He recounts a number of the strange tales he has heard. Many of these accounts do not fall into the category of simple ghost tales.
42 minutes
Documentary filmmaker, Seth Breedlove investigates accounts of small town monsters. From eyewitness accounts to amateur video, no stone is left unturned in search of these mysterious creatures.
44 minutes
G. Edward Griffin reveals details which provide scientific support for the great flood and Noah’s ark. Plus, he offers his unique insight into what really happened with the JFK assassination and why we do not yet have an official cure for cancer.
43 minutes
Since the dialogues of Plato, humanity has had an obsession with pinpointing the mythic lands of Atlantis. Mark Adams is no exception, but he takes a unique stance in his search for this ancient land, using Plato’s words as the authoritative source.
45 minutes
Marty Rosenblatt's advances in Remote Viewing have been made utilizing his background in physics and understanding the role of precognition and empathy. He explains the role of consciousness in continuously shaping our reality and how humanity’s collective ...
44 minutes
In 1947, the discovery of ancient documents hidden in a cave for over a thousand years would rattle the foundations of Christianity. Ken Hanson has studied these documents and has made it his mission to breathe new life into the Dead Sea Scrolls.
44 minutes
In 2008 a financial crisis struck the United States from which we still have not fully recovered. Chuck Coppes expounds upon the history of money and central banking, which lay at the heart of this continuing crunch.
42 minutes
Many of us assume that intelligence is something that we are born with and that the IQ score is the limit of our mental capacity. But we have always had the capability to get smarter.
40 minutes
New reports are coming to light of advanced mind-control technology, using satellites, which has been placed in the hands of unscrupulous government organizations who are targeting vast swaths of the civilian population.
35 minutes
Peter Phillips has intensely studied the intricate working of the top financial elite and has gained a unique perspective of what caused the great wealth inequality which has beset the world’s economies.
44 minutes
Robert Hastings, a documentary film maker, has interviewed over 160 military veterans and civilians who all have reported repeated visitations by unidentified aircraft which have interfered with the operation of nuclear missiles.
41 minutes
Are we so dependent upon our technology that we would fail to survive should a major natural disaster strike? Matthew Stein believes that this is true. To that effect, he details six possible scenarios which could lead to the downfall of civilization and ...
44 minutes
A strange howl in the dead of night changed one family’s life, forever. From that moment on, the Parker family has been besieged by Bigfoot-type creatures living near their home.
41 minutes
Charles Ostmann sees a future where nanotechnology, artificial telepathy and artificial intelligence may be essential to surviving an imminent planetary catastrophe.
42 minutes
There is more to a past life regression than simply learning who you were in another lifetime. Ann Barham helps her clients discover these gifts and challenges, and guides them in overcoming the unprocessed emotions which may still be causing problems ...
47 minutes
January 14, 2016, ham radio operator Pat Daniels intercepted a radio transmission from American Airlines flight 434 reporting an encounter with a strange flying object. As soon as Erica Lukes got wind of this transmission, MUFON was on the case submitting ...
37 minutes
Skeptics and believers alike continue to debate whether or not humans have actually set foot upon the moon. After refusing to follow orders to destroy original photographs from the Apollo missions, Ken Johnston has amassed a collection of images which may ...
46 minutes
After more than 20 years of filing requests John Greenwald has acquired more than a 1.5 million pages documents exposing secrets concerning UFOs and the true story of Operation High Jump.
45 minutes
Join George Noory and Joe Nickell in this new episode of Beyond Belief as they explore the stories behind films such as The Exorcist, Amityville Horror and the Conjuring and he offers his take on what is really going on.
46 minutes
Many others have tried to engage with extraterrestrials and have had little to no success. Now there is hope for everyone. Rebecca Hardcastle teaches people how to reach out with their minds and successfully initiate communication with benevolent ...
27 minutes
Disclosure is coming and insiders say that many high level officials in the Pentagon want to move forward, but much of the world is not ready for what will be revealed. David Wilcock returns to explain what we can do to tip the balance of power in favor of ...
43 minutes
Tales of Noah, his mighty ark and the horde of animals surviving a worldwide flood have been woven into the fabric of western culture. But new information comes to light which may offer a completely different arc to this pivotal moment in human history.
42 minutes

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jettagoolsby, posted on October 17, 2016

Please have an episode on clones and cloning in the future. Thank you!

jebriggsy, posted on October 7, 2016

Wikileaks has leaked correspondence between Ed Mitchell and John Podesta openly discussing Disclosure and Zero Point Energy

Linnie, posted on August 12, 2016

When will the episode with Melinda Leslie air?

purenaud, posted on June 11, 2016

Two Show Episodes per Guests, Too Far Apart In Time To View Comparison Specific , Their Subjects .

DEBORAHG, posted on May 29, 2016

George Noory really must interview Aug Tellez! He has information that is like Corey Goode's info on steroids!

sdboys4, posted on May 28, 2016

When will the episode featuring Marisa Ryan be aired?

adkgemini, posted on February 4, 2016

How do I find old episodes. I'm also coast to coast am insider!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 5, 2016

All of the episodes of Beyond Belief are listed on this page, organized by season. You can stream any of these videos by selecting the season, then the episode that you're looking for.


margoco2004, posted on January 24, 2016

From the season #3 episodes 1,6,18,20,22,24,40,41 are missing where can I find them?

jusmax2, posted on January 19, 2016

What happened to the app when you switched the name there's no more app for gaim tv

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 20, 2016

@JUSMAX2, you can find our currently supported apps and devices for Gaia listed here:

Email us if you have any further questions: info@gaia.com


jusmax2, posted on February 15, 2016

You guys are not going to have a app for android til 2016 that's ridiculous you had an app before you changed your name why only apple thimbles no sense what so ever!!!!!!

ur4joy, posted on January 12, 2016

Hello George,

Have you heard - I'm sure YOU have - that Queen Elizabeth had to remake her 2015 Christmas message. The first take (according to rumors) she said it would be a last Christmas and regrets about Princess Diana.

Just trying to see how far the story goes....

dennyboyle, posted on November 9, 2015

Why would you want to go on a date with a pyramid? You can't even make out with a pyramid let alone have an interesting conversation or sex. Cmon George....


smileybee07, posted on January 8, 2016

It was so great to find resources to battle the Chembows and harmfull EMF fields in our lives. Tested the product received and it was fun to see the doughnut shape in the frozen ice...they work!

robertamgh, posted on October 24, 2015

These programs need to be 1 hour long - especially the Goode interviews - in order to complete a topic. They barely "get into" a subject, when the time is up!

jusmax2, posted on January 19, 2016

I saw the comment about the shows are short and they are way to short at the beginning of the show they where 50 minutes why are they so short now?

jmalan91, posted on October 9, 2015

Seems like George and David are not allowed to do a full show any more. I heard that Vanguard owns Giaim. Maybe the reason the show is half of what others are is to stifle their guests and the message of information. For as popular as they are I find it hard to believe that they are behind the cutting of their own shows. This has to be a Cabal tactic. Sure it is better than nothing but you will never be current because you have to keep it to half an hour a week. That is stonewalling these people and their ability to reach a lot of people. I would welcome another interviewer less popular to do a show with the insiders that has the ability to do an hour long show ... or two hours. The movies are two hours why not the shows on information. Anyone know someone rebroadcasting this info in larger chunks? I would be interested in going somewhere else for the same information.

auroradesigns, posted on July 6, 2016

Here's some info
Bought by Real goods
Stock shares analysis

Vanguard as an institution holds 2nd highest # of shares

you can buy stock shares or mutual fund that holds some gaia shares too

color_and_the_shape, posted on September 24, 2015

A half an hour was not enough to cover this man's profound discoveries. Through the entire episode I was on the edge of my seat. He tried to continue his message on YouTube via someone interviewing him on Skype but it barely has any views which is utterly sad. Something as profound as estimating the age of the pyramids to be 65 - 125 million years old deserves headline, breaking news coverage. Since we don't live in a perfect world, and since George Noory said at the end of that show that the next episode would be a continuation of Larry Hunter's discoveries, I ask that you hold your word and bring him back for another show, for however many episodes it takes, to cover his profound discoveries of the pyramids of Egypt. His discoveries shake the foundations of everything we think we know and believe about the world as we know it today. His evidence has the ability to change the world and it sickens me how little coverage he is getting for these amazing discoveries. Please, bring him back and whoever else reads this, give Larry Hunter a platform to reach as many people as humanly possible. We can't ignore the possibility that these pyramids are as old as he is saying they are. To do so would be to deny millions upon millions of years of our history and I don't want to live in a world that prefers ignorance to the truth. Please, bring Larry Hunter back.

starmyst, posted on September 20, 2015

I appreciate Gaiam tv. Please make it useable so viewers/subscribers can find shows and hosts. Thank you.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 21, 2015

Every show is listed on this page, but you can also find all our shows listed in order at the following link:


auntwacky, posted on July 20, 2016

SuzannaB, Just to let you know, only comments appear on this page. There is no longer any access to a complete list of Beyond Belief programs here.

lowe352, posted on September 4, 2016

actually there is a complete list, scroll up!

AlbaRoswell, posted on July 25, 2015

I heard George Noory filmed an interview with David Paulides, the author of the Missing 411 series. I don't see that it's been posted yet. How long will it be before it's available to watch?

strik3rsg, posted on August 7, 2015

Wednesday, August 12

alisaalligood1, posted on July 27, 2015

I was curious about the same interview. It's a sad, disturbing, yet fascinating topic. This is the reason I signed up with Gaiam TV.

brant.mike.fmc, posted on July 1, 2015

I heard you interviewed Dr. Mike Heiser for this show and have not seen it appear yet. Any idea when that might happen?

lindatraitz, posted on June 22, 2015

I just purchased this and it won't let me watch or listen. It's saying that it's not compatible. Now what? I already paid for it

dretta-love-wisher, posted on May 24, 2015

Why do the comments seem to stop, for the most part, about a year ago? Just wondered. I see a stray one here and there.

AspenM@Gaia, posted on May 26, 2015

Hi there,
Most comments are added under the specific episodes. This is the main page for all of Beyond Belief - if you check individual episodes, there are many more recent comments. Please contact us at info@gaiamtv.com with additional questions or concerns.
Thank you!

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 19, 2015

Thanks for your reply. I only just found it whilst reading others, which brings me to my point: the bell icon on the left side of the pages should light up {like red, or green} when one gets a new reply. As it is, there's no way to know, it stays greyed out~~ at least for me ~~always.

This would be good for everyone, and make you site more interactive amongst the viewers.

Take care, Dretta Love.

PS: Perhaps a means of grading one another's comments would be helpful also, as in +2 for a great comment, a -2 for something bad or borderline inappropriate, along with all the numbers in between.

chrisandmark330, posted on December 8, 2014

I receive emails letting me know of interesting shows coming up but then when I go to the website to learn more about them, I'm unable to add to my playlist if they're scheduled for a future showing, which is frustrating because that means I have to somehow set my own reminder to come back, that day, and then add it to my playlist. Most of the time I forget about it and move on, but I thought I'd comment because the emails would be much more useful to me if I could actually schedule to watch the shows they're promoting. I'd also like to suggest that the little icons on the left of the page be moved to somewhere less disruptive. I don't find them helpful at all but do find that they're in my way a lot. As a developer myself I think the placement is less than ideal.

ionph3, posted on October 22, 2014

On both 90.7 KWMU (NPR affiliate) and 102.5 FM in St. Louis I and a friend have noticed brief signal dropouts this morning. In my case, the signal from 102.5 via my analog receiver dropped out several times in the past 2 hours. The loss of signal was abrupt not gradual and restoration of signal was abrupt, not gradual. My friend experienced this loss of signal on his analog car radio during the past 2 or so hours, once on 102.5 and twice on 90.7 (NPR). Same loss and restoration characteristics. Perhaps you can find someone who can explain this set of unusual signal disruptions. Sun activity? HAARP experiments (ours or someone else's, or ...?)

huntress888, posted on September 19, 2014

If videos arent available to view, dont display them. I cant find anything to watch!

mykul1046, posted on September 17, 2014

I have been listening to C2C from the time that Art Bell was the host. George Noory is the greatest host, always bringing out the best from the guests and callers. George is such a gentleman at all times. George continuously raises the quality and importance of C2C.

vicnevins, posted on September 14, 2014

I recently moved to CO. I would like to know how to get to see the show. Thank you.

adollarinmypocket, posted on August 13, 2014

Im new to the coast to coast, but as soon as I saw Jason martell I had to get a free trial, I was like- isn't that the guy from my favorite show ancient aliens? and lots of others are on here from that show too, piqued my interes

liddle_wing, posted on June 23, 2014

Yes Yes it would be most excellent if we could click to add the entire series to our watch list. Right now it is cumbersome and time consuming to search the list for new shows.

pdmckeand, posted on March 21, 2015

I know right! With Amazon Prime you can click the whole season to add to your playlist, or you can click "Season 1" and that breaks into the individual episodes and you can add half of the season to your playlist. It's a bit frustrating having to click EVERY SINGLE episode to have to add to your play list. I did send them a feedback email suggesting this. Maybe if enough people do the same we can get it to where it's more user friendly. I find that the formats that Amazon Prime and Netflix both use are so similar to each other that it's almost intuitive once you start using it. This is an AMAZING site, and I really love it but they need to make some adjustments to formats for ease and user friendliness.

ajapaa, posted on May 10, 2014

it would be nice if when we do a search that we could just click to add the entire series online. and they would give option to play in order or we can choose ourselves.

otherwise great show :)

ajapaa, posted on May 10, 2014

it would also be nice that we could subscribe to the various series on here and the new episode will be added to our queue without having to search for it manually.

and show's we have in our playlist that we've watched can stay on another play list that is the watched playlist. so we don't have to sort our playlist to watch the programs that are in a series that are new or what we may have just added.

alkimia2012, posted on March 24, 2014


cgsaddle, posted on March 5, 2014

And not a moment too soon. I believe that Paul is right on the money; however, I also believe that we can consciously choose a better outcome. As long as we focus on a positive outcome, a positive shift and New Earth, and do not focus on the negative, which would be resistance, we will be okay. In fact, we will be great! " What we resist, persists" and pushing against or fearing this possible outcome will just call it into being. We are at the point, as we move into 4D, where any of us can materialize reality more and more quickly. That's true for "them" as well as us. But remember, we all have choice. These Hollywood movies and negative media programs are just a mode of predictive programming. Observe it but do not buy into it; let it go by. As David Icke has pointed out over and over, first "they" create a problem, then they propose a solution that seems to us, from the outside, is a solution we will really want and actually enjoy. But embedded in that solution is the control mechanism they wanted us to adopt in the first place. You can see this with all of the school and other shootings that have taken place - all programmed to get us to give up our right to self-protection. Your cell phone becomes your tracking device, the list goes on and on. Programs like this are great in that they show us the game plan, but do not rally AGAINST it, rally FOR the future that you want.

darrel.riley@utsa.edu, posted on January 27, 2014

George - I have been watching a few episodes here and there on my Roku device and on my computer. Would love to see this show on the SyFy channel, even though none of what you talk about is considered Sci-Fi. Just think a lot of veiwers would connect with the subjects..

collectcalls, posted on March 4, 2014

Let traditional television die. Streaming media is the future.

frechette.n, posted on May 8, 2014

How right you are....T.V what is that LOL!!!

Very Good Entertainment guys and what a difference to be listening to the core truth of things and heartfelt emotions or expériences!
I recommend to stop paying for watching bull....on your television !!!!

Keep up the good work guys!!!


justin.gracie, posted on January 23, 2014

George I love the show but I liked it a little better with the live audience. I feel like it differentiated this show from coast to coast and also I like the questions the audience would ask.

cgsaddle, posted on March 5, 2014

And I feel just the opposite - I am really loving the show without the audience because we're getting much more information and better, more in-depth interviews without the constant interjection of audience participation. I thought the questions were inane for the most part - but, oops, no judgment!

bgracegrandon, posted on January 6, 2014

Wish there were a way on Gaiam to subscribe to the series and not have to search one by one to add to playlist..or maybe there is and I just don't know how..anyway keep up the great work !

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