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There are those who believe it is not humanity’s destiny to wither away within the clutches of Earth’s cycles of life and extinction. Rather we are to venture forth, beyond our terrestrial origins and establish thriving civilizations throughout the cosmos. Some have already secretly realized this vision, while others are relegated to technology dependent upon dwindling resources. A conflict now rages whether to preserve these advancements for the ranks of the elite, or to share this destiny with the whole of humanity and usher in a new era of peaceful conscious advancement. Tune into the ongoing, weekly series of Cosmic Disclosure as David Wilcock interviews insider Corey Goode about the details of Corey’s 20-year participation in the Secret Space Program.

Upcoming Episode: Tuesday, July 26

SSP Testimonials

With David Wilcock, Corey Goode and William Tompkins

Meet William Tompkins, an insider who worked with top Navy brass during some of the secret space programs’ most pivotal proceedings.

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Season 1: Secret Space Programs Revealed

In this inaugural season, David Wilcock introduces Corey Goode, an insider from the Secret Space programs. For the first time in history someone has finally decided to come forward to reveal the intricate details of his experiences with extraterrestrials and advanced technology.

Season 2: Secret History of Space

Corey Goode and David Wilcock explore the origins of the secret space programs. They reveal details of the first contact with advanced civilizations and how this led to breakaway civilizations with advanced technology.

Season 3: Into the Hollows of the Earth

Corey Goode recounts his most life-changing adventure to date, into the hollows deep below the surface of the Earth.

Season 4: Dark Side of Secret Space Programs

We have been told that technology from the secret space programs can usher in a new era for humanity. But its operants have resorted to wholly inhumane tactics in order to maintain obscurity.

Season 5:

In this season, we delve into deeper secrets which span the unfathomable vastness of the SSP. In this season, with special guests William Henry and Jay Weider, we explore our celestial history, strange energetic entities and the extensive correlation of the Law of One with the SSP.

Episode List

For the first time ever, a 30-year insider has come forward to reveal over 70 years of humanity’s hidden history in space. Corey Goode joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to offer an overview of the history and extent of ...
32 minutes
Extraordinary changes are already underway for planet and people, and an alliance of advanced civilizations have come to serve as guides for our collective transformation. Corey Goode recounts when his first encounter with the Blue Avians who explained the ...
42 minutes
According to our insider, many people already live and work in bases embedded under the lunar surface. But this is just one integral part of five active secret space programs. Corey Goode discloses five secret space programs and discusses the role our moon ...
31 minutes
How glorious it must be to participate in the epic voyage of a great spaceship capable of traversing the cosmos. At least, that is what science fiction has led us to believe. Corey Goode discusses his day-to-day life and duties as part of his 20 year ...
30 minutes
Despite the idealized existence promised by advanced technology, life in an advanced civilization would be shallow without the benefit of heightened consciousness. Cory Goode relays the spiritual message from the Blue Avians which details the spiritual ...
37 minutes
Corey Goode reveals the mysteries of the Ancient Builder Race’s technology, the sleeping giants and what their awakening heralds for humanity. Eons later, scattered among the ruins, a younger race of giant redheaded beings use this ancient technology to ...
29 minutes
We interrupt the stream of disclosure with this special report to bring you fresh information. Corey Goode’s recounts his harrowing encounters with a recent inspection of a secret industrial facility on Mars which had been accused of maintaining slave ...
56 minutes
Corey Goode reveals the extent of the global conspiracy to conceal the secret space programs through a multinational group known as the Global Galactic League of Nations. This organization was needed to placate the otherwise Earth-bound nations and ...
35 minutes
What we have been led to believe about the sun is not entirely correct. During his tenure with the secret space program, Corey Goode learned that the sun can be used as a conduit for interstellar travel and integral for the expansion of human consciousness.
36 minutes
Corey Goode recounts the training he received which was essential for awakening the pineal gland and expanding the light body. These are the things we too must learn in order to successfully transition to a higher state of being.
35 minutes
Corey Goode explains that the greatest benefits from the secret space programs may not be the step forward in technological advancement, but the coming giant leap for human consciousness. It is our choice to advance to higher levels of being, or acquiesce ...
35 minutes
Corey Goode introduces us to the most efficient form of interstellar travel: portals. Across the vast cosmos lay an intricately interwoven system of electromagnetic filaments which intermittently connects distant star systems and galaxies.
33 minutes
Time as we know it is but an illusion. It is just as malleable as the space we inhabit. Corey Goode draws a correlation between time and consciousness; knowledge which is vital for understanding interstellar travel.
27 minutes
Gorey Goode recounts the perils he encountered when traversing the unique portal within the Xerox room which transported him to a parallel Earth that was vastly different from our own. It seems someone has devised a portal to these parallel realities.
25 minutes
The blossoming of the secret space program was no accident. Corey Goode explains how initial contact was made with advanced beings and how these forces conspired to initiate humanity’s first foray into the cosmos.
28 minutes
Corey Goode recounts the earliest days of Germany’s secret space program which included collaborations with a subterranean civilization known as the Agarthans. Our initial space-bound advancements did not originate solely from extraterrestrial beings.
30 minutes
Corey Goode divulges never before exposed details concerning the extent of his contact with Lt. Colonel Gonzales and how they work together to assist the Sphere Being Alliance. The qualities which makes Gonzales and Corey ideally suited for working with ...
29 minutes
Corey Goode describes the inception of the great military-industrial complex which endowed its power holders with the capability to form the first breakaway civilizations. Operations Paperclip and Highjump led to the consolidation of corporations which ...
29 minutes
At last, Corey Goode exposes the secret source of information which enabled German scientists to construct the first space-bound vehicles.
25 minutes
Corey Goode reveals a secret which shook the very foundation of the German’s burgeoning secret space program – we were never alone.
32 minutes
Long ago, Mars was a very different world. Once readily suited for life, now only scant traces of strange lifeforms roam among the bizarre ruins which dot its surface. What they found further fueled the already enflamed rush for ancient technology.
48 minutes
Corey Goode reveals previously undisclosed details of the habitable zones on Mars. Barren stretches of land swath the surface of the red planet, as evidenced by the plethora of official photos released by NASA. But does it have to be completely lifeless?
25 minutes
The expansion of infrastructure on Mars begins in earnest as Corey Goode recounts the clandestine forces which conspired to create the largest secret economic and military industrial complex in order to fortify and expand their growing assets on Mars.
30 minutes
With a solid base of operations on Mars, conquering the rest of the solar system would become just another step for the secret space program. New developments in propulsion systems enabled craft to take full advantage of the natural resources within the ...
30 minutes
It was only inevitable that an international corporate conglomerate would form to take full advantage of the windfall that lie untapped within the natural resources of our solar system and beyond the limits of the sun.
25 minutes
Corey Goode exposes the details you have been waiting for pertaining age regression, zero time reference, Project Looking Glass and more.
39 minutes
Corey Goode answers some of the most burning questions posed by you, the viewer.
36 minutes
Continuing his discourse of disclosure, Corey Goode openly reveals the greatest threat shared by all intelligent life in our galaxy: the rampant spread of a virulent form of artificial intelligence. As the eons passed, this A.I. transformed itself into a ...
31 minutes
Corey Goode takes us deeper into the intricacies of the A.I. signal and how it seeks out those who can further its cause. We may not be able to halt the spread of this virulent infestation, but we can hinder its progress, and a coalition of forces are ...
32 minutes
The war against the A.I. infestation has created a unified battlefront for the Secret Space Programs and the breakaway alliance. Thus, Earth’s budding collaboration with the Sphere Beings becomes all the more crucial for advancing the principles of liberty ...
32 minutes
You raised the questions and Corey Goode has returned to answer them.
31 minutes
The vast reaches of unexplored space hold many wonders waiting to be discovered. Yet right below our feet, several advanced civilizations have built vast empires stretching out through immense subterranean expanses. Some are millions of years old.
35 minutes
Through the eons, cataclysms forced several different human civilizations into subterranean hollows in order to survive the impending disasters. After millennia of isolation from each other, they have agreed to form a council and address the coming changes ...
38 minutes
In this special presentation, Michael Tellinger joins with Corey Goode to discuss how the Ubuntu philosophy meshes well with the message from the Blue Avians. Understanding this intersection is key to overcoming the constraints placed upon us through our ...
35 minutes
When the delegates from the newly-formed inner earth alliance gather, startling secrets concerning the origin and fate of humanity are revealed. These astounding revelations are just the beginning of a thoroughly mind-blowing experience for Corey Goode.
43 minutes
Rolling fields of green and vast hectares of crops thriving in the brilliant light may be the last you would thing you expect to find miles below the surface of the Earth. But that is exactly what Corey Goode encountered as he was taken on a tour through ...
29 minutes
Corey Goode and Gonzales must part ways as Corey is offered a chance to visit a great library. In a flash, he finds himself surrounded by white marble walls and shelves containing vast volumes of arcane knowledge.
31 minutes
Deeper into the library Corey Goode comes across the hall of records. It is less about the contents of this room, and more about the activities taking place here.
26 minutes
Corey Goode is whisked away to a distant base in the Kuiper belt to inform the Secret Space Alliance of what he learned during his visit to the inner earth.
30 minutes
Michael Tellinger returns to expand upon the Ubuntu philosophy and how it meshes with the message from the Blue Avians. Ubuntu philosophy, as favored by the ranking members of the alliance, may be the means of reaching humanity’s utopian future.
42 minutes
What we now know as the asteroid belt was once a super-earth planet with a thriving advanced civilization. Conflict and war led to the destruction of this once great world and its refugees fled to the last remaining vestige of life in the solar system, Earth.
30 minutes
We have learned that many extraterrestrial species have bases embedded in the surface of the moon. Now, we discover who built the moon, what it was originally used for and how it was transported into our solar system.
31 minutes
Corey Goode divulges details of each step taken in the age regression process he endured as his time with the twenty and back program came to a close. What we learn, is the prevalence of time travel technology within the secret space programs and why it is ...
43 minutes
Our society is awash with information continuously streaming into our consciousness from a myriad of sources. As intrepid souls step forward to disclose secrets, they are met by an onslaught of disinformation agents ready to destroy their lives through the ...
32 minutes
Through the years, the cabal has developed many highly effective techniques, using trauma and chemicals, for creating sleeper agents or erasing memories. Now, they can do it from a distance, targeting anyone, anywhere with the Voice of God technology.
28 minutes
Operating far beyond the oversight or command of any earth-based government, the Dark Fleet has built a precarious alliance with Dracos, for conquest and defense of their territory.
34 minutes
Corey Goode has returned to answer a new batch of questions, submitted by you. This time around they discuss the mysterious Planet X, the things we can do to bring about disclosure and what can we do to make contact with extraterrestrial beings.
33 minutes
In this special presentation, Corey Goode updates us on the proceedings after he is once again recalled to the Kuiper Belt base and then back into the heart of the earth. The beings of the inner earth have been given a new mission, one that will impact ...
33 minutes
Throughout the centuries, the Cabal has perfected various techniques to manipulate the minds of individuals and of the masses. Perhaps its most powerful mind control practice is that of the Personality Metamorph Program.
32 minutes
The groups which makeup this Earth Alliance can be considered to be syndicates and secret societies. Despite the agreement to work together, each group has its own agenda within the larger framework of the coming full disclosure events.
29 minutes
Once again questions have been culled from your comments and posed to Corey Goode and David Wilcock. They hold nothing back as they respond to your inquiries concerning many varied topics from war to inner earth civilizations.
31 minutes
Corey Goode relays the cosmic history of our solar system, which began with the arrival of the Ancient Builder race. The mysterious disappearance of this ancient race has spawned many civilizations in search of what was left behind. This quest has shaped ...
31 minutes
The information we have been exposed to concerning Remote Viewing is just the tip of the iceberg. These long-running programs, enhanced by technology, have perfected methods for controlling locations, situations and individuals through the mental network ...
31 minutes
In this special presentation, William Henry joins the program to reveal imagery from historical works of art which corroborate Corey Goode’s testimony as to long-term presence of extraterrestrial beings.
34 minutes
Hidden in plain sight, centuries of sacred artworks have tried to tell us that we are not alone in the universe. William Henry returns, in this special presentation, to confirm the symbiotic relationship between human beings and extraterrestrials which ...
28 minutes
William Henry confirms what Corey Goode has conveyed concerning the threat from artificial intelligence. We all have a natural desire for transcendence and technology can seem like a simple solution. But the spiritual path will help us to avoid becoming ...
31 minutes
The information we have been exposed to concerning Remote Viewing is just the tip of the iceberg. These long-running programs, enhanced by technology, have perfected methods for controlling locations, situations and individuals through the mental network ...
28 minutes
Major updates concerning Corey Goode’s latest activities within the secret space programs are coming your way. In this first installment, we learn of veiled threats against Corey to try and scare him into ceasing his release of information.
37 minutes
The time has come for Corey Goode to visit Venus with the Anshar, but rival factions prevent his arrival. Instead, he is shown a secret base hidden within a massive ice cave underneath an ice shelf in Antarctica.
49 minutes
One year ago Corey Goode began sharing his personal experiences within the secret space programs. In this anniversary special, we look back on the highlights of that journey and reflect upon how far we have come.
64 minutes
In this special presentation of Cosmic Disclosure, we meet William Tompkins, an insider who worked with top Navy brass during some of the secret space programs’ most pivotal proceedings. Much of what Tompkins reveals matches what Corey Goode read on the ...
40 minutes
As a teenager, William Tompkins’s keen eye for detail nearly landed him in hot water with the Navy as his models of Navy ships included specifications which were classified. However, the Navy took interest in his capabilities and recruited him into their ...
15 minutes

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shaone, posted on July 26, 2016

Having watched the entire series with an open mind since it begun a year or so ago (and also the entire Wisdom Teachings series), I am struck lately with the clear perception that there is actually no actual evidence (in the case of Cosmic Disclosure) beyond anecdotal stories and reconstructed graphics being provided which confirms the reality of any of Corey’s shared experiences to be fact.

I’m sure Corey himself is convinced these experiences are real, and perhaps they are, but bringing out Occums razor for a second (not something I do often, ie I’m not a scientism troll just a guy with a genuine interest & curiosity- look me up if you like) along with my own life experience, there are easily more likely explanations for all of this…

Lets frame it this way: I’ve spent a LOT of time around and involved in hypnosis (including witnessing ‘reality distortion’/hallucination in subjects etc), as well as in visionary fields where creativity and ’ESP’ can be more readily & openly accessed…

I’m not saying it is this way, but this entire presentation and the experiences behind it could just as easily be derived from a heightened state of visionary trance. I’m not being skeptical here, just balanced and considerate in my view of what has being presented so far, I'm still open to the idea it could be 100% real & accurate though treading with caution and alternatives : )

The evidence?

Our own experience of dreams a visionary trance; Extremely complex and nuanced environments and storylines including full sensory experience can be derived from seemingly nowhere within our own imaginations, when we learn how or stumble on how to access that then almost any complexity of thought/imagination is possible to us, including full memory/consciousness of ‘the fact’.

Also, dreams which occur in seconds of ‘actual time’ can unfold in vast psychological time within these kinds of states.

I’m not saying Corey or David are wrong, crazy, or anything like that, I’m just inviting another way of looking at this whole phenomenon.

For me personally, until there is some real evidence brought forward (on the physical plane) then my working hypothesis as I watch the series is that this is a psychic/imagined phenomenon rather than an actual physical one.

Best wishes

phyllis.fisher14, posted on July 20, 2016

I'm still going thru all the past seasons and anxiously await each episode. I can not Thank You both and Gaia enough for the life changing information. Please please stay safe and prayers of protection are being sent your way.
When Full Disclosure is made will it be broadcasted over the TV stations along with the data Dumps. I understand the cabal runs the stations, but is there a technology the Alliance could use to take over broadcasting or supersede the programming?
Mantra .... 'FILL DISCLOSURE NOW'!!!!

Many Blessings

Jeffrumsey, posted on July 19, 2016

I emailed but have got no response, at least let me listen to the shows if your machines do not sync with the kindle HDX.

ILikeBlue, posted on July 18, 2016

One problem I have with LOA is when it talks about vibration and densities - e.g. 1st density is rock 2nd density is animals 3rd density is humans (or 3rd/4th transitional), and it talks of 'graduation' evolving to 4th density etc and the development of pyschic abilities, but it also equates stepping up densities with spiritual evolution even though it talks about density in terms of the complexity of form souls inhabit. Spiritual evolution I view as the emotional maturation of the soul as it develops through lifetimes, and it has nothing to do with the development of form as we can see '4th' and '5th' density beings who are very negative who would have 'graduated' at some point. So I think it is important to distinguish spiritual evolution from physical evolution when talking about moving up densities. Perhaps Coorey Goode/David Wilcock would like to talk about this?

rat2012, posted on July 23, 2016

This essay by Tom Montalk will greatly clarify the Density and positive/negative evolution thing.

STO, STS, and Densities

This article explains the system of “densities”, “Service-to-Self”, and “Service-to-Others” as discussed in the Ra Material and Cassiopaean Transcripts and shows how they relate to the occult concepts of the etheric and astral planes. Instead of summarizing what’s already been said, my aim here is more to provide new insights and resolve some common misunderstandings.


phyllis.fisher14, posted on July 20, 2016

I've wondered that myself. If beings are in the 4th density why are they not loving?

eric06, posted on July 19, 2016

A common misconception is that spiritual evolution is only in the direction of the light. The construct of polarity plays out all the way into 6th density when dark comes completely back to light as they eventually realize there is no way to evolve further without integration. This is also usually about the time that most spirits stop associating with a particular gender as all polarity falls away and only oneness is left.

Physical evolution, as far as molecular vibrational rate and stepping up in physical density, is the same as all physical indications. It is a reflection of the energetic or spiritual state. To properly energetically/spiritually polarize in either direction (positive or negative) will increase one's vibrational rate and ability to graduate. Remember, there is a 4th positive and negative as well as a 5th positive and negative. The Draco would be a high 5th negative society. They too will eventually learn that in order to progress into 6th, they must come back to the light.

rat2012, posted on July 23, 2016

Well said. Tell me more what you mean by the Draco being a 5D negative society. According to my understanding, they would be 4D negative because they are still physical. Demons and Archons would be 5D negative because they have evolved passed the physical body. But Im curious to hear more.

Check out what Tom Montalk says. He is pretty articulate on the subject.


GoldYacht, posted on July 18, 2016

Corey, can you please speak about entheogens such as DMT, Dimethyltryptamine.

Were you exposed to the secrets of this visionary substance while in Milab? Do you have any knowledge on the higher dimensional realm one is ejected into when one has been administered DMT?

Who or what are the beings encountered in this realm known as Hyperspace? Is it possible to encounter light beings such as the Rainbow Body beings? There is so much information to encounter in these realms. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated in understanding one of human kind's most puzzling, life-changing experiences.

jdtannehill90, posted on July 18, 2016

I can hardly believe it has been a whole year since you began appearing on gaia. Barely more than a year ago I subscribed to gaia for yoga videos, but then I began binging on David's Wisdom Teachings in order to catch up with all the info he has put out. My worldview and life have been fundamentally changed for the better since then. Thank you so much for being brave enough to go against the grain and to divulge this information for those of us who are tuned in. I am a man of simple means, and words can hardly express my gratitude, but may your life be blessed with peace and well-being.


stop_bugging_me, posted on July 17, 2016

1. is there a window of earth changes and what is that period (2017-2022?)
2. There are energetic blocks by Grays in our energetic body called the 7 Jehovian Seals, we need to remove them to be able to access our higher self without interference - any comments on that?
3. Time and Space are actually a figment of our imagination. We as co-creators can manipulate that. There is no real flow of time. Everything in the past and the future are happening now. What have you seen on the glass pad regarding the Time/Space and our power over that.
4. What is the information on how many dimensions there are? Is earth going to 5th? What is the relationship between Density and Dimensions, the ascension cycle that you have come across on the glass pad knowledgebase
5. Are there groups that are working on retarding the awakened people by making us sick, slowing down our progress. What can we do about it?
Thanks so much for your courage and keep it going. Think of the long term and Serve to Others.

cspiller084, posted on July 15, 2016

Wondering if Mr Goode knows who is all behind chemtrail nanoscience?

aemwilliams, posted on July 14, 2016

Just wondering if the last 3 episodes are going to be available for offline/download any time soon? It's been a bit of a delay, so just wondering. Keep up the great work Gaia, cheers :-)

georgeboisse, posted on July 14, 2016

How do I accest an actual list of episodes?

uswise, posted on July 14, 2016

I have watched most of your interviews with Mr. Corey & somehow he does not ring true. I have tried to be open minded & I do believe in Alien races & that we humans are more advanced then they are letting us know. Just a feeling.

tonydombovy, posted on July 17, 2016

The call of duty nazi zombies series since it began 8 years ago has been based on the advanced technology of the ancient german breakaway societies. The Mass effect series is also probably the biggest peice of disclosure offered in any video game. The mass effect series is based on an AI race that is taking over biological life. Thats basically what Corey said about the nanite technology and the AI profits.

timppa, posted on July 11, 2016

I have a question for Mr. Corey.
How are the extraterrestrials or other above-3rd density beings you've met talking or communicating in english? Or in general, does any meetings or communications of any form suffer from language barriers? We third density beings sure do at least and in our minds this is a problem.
Also another one: If i'd write my own language and teach it only to, say 2 persons since their birth and it would be all they know, how would the communication happen? (Mostly referring to Sphere Being Alliance telepathic communication with these questions)

rymac6, posted on July 15, 2016

Mental telepathy.

scaddoo, posted on July 10, 2016


jan.nicolini, posted on July 10, 2016

Why hasn't Corey Goode ever mentioned this event?
I find it quite odd that Corey Goode has never once mentioned anything about this exchange with the Ebens on planet Serpo. If this really happened, Corey would definitely be aware of it and would have confirmed this especially considering how important this would have been to the development of the secret space programs.

- See more at: http://www.gaia.com/video/journey-planet-serpo-len-kasten#sthash.owkMQEF...

alertstillness, posted on July 11, 2016

Do some or all of Corey's interactions with the Priestess in Inner Earth require Corey to be in an alternate state of awareness or in an alternate density? Can a human experience such interactions only when in this alternate state? In some regions of alternate reality, such as when I'm facilitating an intuitive reading or Reiki healing with someone, I have an automatic and effortless radiant loving connection with everyone and everything. In this state of awareness, negative perspective regarding any situation or person (even those creating suffering) seems almost impossible. After the intuitive reading or Reiki healing, when I become fully integrated back into the waking state, it again becomes possible to have a negative perspective on situations and people. The intuitive state of awareness appears to foster in humans the loving attributes which are predicted to prevail after the coming Earth changes, and it appears to block attributes which are unloving.

In "Share International" magazine's Q&A, Benjamin Creme's Master verified that all the strange "miraculous" events in Spalding's "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" books did actually occur, "if you allow that some of the events occurred in the Astral Plane." However, Spalding does not alert the reader when an event is occurring in an alternate plane or density, which implies it seemed to him as though the event occurred seamlessly in the sequential timeline of the waking state. Corey's accounts of light coming from everywhere and yet from nowhere in Inner Earth interactions are similar to Spalding's accounts of indoor light during strange events such as the Mother manifesting fruit at the dinner table feast. Moreover, the Mother is an organic version of Corey's machine which replicates pot roast; and since the 900 year old Mother doesn't look a day over age 18, she is reminiscent of the 123 year old Priestess who looks like she's in her thirties.

I've discovered that many of the strange events which I personally experience are actually occurring in an alternate state of awareness. However, the strange events appear to spontaneously occur seamlessly during the sequential timeline of the waking state, and they appear to be as "real" and as dense as events in the waking state, complete with spot-on voices and characteristics of familiar people; which is why discovery that I'm in an involuntary alternate reality is elusive to me, and why it was elusive to Spalding, and why it is likely elusive to Corey. Yet close examination of these strange events reveals telltale signs of alternate reality, such as a scarcity of background objects, and "animated movie" colors. It is almost as though a higher intelligence creates the video of a strange event and plants it in my waking timeline. Also, intermittent blackouts, such as those Corey had on his way to the lower level space program interrogations, as well as entities of another reality, are frequently part of these events for me. Detailed discussion and guidance on awakening personal non-local awareness is found in my book "Intuition Awareness: Humanity's Metamorphosis from Mental Beings to Intuitive Beings" available on Amazon with a free "Look Inside" feature.

Thank you David and Corey for your unmitigated dedication to facilitating immeasurably significant, insightful, compelling, unique, and cutting edge contributions to the awakening and stabilizing of Humanity's higher consciousness. The concepts "outside the box" and "crusader" barely begin to describe either of you.

williamstevens3, posted on July 5, 2016

I just had a question, in the viewer video question 3 episode, Corey had begun saying that he was hesitant to mention the sphere beings on the show, that he received complaints about folks praying to them and trying to communicate with them. Later on in season 5 it seems this has changed. Where now with William Henry, we seem to have a different view of these beings, seeming to be friendly and a part of this ascension process. I was just a little confused by this and maybe I miss understood Corey's cadence on the viewer question episode.

tlenk, posted on July 6, 2016

I believe the guidance Corey was given by the BSBs was that in order for humans to ascend we need to stop looking for others to rescue us. We need to be working together here as humans collectively to take responsibility for the earth...therefore, no worshipping idols via prayer. Hope that helps to clarify.

gregpaulmoore, posted on July 4, 2016

If anyone has seen the David Ike Interview with Arizona Wilder "Confession of a mother goddess". She mentions that she saw Zechariah Sitchin at one of the satanic rituals she was responsible for overseeing and where the royal family and many well known political figures and elites performed human sacrifices . Hence, this confirms what the inner earth beings told Corey that Sitchins books/sumerian translations did not match what their translations of the language was. Furthermore, Davids boarding house friend was told that Sitchin, was told what to write in his books by the Illuminati elites. See the connection?

scottjhernandez, posted on July 2, 2016

Is Michael Sallas part of the creators, consultants, staff of this program? No credits at the end (or beginning) : /

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on July 5, 2016

Thanks for your comment! No, Dr. Michael Salla is not a producer or consultant on Cosmic Disclosure at present.

All the best,

sbootsmsn, posted on July 1, 2016

Excellent Gentlemen. I love this series and the added input from you all. It makes my week! I look forward to each Friday to see the shows and feel so glad to be a part of this information sharing experience by subscribing and sharing it.... What a great time we are living in. This season is the best ever to date, but I love all the episodes. Keep them coming! And, waiting on the new book too! Awesome job....

franciscogarciahuidobro, posted on July 4, 2016

You don't need to wait till friday, they are aired every tuesday!

indianmedicine2002, posted on June 28, 2016

David and Corey, Thank You Both for being the Teachers that you are, because there is no telling how dormant this information would be if you were not.
The one thing that Corey and David do, is confirm the " Ascended Masters " are still with us; and they are not "Judgmental " as Theology would have us believe, and feed the " Fear Factor " of " Control ". I am a REKI / Energy Practioner ( Barbra Brennen Hands of Light ); and I have learned much through that Study; and have much more to Learn - and this Series helps immensely. The Best to You Both and Yours , - John -

redsyke, posted on June 28, 2016

Corey, did the Nazi elites that were trying to escape back in April actually get stopped/caught/destroyed/intercepted?
That info seemed a bit inconclusive on Salla's site
specifically the paragraph starting with "More recently, Goode claims"

terrelljust1, posted on June 23, 2016

Thank you, Corey and David, for this series. So much information and so thoughtfully laid out. I've been on the discovery path for 15 years or so and the level of deception is frightening at first. Now this! AI technology and our government's plans...Hello rainbow body; please get me out of here!
But I really wanted to comment on how changed Corey is - not just the lost weight but your whole vibe has changed; clean-shaven, your serious demeanor has lifted and you are even joking around! For the last 4 episodes or so, you are laughing! And teasing! Your whole energy level is lighter, brighter and well.....more encouraging.
We are on a crazy adventure now - It's important to laugh.

indianmedicine2002, posted on June 28, 2016

You have said it all - Thank You also for being a " Point of Light " on many " Life Walks " !

preda, posted on June 22, 2016

First of all, thanks for all these thrilling contributions, prepared with so much seriousness. No words to describe the impact and amazement. I found it also a great idea, to introduce some episodes with contribution of an historian, relinking to our own cultural traditions, which are not deprived of hidden messages. I appreciate the visible effort you invest in developing rational and intuitive explanations and connections for the incredible phenomena we hear talking about.

I have two small obeservations in this context. I love Mike Tellinger, for his extraordinary charisma and positive cheerful character. He has discovered and most of all taken serious some very interesting structures and even phyisical phenomena in South Africa, which he interprets as a faithful Kintchinianist. He who invented a new economic vision to fight money and its profitors, would be stunned to follow the episode where you and Correy speak about Kintchine being a fake. I think he should know, and be helped to reconsider his findings - WHICH ARE GENUINE - finding an accurate interpretation, maybe the three of you together. This would help the consistency of the messages.

I followed yesterday the episode in wihch Correy speaks about his time jump back to the Earth. On the one side, it was most apparent, that some very penible recallections of his where reactivated herewith. But beyond, it was completely inunderstandable! At the distance of several minutes, he first says that he came back to the age of about 17 years. And then he says that he came back to ... his wife. Was he married with 17? What was going on? I found this the most confusing episode of all I followed so far, and it would certainly be useful if this confusing impressions could be rectified in a text discussion... Thanks again!

mjkeallaigh, posted on June 21, 2016

Does anyone else get this happening to them? Super annoying! Once my machine is all settled in and has buffered enough material to make it worth watching for a stretch - bam! The page reloads and has to do it all over again.

I'm not a "negative Nancy" yall. And this is not my imagination.

Gaia folks: what gives with this?

Thanks much, and keep on meditating,

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 22, 2016

We are sorry to hear you're having trouble playing the video! On a computer, you may want to try using Chrome, rather than Firefox. With your iPad, please make sure you're using our iOS app, rather than the web browser.
If the problem continues, please contact us at info@gaia.com for assistance.


mjkeallaigh, posted on June 27, 2016

Hi Suzanna,

Thanks for the reply and suggestions - I am using a laptop running Windows 10, but I do not and will not use Chrome since it's the browser of the Cabal and evil data snatchers cum mind controllers everywhere. Think I should be wearing my tin-foil hat? Ha. Google doesn't deserve to gather any more info about any of us and pass it along to any agency that "asks". Ask David! They've always been in bed with our three letter agencies. They're only now trying to look like they're more concerned about privacy ... bah! We've never been their customers, the advertisers were. Only now they want to sell more stuff to the public ... Way too little, way too late. It might as well be called Coobal ... or Goovle. Yeah - Goovle Chrime.

I'll stick with my Firefox, and I suggest that Gaia do some more testing & troubleshooting to get your player plugins to work with Firefox as well (without that dumb page reload every time). I mean it's EVERY time - for months now.

Thanks much, Mike

interiordestinations, posted on June 21, 2016

I'm really Disappointed in the tone this Series has taken with regards to the emphasis on "Christ' 'Jesus' 'god' angels and such. I've been watching this series from the beginning and now I feel like David Is Trying to tie together Religious beliefs with The Law of One and Cory's Story. It's culminating in David Becoming a Preacher for The Christian religion Really has shown his colors. He is head over heals Christian and His Cloak is now off. It's all about his agenda of Promoting Christianity and making constant parallels with Jesus all while ignoring all the research that has been done to show Jesus is not who he has been portrayed as. This is now making me think that Gaia has an Ulterior motive to Indoctrinate peoples minds into the Christian Religion. Let it be know that many people feel this way and We are aware of what What you are doing. I'm so disappointed in where this series has dropped me off at. This has turned into nothing more than a cit-com with Jesus Master 5000 AKA David Wilcock. This is even promoting people to stay as slaves and be fearful of technologies ability to lessen the Mundane tasks we perform day to day. This is Basically saying fear Technology replacing peoples jobs so they can live better more fulfilling lives with the assistance of said technology because the technology will take over people. Hey while you are at it, convert to Christianity because that is exactly what this whole ascension thing revolves around. Like Really? WTF!! Corey really needs to distance himself from David and expand further on his story or face people tuning out because they, like myself feel there is heavy promotion of the Christian religion and heavy correlations made by David that this is all the "law Of One" material. Corey If you are reading this, Please Consider this as turning point to decouple the christian promotion with you material if not this will result in many people disregarding your entire story all together as a fabrication orchestrated by David to further the agenda of the religious elite and Hive masters.

Smart people feel like we all have souls, we live infinite lives, there is no god other than if you want to call the entire orchestration Vibratory field of everything God which is not. You don"t have to have Religion to have a soul. You don't have to have a figure such as Jesus to make parallels into the great world of consciousness. The Promotion Of Christianity only serves to discredit the whole focus of this show.

Sgc32152, posted on July 2, 2016

David's commentary on Padmasambhava and the rainbow light body isn't related to Jesus and Christianity.
A lot of people in the West relate to Jesus so maybe that's why he references him, to reach as many people as possible.
I don't feel like the program, overall, promotes Christianity, it's way bigger than that. Peace.

jdtannehill90, posted on July 18, 2016

annmcmenomy, posted on July 12, 2016

I completely agree with you. I don't feel David is supporting or promoting any religion at all. I'm not a Christian or religious although I do consider myself very spiritual. All I feel and hear from both David and Corey is love for humanity and the planet.

scottjhernandez, posted on July 2, 2016

How would talking about Christ veer from the point of the show any more than talking about blue Avians or sphere beings or glass pads? I think you just don't want to hear Christ Jesus mentioned,maybe it makes you uncomfortable. Its Cosmic Disclosure and perhaps Christ has a significant part of the content. Did you ask Corey to change his whole exposition because you don't want Christ mentioned?

stephenhayeswetherington, posted on June 22, 2016

I don't believe you have been truly paying attention. It definitely isn't centered around Christianity. But rather every bit of truth they can find, it seems. They've connected most all the religions and science and politics and seen the correlations behind the surface material. If you really listen and do your research you'll see that Christianity didn't just arise out of nowhere, it was all borrowed and altered, you just have to connect the dots. You can't see them as separate, every bit of information is a puzzle piece fitting in to the grand ultimate truth. Try not to disregard or assume things with a closed mind. It definitely seems as though you have some time of hang up on Christianity, which is totally logical. But just listen to what David says with an open mind, I don't believe he's etching ever closer towards being a preacher. He's just sharing knowledge. And, just because you don't like an aspect of something doesn't mean you should just disregard it. Changing is wonderful, man, that's how we grow.


scottjhernandez, posted on July 2, 2016

Christ did incredible miracles. Born of a Virgin. He is the son of God. The Alpha and Omega. Nothing borrowed. Even great kings and groups like 3wise men sought after Jesus from when he was born. Not the "ascended master jesus"

farrare, posted on June 21, 2016

Excellent episode! I pulled William Henry's Cloak of the Illuminati and Oracle of Illuminati off the shelf. I read them when first published. Time for a re-read.
Thanks for all your insights over the years William!

aimflo21, posted on June 19, 2016

Just to inform the staff... the episode lists still do not work! It is extremely difficult to access prior episodes! Please fix! I noticed a few other people commenting on it as well, so I am positive it is not just my computer. Thanks! Great show btw. I love tuning in every week to catch up on the most recent events that are going on behind the scenes! I cannot wait until they get to touch on what is happening currently! Keep up the good work guys, and thanks for being a part of leading the REVOLUTION! #StillSanders

fernando.m.belem, posted on June 16, 2016

Hi!, What Corey Goode think about ascencion? There's a spiritual plan? Why we need this passage on Earth, its for develop somenthing?

Sheilam_gonzalez, posted on June 15, 2016

Hi there! I have a request if possible,. I have been subscribed for a while and due to situations have not been able to watch continuouslt. Every time i come back I forget were i had left off. Would it be possible to make a programing that could show the videos that you have already seen marked as watched. It's been very hard for me to keep the channel because I lost my job but do to liking it so much I haven't wanted to pause it to stop the payment even thought I haven't been signing in to use it. Is there a possibility of getting some credit for the months I haven't been able to sign im and use it. I know it's a bit of a selfish request but I make it due to my circumstances. Right now I'm signing after a long time and as the last time I did I will be certainly watching episoeds that have currently watched because I don't remember were I left off.
With love and respect,

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 16, 2016

Hi Sheila, thanks for writing!
You can revisit your Recently Watched list of videos from the home page of Gaia. This list will store every video you have watched. If you have questions about your account status, please email us at info@gaia.com.

All the best,

tonydombovy, posted on June 15, 2016

I have a few questions regarding time travel because I think these questions if answered, will shed a lot of light on how time travel really works.
My first question is, If Corey time traveled after 20 years back in time 20 years to the starting point, could Corey go and see himself while time is overlapped? He mentioned the 20 year period is strange due to him being in the same timeline twice. What would happen if after he got returned, went to the research vessel he was just leaving on and killed himself from the overlapped timeline? This is a weird question due to Corey experiencing the timelines separately, but they occur at the same time if that makes sense.

My second question is, if Corey had the twenty year experience, got returned back and then went to go visit himself, would he already have memory of visiting himself even though he has not done it yet? Or would he remember from his alternative self perspective afterwards? I hope i described this clear enough.

Third question, what would happen if mass amounts of people got a hold of time travel technology and started massively shifting timelines? would alternate universe form based on the individual consciousness or would all the timelines somehow overlap and snap together?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 16, 2016

Thank you for posting your questions! We will share these with David and Corey for consideration on a future segment.

All the best,

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