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From the moment the real space race began, it was enshrouded with secrecy and disinformation. Now reports of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, suppressed advanced technologies and expansive government cover-ups are making their way into mass consciousness. But we have all been denied the whole story by those who would benefit from our continuing ignorance.

What has been hidden will become evident as the pieces of this intricate puzzle are finally put together.

Gaia brings together the best minds in their fields to shed new light on an extremely controversial subject which can no longer remain hidden or denied. It is up to you to evaluate the evidence and decide where you stand on the question of humanity’s presence in Deep Space.

New Episode: Monday, October 24

The Veil

Hollywood and government organizations collude to plant the seeds of predictive programming in popular media, seeds which we help to bring to fruition.

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Episode List

Since the 1960’s, NASA-born space programs have taken a prominent place in the media and collected accolades for their accomplishments of furthering humanity into the space age. But what if this was all a major front to obscure NASA’s interest in ancient ...
28 minutes
Our solar system was once the staging ground for an ancient progenitor civilization which left behind a trail of interstellar bread crumbs for us to follow. This may be seen in the writings of Philip K. Dick, the Black Knight satellite and in the channeled ...
34 minutes
During the furor of World War Two, German engineers created the world’s first flying saucers but fled to Antarctica when the German government surrendered. What would then unfold paved the way for a national security state and gave new grounds to build out ...
29 minutes
Prominent German scientists came to America to bolster a burgeoning military industrial complex. But mistakes are made and secrets leak in the most unexpected of ways. New organizations create cover stories and discredit reliable witnesses and secret ...
30 minutes
New research is bringing to light that German scientists have been researching anti-gravity technology for over 150 years. Now we can finally understand the science behind the anti-gravity systems used for the German Haunebu craft and other vehicles in the ...
29 minutes
With the success of the burgeoning secret space program, innovative technological achievements push the frontier of the program far beyond potential threats on Earth. Thus a new civilization is born and this covert colonization of space must be kept secret ...
30 minutes
The ever-growing expanse of breakaway civilizations requires a vast workforce ranging from menial labor to intelligentsia. But no one is prepared for what they will face during their tenure inside the secret space program.
32 minutes
The onward march of technology can be quite exhilarating as new developments promise to usher in a new era of ease, education and wellbeing for all of humanity. But who will claim superiority when technologically augmented humans beings clash with the rise ...
30 minutes
To answer the question, if we are alone, we only need look to the annals of human history. However, governments of the world have created an elaborate cover-up scheme intended to discredit all evidence ranging from NASA footage to ancient works.
29 minutes
With a myriad missions to Mars, we have been inundated with images of the red planet. However, this does not reveal the whole story. The original images have features such as artificial structures and living beings. Thus begs the question, what does NASA ...
28 minutes
All over the world, filmmakers are inserting information into their projects which would shock the world, should it be revealed callously. Embedded within these fantastic tales of science fiction and fantasy lay the seeds of predictive programming based ...
29 minutes

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lcraigdean, posted on October 21, 2016

I saw a video recently with a photographer who now lives near a mountain nice fella with beard and long blonde hair? Does ANYBODY know who Im talking about? THANKS!!!

Russjcollins, posted on October 4, 2016

Right. so there is this show, and cosmic disclosure. what ones correct?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 10, 2016

Thanks for posting your thoughts on this. At Gaia, we present many perspectives to help our viewers in the search for truth and wisdom. We hope you enjoy all of our original programs.


Pauly Lama, posted on October 4, 2016

Are the Nanites the dragonfly drones?

monicamilenova11, posted on September 22, 2016

I just joined Gaia and im in love with all the shows that it provides. Deep space is definitely one of my favorites!

eaglepx, posted on September 4, 2016

The program ended without definitively explaining what happened to the German's outpost in Antarctica. Have we gone back after our initial encounters there with the Nazi navy? I'm a bit mystified.

jamesbarron01031984, posted on August 30, 2016

i have spent some considerable time looking into this mans background and what I have to say is truth I am no one just a disabled man with extreme timeonmy hands I have checked everything from background to school trying to learn if his real and I think hes telling the truth as his history is immposible there just isn't the right stuff in his education and life background theres no trace its been either deleted or completely blackbooked and guys I myself have seen this fake sun with the black circle in the middle the things he says are made available to us in small doses throughout history he is not lying the german secret occult breakaway group is 100 percent fact as are the saucers in the 30s 40s 50s being made there for goodness sake people do a bit of genuine research into what he says he is not lying about anything that ive been able to find out through subjective research prepare for blue beam tho is this what this is the beginning of? corey I messaged u considerable time ago to ask u a few questions about thing I know about like replicators lol it was announced not long ago that the iss received a 3d printer which actually replicator id imagine as 3d printer they already sent up many many years ago. haven't u guys noticed the media aint picking up this story for like a year for goodness sake if it was nonsence they be all over it

segan7533, posted on August 24, 2016

The completely speculative concepts presented by this group of nonsensical conspiracy theorists is just absurd. They should really consider focusing their collective research energy on something that makes a difference in the world. I'm sorry for the harshness but this series is just an absurd waste of time and I believe undermines the integrity of the programming on Gaia. I wonder what Stephen Hawking would have to say...haha? Gaia, It's no wonder that some people don't trust their spiritual instincts, but more so 'hard science', when they see this sort of nonsense mixed in with wonderful programming on great spiritual teachings ...... Be mindful about what you watch and optimistic that Gaia will evolve into something greater.

dwj, posted on October 3, 2016

It's Great we can all share our opinions.
Thanks GAIA for putting Corey and David's material and their experience on a forum so we can all process this.
It's a lot for people's neurons to process, make sure you've watched the entire Cosmic Disclosure Series before attempting to process this material or You may experience a severe "Cosmic Indigestion". A cure for this is hours of utube video interview archives of Laura Madeline Eisenhower, Captain Randy Kramer, Corey Good and Andrew Bassiago to help calm the stomach.
Thanks GAIA and all the good subject matter, comments and dialog you provide.

keeganlosleben, posted on September 13, 2016

I understand how this could be viewed by someone who, like myself, has gone through the western school system (and it IS a system). However, I have had truths revealed to me that I thought were silly when I experienced them decades ago and not until the people "whistleblowing" about the real space program, did I find that I am not alone. I would later learn that the United States has had a U.S. Space Command for decades that no one has publicly heard about.

Only recently did I find out that Eisenhower didn't like that the public was being kept in the dark about the E.T. presence and formed that secret program and called it Solar Warden. He also created an augmented soldier program to keep an eye on Solar Warden and the other space programs that might spring up In case SW becomes infiltrated by the Military Industrial Complex.

Again, I have had personal experiences that have caused me to question the reality I've been taught. Had I not had those experiences, I might find myself in your shoes. What I can say for fact is that whether you believe this to be true or you believe this to be false, you are correct.

Life shouldn't be about convincing everyone to share my opinion of reality because then I would have no one to call me on my errors. I just wanted you to know that although I have a different view on this topic than you do, I respect that you have your opinion and support both of us on finding out the truth either way.


infinitytowardseternity, posted on September 2, 2016

Wow, your just a grumpy old ignorant sound asleep party pooper aren't you!

gunasekera.red, posted on August 29, 2016

Have you not heard that Keshe has this free energy technology? and people are using it right now, like me!? :D so i don't think this is a waste of time its more of a history lesson for younger generations like me!! :) and i am only 16 imagine when i am your age I would fly ;).

jeremygrenkowitz, posted on August 27, 2016

To be honest, I do not think it undermines Gaia's integrity... There should be room for speculative ideas... I think everyone watching know's, that it's not hard proof evidence, but I honestly doubt that being the intention for making the show.. Maybe I understood you in a wrong way - if so my mistake. Greetings fellow truth lovers ;)

freakscene6, posted on August 27, 2016

Exploring all ideas and possibilities is part of our never-ending quest for truth. Find out which puzzle pieces make sense for you and do your own research.

franlambfran, posted on August 25, 2016

Most of the 'experts' in this are people who have never had an original thought. The brace each other's totally unsubstantiated theories.
If this represents the bulk of what to expect from Gaia... I'm out.

pidr, posted on September 3, 2016

In the age surrounded by information... Being ignorant is a choice.

Do your research if you have time. If not open ur eyes and watch documentaries. Take em with grain of salt, but way better then stupid main stream TV....

nilssonmeng, posted on August 24, 2016

Loved One and Two. Is there yet a third that I'm missing? Yet to air?

cbank63, posted on August 23, 2016

My girlfriend and I love it. Very interesting. Keep it coming!

Thank you.

cnitro1320, posted on August 23, 2016

I Love that we are finally hearing the truth of our history , I just wish it could be shown on mainstream media so people like my parents might stumble on it and pass the word to their friends. Maybe this will awaken this generation who would never believe these stories unless they were on the programming their accustomed to . Lame stream news . Nightline , 20-20 ECT .

dlocwood1967, posted on August 28, 2016

I second your emotions!! Thank you.

jamiemichaelrichards, posted on August 23, 2016

im so loving the fact that we can now show the truth of our past

fbg33, posted on August 17, 2016

Expected more detail- like measuring the carved rocks in Lebanon, the distance it traveled from mine to site? In books we've read some of this info, just nice to see visual. The Obelisk's of ancient Egypt, who made them, how many where still in original place & others spread across the western world where are they, how old do 'they' think they are? What position where they in? How far away where they from each other in Ancient times? Even the Pyramids in Gaza nobody brings up facts, it was smooth sided, till Sultan wanting to get inside stripped outer layer off with help from the west. The small opening is not the true opening & when looking at the big Pyramid (Kings?) no one notices the angled 45 degree structured triangle columns, just off the broken in side cave like entrance. These are missing parts, we are made to believe millions of huge cubed rocks as if a big cube type construction, yet clearly visible are these angled columns, when I asked about it, I was told its part of the inner stepped walls, yet the distance even though confusing, as I climbed around inside, just didn't line up. It is clearly evident we humans, have been technology savvy before in our past. In Peru, if Earth stopped rotating the Pacific Ocean would have easily splashed up (great tidal wave) over the mountains, thus knocking the 'brick' structures apart . Or when Ice age snow melt? It is written (Kolbin Bible) the Earth stopped turning for 3 days, as 3 days of Sunlight in some parts, the sun roasted the ground & boiled fish to death! While those without sun light, froze in tropical areas. Then the Earth started turning again as mountains grew over night, the Sun would rest in the East now rested in the west. Is there a possible some other planet of dwarf star came into our solar system. What cause the rather large gash in Mars. As if a planet came to close & brushed up against Mars? I've visually studied Mars, its is not a canyon from water erosion granted has ear marks of erosion but that is not the root cause, a large planet or moon hit Mars> could it be our own moon? The Sumerian's wrote of Tamot a water world, which was hit by one of Niburu's orbiting planets. These are the questions we need answering ! Is there a Planet X ? Why has climate changed of all the Planets? Why does Pluto have a wobble to it's orbit? What is the truth of the past, as if every 3600 years something happens which suppress mankind back to stone age!

xavier8, posted on August 15, 2016

I thought there was a full season out? Only reason i signed up?

KristenL@Gaia, posted on August 19, 2016


Welcome to Gaia! We're so glad you decided to join to watch Deep Space! New episodes in the series will be aired weekly on Mondays.


cjpennington99, posted on August 16, 2016

I signed up to watch Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings on Gaia. I think you will be fascinated with their content as well. So nice to see disclosure happening right before our eyes. :)

kgoldberg2, posted on August 15, 2016

There are other programs on Gaia that touch on this topic from a different direction. Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode is in its 5th season and discusses Corey's experiences in the US Secret Space Program. Corey has learned about the Secret Builder race and other races of beings from his experiences in the Secret Space Program. It's fascinating.

petev, posted on August 15, 2016

Thanks for this series.
You have really set it up so that the series can nimbly turn on a dime to address any and. in time, all aspects of the SSP, Suppression by World Elites, Alternative History and quite frankly, any aspect of past, current and future events that viewers may ask for further education and clarification.
Bravo and Good Luck!

farrare, posted on October 15, 2016

It would be nice to have the aired dates on the episodes. What is the 'post day' for the new episode?
Just found this!

mo7, posted on October 10, 2016

Thanks a lot, it's time for fully disclosure & more consciousness to everyone out there
-->on earth;-)

davedennis58, posted on October 10, 2016

Hi Pauly, I haven't watched this yet. I would say no. Nanites are robot machines on the nano scale. That is 0.000000001 of a meter. To me, life is proof that nano machines work.

wjbombo, posted on October 14, 2016

Excellent series! Very nice condensed version of a huge amount of content that has been leaking out from various sources and whistleblowers. Much gratitude to Gaia and all the people for their efforts to move the paradigm forward... Thank you!!

johnod1, posted on October 20, 2016

realy good episoide again

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