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Host Regina Meredith conducts interviews with thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries and tireless researchers, providing crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding and ultimately, transformation.

Upcoming Episode: Thursday, October 27

Out of the Shadows of History

with Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan reveals many tell-tale snippets of history which reveal the establishment of a financial cabal and their puppet governments within the United States and the world.

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Season 1: July 2012 - January 2013

Season 2: January 2013 - June 2013

Season 3: July 2013 - December 2013

Season 4: January 2014 - December 2015

Season 5: January 2015 -

Season 6:

Episode List

Michael Tellinger, author, scientist, explorer, has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa.
58 minutes
Paul Von Ward is an author, scholar and interdisciplinary cosmologist. He believes a cosmology based only on a single discipline omits many areas of the human experience of the universe.
57 minutes
Is our government hiding real-life X-Files? UFO historian Richard Dolan is considered an expert in these government conspiracies.
58 minutes
Is the pharmaceutical industry endangering our health for the sake of profits?
60 minutes
Were the pyramids built to provide a highly technical society with energy?
53 minutes
Is it time to rethink money? Stephen Belgin, co-author of New Money for a New World, thinks so. He explains why he believes gold will replace money.
61 minutes
Physician and author Dr. Lynne Kitei discusses her findings on The Phoenix Lights.
61 minutes
Analyst Andrew Hoffman explains how the government, investment firms and traditional banks have contributed to our precarious global economy.
57 minutes
Uncover the hidden truths of secret societies with investigative reporter Jon Rappoport.
58 minutes
Dr. Judy Wood, a structural engineer, discusses her findings on the Twin Towers' collapse.
55 minutes
Explore the next step in natural healing: micronutritents from botanicals, minerals and herbs.
54 minutes
John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, shares his perspective on politics, corporations and our global economy.
58 minutes
Uncover the mysteries behind these pyramids found in Bosnia.
59 minutes
Who built the dark pyramid found underground in Alaska?
58 minutes
Take a closer look at how the privatization of banking has affected the economy.
57 minutes
Learn the latest information about technology created by Nikola Tesla.
57 minutes
Were the ancient Egyptians more technologically advanced than we are today? Researcher Dr. Carmen Boulter shared her remarkable findings with Regina Meredith.
57 minutes
Does the health of our cells hold the key to human longevity? Patrick Flanagan shared his compelling discovery of what he calls the ultimate antioxidant.
56 minutes
New artifacts being discovered are contradicting our history books.
55 minutes
David Icke explained just how far governments are going to know everything about you.
60 minutes
Did the U.S. Army teach soldiers parapsychological skills such as remote viewing, invisibility and phasing? Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, whose work was the basis for the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats, shares his story.
59 minutes
Is it the end of the world as we know it? Author and filmmaker Jay Weidner took a deeper look at the true history of the 2012 Mayan prophecies.
60 minutes
How can we turn the Dalai Lama’s teachings into true spiritual activism? Andrew Harvey, author of Sacred Activism, explains how you can co-create a new world.
59 minutes
From medical school to private practice and finally legislation, the modern medical industry seems to only have its own interests at heart, no matter the consequences to patients. Homeopathic pioneer Harvey Bigelsen explains how pharmaceutical propaganda ...
56 minutes
Every day, thousands of airplanes zip across the sky leaving a visible trail in their wake. Are these jet planes secretly leaving dangerous chemicals in the sky for military purposes? Michael Murphy, filmmaker of the documentary, “What in the World are ...
58 minutes
Our investigation continues with Michael Murphy as we explore the possibility that the government might be trying to control the weather with secret spraying of particulates. Michael Murphy, filmmaker of the documentary Why in the World are They Spraying?, ...
53 minutes
What are our history books leaving out? The origin of mankind is a greatly contested issue in recent times. Researcher Michael Cremo, author of Forbidden Archeology, is defying Darwin as he brings forth another challenge to the prevailing theory of evolution.
60 minutes
Now, more than ever, it’s becoming vitally important that humanity reach a new level of consciousness. Spiritual development leader Jim Self explains how we can prepare for this in a time when we are all desperately in need of greater spiritual growth and ...
57 minutes
Is corporate greed keeping less expensive, more effective medical treatments from the public? Steven Ross, researcher and author of And Nothing Happened, cuts through the medical jargon to reveal an elaborate plot to make healing a criminal offence.
58 minutes
The controversial field of forbidden archeology has uncovered archeological evidence suggesting that mankind may be millions of years older than previous thought. Author Michael Cremo shares his groundbreaking work that challenges the Darwinian evolution ...
57 minutes
Human beings from 1,000-3,000 years into the future are coming to our present time via the 5th dimension to promote our spiritual growth and promote their own advancement. Author Bruce Goldberg explains why these visitors are coming and how you may already ...
60 minutes
Ancient Egypt excelled in architecture, mathematics and medicine. New evidence suggests that these advances were not independently achieved. Author Bruce Goldberg explains his findings that show people from the future, as well as extraterrestrials, helped ...
61 minutes
Astrology has guided the fortunes of the world’s leaders, their countries and people from all walks of life. With today’s volatile economy, it takes a Wall Street wizard to explain what’s happened and what’s yet to come. Astrologer and author Monte Farber ...
60 minutes
As more people reach new heights in personal awareness, there are still many who are not ready for a new epoch of expanded consciousness. Spiritual development leader Jim Self offers techniques for reaching a new level of consciousness in part 2 of this ...
55 minutes
From political intrigue to pushing the boundaries of scientific investigation, Wilhelm Reich left behind a legacy of controversy and conspiracy. It may be that his discoveries have been dismissed unfairly. Research scientist James DeMeo, Ph.D., validates ...
60 minutes
With so many conflicting messages bombarding us, it is easy to be distracted from the central message in Christ’s teachings. Andrew Harvey explains how we can rediscover Christ’s mystical teachings on love and begin to heal the cultural rifts tearing our ...
58 minutes
As we become emotionally disengaged from everyone and everything, we are all becoming desensitized to the plights of the world. Andrew Harvey, founder of the Sacred Activism movement, explains how you can reignite passion in an active way to create the ...
54 minutes
The origin of the Knights Templar has just as much political intrigue and mystery as the rest of its history, real or contrived. Freddy Silva, best-selling author of First Templar Nation, exposes the Knights’ greatest and least known secrets and what led ...
57 minutes
We've all heard of the 12 astrological signs, but the origin and history of these signs reveals that there may be much more to this ancient system. Seasoned astrologer Monte Farber shares the meaning and power behind a person's rising sign and tells the ...
61 minutes
From the budget sequesters to the volatile state of the job market, our daily news is filled with reports of impending financial doom for the United States and the rest of the world. Andy Hoffman gives us an unflinching look at our economy and reveals the ...
59 minutes
What happens if you try to warn the world about something that the government does not want you to know? One person found out, the hard way, and is now revealing her ordeal. CIA whistleblower, Susan Lindauer, offers an insider’s view of the politics that ...
60 minutes
Incarcerated under secret charges and denied due process, one person experienced homeland psychiatry first-hand. In this startling interview, CIA whistleblower, Susan Lindauer gives us a harsh lesson on the dangers of the Patriot Act and government ...
59 minutes
Despite higher costs and declining performance, education has a brighter future as new platforms, using computer technology, are emerging. Professor of educational research, Dr. Carmen Boulter shares her insights into where education is headed, and the ...
57 minutes
The economies of the world have become increasingly turbulent as financial markets become managed systems for geopolitical reasons. Catherine Austin Fitts offers a finance industry insider’s advice on how to navigate from the financial chaos to a new ...
59 minutes
We are not alone in our universe, or beyond. We are part of a network of nine dimensions that coexists and interact with each other. Barbara Hand Clow explains how to navigate the 9 dimensions, contact and work with inter-dimensional beings and lead a ...
55 minutes
The conversation continues as to nature of the multi-dimensional world we live in. This time, we venture beyond the energetic limitations of time-space and explore the higher energetic realms. Barbara Hand Clow expands on the impact of the fourth ...
60 minutes
When we look to ancient and eastern cultures, the legends of Mu/ Lemuria and Atlantis offer a complex picture as to the origin of humanity. Historian, Raymond Tarpey reveals the mysterious human origins and the roles we agreed to before our lives on Earth.
59 minutes
The legends report that the lost civilization of Atlantis is lost forever. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, offers hope that their crystal technology is not forever lost. Historian, Raymond Tarpey offers insights to Edgar Cayce’s readings on the lost ...
59 minutes
Despite the objections, there may be a way to have a surprisingly compassionate connection with our food, through hunting. Author of The Mindful Carnivore, Tovar Cerulli tells of his emotional dilemma and the spiritual discoveries he made when he decided ...
59 minutes
In a recently banned TEDx video, it was suggested that mind-altering plants may have initiated, and continue to, enhance human consciousness. Graham Hancock argues that we are entitled to adult sovereignty of consciousness as a path to piecing together the ...
61 minutes
When drugs, poverty and unrealistic materialism were destroying inner-city communities, one producer revived conscious music and empowered a new era of activism. Hank Shocklee explains his mission to bring together higher consciousness artists who inspire ...
59 minutes
Since the beginning of time, many systems have been developed to connect with the divine and reveal the mysteries of what is yet to come. Today, we have unprecedented access to these tools and their practical use. Paul O'Brien, author of Divination offers ...
60 minutes
I Ching is the oldest and most revered of all divination tools. Paul O'Brien, an I Ching expert explains different divination tools before delving deep into the history and uses of the I Ching, including his modern reinterpretation of the hexagrams.
60 minutes
Chris Saade personally grew up amidst the violence of Beirut and saw the destruction that stems from religious exclusivity. He shares what he learned from his experiences and how an inclusive second wave of spirituality can bring the greatest hope for our ...
62 minutes
Imagine a frequency, emanating from the silent place in our hearts, reminding us of our capabilities and overriding the programs that keep us asleep. Brenda Williams recounts her journey to discover the Triad Wave and how she is bringing it to popular ...
60 minutes
We live in a world where it can be difficult to break away from simply accepting what we are told to do and to believe. Terry Patten explains how we can rise to meet the unique challenges of our times by using our higher consciousness to break free from ...
59 minutes
Born in the years following World War II, the baby boomers witnessed some of the most influential events in American history. Robert Phoenix lays out the astro-legacy of the baby boomer generation and reveals what's in store for them in the next ten years.
60 minutes
Born just in time to experience some of mankind’s greatest turmoil, the Millennial Generation’s greatest strength comes from their shadow of Pluto in Scorpio. Robert Phoenix, discusses the quirks and kinks of this generation and why they have the greatest ...
62 minutes
The World Bank was founded to offer financial aid to developing countries of the world. It did not take long for the distribution of these funds to become corrupted. As a World Bank attorney, Karen Hudes saw the shadowy schemes of the banking elite and ...
57 minutes
Though we communicate differently, building a spiritual rapport with our pets can form a life-long friendship full of joy and understanding. Linda Bender explains how we can spiritually engage with our companions to better understand their needs and the ...
59 minutes
Sacred sites have a measureable energy which connects the earth to the sun through magnetic portals. Freddy Silva explores what this connection means and how these sacred sites of consciousness can bring about spiritual transformation to everyone on the ...
60 minutes
Bearing various guises and names as they move through the ages, advanced beings have walked among us, even before the fall of Atlantis. Stewart Pearce has helped many people get in contact with these advanced beings that we commonly call angels.
61 minutes
While we may not be able to fully understand what our pets are trying to tell us, we can tune into their energies and receive clear messages about their wellbeing. Gail Thackray explains that we can create a deeper level of understanding with our pets when ...
58 minutes
Little do many of us realize, that the infinite wonders of the universe are reflected by the lives we live. A.T. Mann has studied our intricate connection with the cosmos and explains how astrology reveals that we are inextricably intertwined with the ...
61 minutes
What does it mean to be human? Is it something in our molecules or our unique expression of consciousness? The answer to these questions lies hidden within our DNA. William Brown explains how the unused DNA in our bodies can be unlocked to reveal the ...
61 minutes
Now that we have begun the 21st century, Urantia Book’s inter-dimensional consultants continue to guide us through this fragile period of our history. Byron Belitsos explains how we can use their ongoing celestial guidance to heal our broken planet and ...
61 minutes
After experiencing a Kundalini awakening, Martin Birrittella was determined to make enough money to support a life of meditation and spiritual contemplation. This road was not always easy. Now, Martin Birritella shares his understanding of free will and ...
57 minutes
There is no doubt that 2013 has been a financially turbulent year. While several controversial economic issues were dominating our mainstream news media, many others passed by unnoticed. Andrew Hoffman gives us an update on the financial dealings of 2013 ...
61 minutes
While many of us struggle with the complexities of ordinary consciousness, other people naturally have the ability to see beyond the limits of time and space. Andrew Basiago became aware of these abilities at a very young age and now he reveals the secret ...
62 minutes
Would you allow a device into your home that had known health risks, increased your monthly bills, and made it easier for you to be spied upon? Despite documentation of detrimental health effects, smart meters are being forcibly installed into people’s homes.
63 minutes
The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has sent shockwaves through both ends of the political divide. Dr. Carlos Santo guides us through an overview of Obamacare and offers a physician’s view of navigating complex ...
58 minutes
We all share in the illusion of separateness when, in fact, we are inseparable from the mind of the earth, the animals and our fellow humans. Dr. Larry Dossey explains the interconnectedness of all life and conveys the importance of consciously accessing ...
61 minutes
If we are carefully observant, we will see repeating patterns of angles and ratios throughout all of nature. These patterns were incorporated into sacred architecture and the secrets nearly lost through time. As a trained architect, Scott Onstott’s passion ...
62 minutes
Whether one’s life is ideal, or not, it is still the result of the mind’s ability to manifest belief patterns. Nick Delgado has developed a new focus technique to overwrite outdated belief patterns of failure and self-doubt and replace them with scripts ...
60 minutes
Since the surge of UFOs in the 1950s, the remnants of information we have about otherworldly contacts is the culmination of ever vigilant researchers. Researcher Paola Harris has collected an immense body of research on UFO phenomena and exposes the ...
61 minutes
The delicate balance of natural forces that gave rise to life on our planet is being thrown into disarray by worldwide geoengineering programs.. Leading the charge against geoengineering is Dane Wigington who reveals why our weather is being hijacked and ...
70 minutes
We need to take an honest look at the radiation contamination from Fukushima and many other nuclear sites around the world. The situation may be far worse than we have been told. Dr. John Apsley reveals how we can detox from radiation and reverse chronic ...
65 minutes
As we stand at the dawn of a new era, the ancient extraterrestrial agendas are changing dramatically. Tom T. Moore traces the history of extraterrestrial influence upon our civilizations’ progress and explains what we can expect with the coming unveiling ...
53 minutes
We may feel that that we are alone and helpless during the desperate moments of our lives. The truth is that we are never alone. Tom T. Moore explains how to receive the most benevolent outcomes, for yourself and others, by learning how to ask the guides ...
49 minutes
As we reach the latter half of our lives, the movements of Saturn, Uranus and Chiron call upon Kundalini to rise. This can create turbulent personal and emotional changes such as the midlife crisis. Barbra Hand Clow offers advice for gracefully ...
49 minutes
Between the lines and between the words, we may find a truth that is far stranger than any fiction. In her soon to be released book, The Ruby Crystal, Barbara Hand Clow spins a tale of power and secrets hidden within the Vatican, which may be all too true.
45 minutes
The future of humanity is not just a matter of technological innovation, but one of spiritual advancement. Glenn Steckling conveys the messages of George Adamski concerning the presence extraterrestrial intelligence on earth and their influence over the ...
58 minutes
Five times catastrophe has struck our planet and evidence suggests that we are now beginning a sixth cycle of destruction and creation. What is our place in this transition and how can we adapt to a newly emerging world? David Christopher offers sage ...
49 minutes
The time will come when we will encounter such life and must face certain theological and ethical questions. Ted Peters explains the moral and religious dilemmas we will face when mankind finally openly encounters its first extraterrestrial intelligence.
37 minutes
Timothy Good reveals details of the Amicizia Project from the 1950s, where mankind became the benefactor of off-world advanced technology; technology which has since been hidden deep within black projects.
34 minutes
After 65 years of UFO investigations, the general public is still in the dark about what is really going on. David Marler presents little known details of past contacts and explains darker messages from the increased sightings of triangle-shaped craft.
37 minutes
An unseen world of living beings thrives in the natural world which surrounds our own which many of us are oblivious of. Linda Shaylor Cooper invites us to explore the worlds of magic and wonder hidden the gardens and natural areas everywhere.
48 minutes
In an unprecedented live channeling event, Joan Walker channels Metatron, who reveals the true origin and destiny of humanity. It is important to discover the truth of where we came from if you want to better understand the future of humanity.
67 minutes
In this live channeling event, Joan Walker channels Anna, who discusses the balance of masculine and feminine, and reveals the future of human gender as we progress into higher dimensions of existence.
61 minutes
Occasionally a soul agrees to leave its body so that another soul can complete its mission for that lifetime. These new souls are called walk-ins and they can bring profound lessons for all of humanity. Nicolas David Ngan, a walk-in himself, explains what ...
52 minutes
The power to change your life lies within the secret code of your name. Each one of us has a unique set of talents, challenges and karma that can help or hinder the fulfillment of our purpose in life. Nicolas David Ngan explains how to reveal the secrets ...
55 minutes
The influence of big-money weaves a delicate tapestry of international commerce. With the tug of a single loose thread, this intricate financial network could fall apart. Andy Hoffman gives us an economic overview of several key nations caught in this ...
59 minutes
It is never too late to discover the unique wisdom and strengths of feminine and masculine forces by bringing balance to the yin and yang within. Cate Montana reveals the life-long journey that led her to embrace and embody her own feminine and masculine ...
58 minutes
Long ago, North America was home to an advanced race of giants who built great mounds, mummified their dead and raised megalithic structures. Despite the suppression of information, Richard J. Dewhurst has uncovered proof that ancient giants once ruled ...
61 minutes
We know precious little about human consciousness. However, a recent discovery has shown a surprising new way that we can dramatically enhance our mental capabilities. Dr. James Hardt explains the neuroscience behind achieving the highest levels of ...
63 minutes
There is no argument that we are in turbulent times. These challenging times present us with the perfect opportunity to change our lifestyles and build stronger communities. Carolyn Baker Ph.D. offers hope for the future by helping us to see that the ...
48 minutes
With dwindling resources and increasing costs, our reliance on carbon-based fuels is coming to an end. Fortunately, new developments in low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology will put a safe and efficient form of power back into to the hands of the ...
55 minutes
With a myriad of creation mythos conflicting with physical evidence, discovering the true origin of humanity may come only by bridging science with metaphysics. Paul Von Ward has pieced together details from our ancient past and offers a completely ...
59 minutes
Perhaps fantastical creatures like dragons, mermaids and centaurs, are no longer here, because they are slipping away. Not to the ravages of time, but rather staying in lower-dimensional reality as human beings progress into higher dimensions. Sheila ...
62 minutes
What we bring into this world, from across our lifetimes, has the most profound impact on every aspect of who we really are. Sheila Gillette channels the THEO group to explain how agreements made by the soul, before birth, influence DNA and affects the ...
56 minutes
In a world awash with media, the value of the individual is diminished in favor of a hive-mentality. Neil Kramer explains how you can begin living as a sovereign human being by deliberately creating and refining the self and awakening the Will within.
64 minutes
Our modern sleep culture may be the cause of our sleep difficulties. Learning how to get a good night’s sleep has been shown to influence healthy states of mind and body. Kat Duff reveals many secrets of sleep, including insomnia, recurring dreams, and ...
56 minutes
Many people are disappointed that the end of the Mayan Calendar, in 2012, did not bring about the great transformations that were hyped. However, something subtle and spectacular did actually happen.
46 minutes
Dowsing is as old as time and has proven to be a reliable tool for those who have honed their craft. Jean Slatter explains the history of dowsing and how you can begin using a pendulum to build confidence in your intuition.
51 minutes
There is a mounting body of evidence indicating that our beliefs and expectations directly affect the conditions of our lives. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how you can open the door to your subconscious mind and begin creating a new healthy and functional ...
55 minutes
What we are told to believe about our health may be just as important as the medical treatment we receive. Joe Dispenza explains how we can break free from the collective programming that affects our states of health and happiness.
55 minutes
Thousands of years ago, two angels broke away from the heavenly order and used ancient civilizations as the battlegrounds for their conflicting philosophies. Timothy Wyllie details channeled information on the great heavenly divide that continues to affect ...
62 minutes
With an educational system churning out drones devoid of creativity and perfectly suited to serve a corporate dystopia, our hearts and minds continue to yearn for artistic release. Chris Spheeris explains how we can reengage our connection with Source so ...
56 minutes
The connection between vaccinations and autism continues to be an incendiary issue all across America. However, William Thompson, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control, has just revealed information that may well redraw the battle-lines of ...
51 minutes
As William Thompson continues to expose information concerning CDC reports on vaccinations, the implications of a greater conspiracy become ever more evident. Jon Rappoport extrapolates the extent of the CDC vaccination intrigue and highlights the next ...
52 minutes
There is no doubt that there is a connection between a healthy mouth and healthy body, and a pharmaceutical solution may not always be the best option. Linda Straub-Bruce shares some of the best practices for dental care and oral wellbeing using plant ...
57 minutes
In 1957 the Pentagon received a visitor from another world named Valiant Thor. He stayed as their guest for over three years. Filmmaker Craig Campobasso recounts the events surrounding Valiant Thor’s tenure at the Pentagon and shares details of his divine ...
46 minutes
Our day-to-day reality is really nothing more than a projection of mass cultural hypnosis. Nigel Taylor explains how to awaken from this mass illusion, called Maya, in order to become something greater than anything you could ever conceive.
56 minutes
Contact with extraterrestrial intelligence may not really be as random as it seems. Astrologer Heather Arielle examines the charts of her clients who have had extraterrestrial experiences and highlights what they have in common.
45 minutes
“Are we alone in the universe,” is a persistent question that may soon be answered…or not. James Gilliland argues that contact is real and explains who these beings are, why they are here, and shares techniques for connecting with these advanced beings.
37 minutes
The sheer destructive power of a nuclear explosion is unfathomable to most people on Earth and unacceptable to those not of this Earth. Robert Salas details his personal experience of an incident in 1967, when the night sky was filled with UFOs and all ...
29 minutes
As a historian that specializes in extraterrestrial contact, Richard Dolan has studied the gamut of UFO history from science and military to personal accounts. Now, he shares a few of these strange stories which may have a lasting and profound effect upon ...
37 minutes
One of the most profound UFO encounters happened in Rendlesham Forest on December 26, 1980. That night, strange multicolored lights descended from the sky and landed near the twin RAF bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. Nick Pope details the events of the ...
55 minutes
As a ranking member of Britain’s Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope was privy to disinformation stratagems used to obscure and suppress any information concerning credible UFO encounters. He now reveals many of the tactics and techniques used to cover-up the ...
59 minutes
Satellite imaging and ground penetrating radar may give credence to anecdotal accounts attesting that the legendary ark rests atop Mt. Ararat. Aaron Judkins recounts the trials and tribulations of his valiant quest in search of Noah’s Ark.
48 minutes
If there is an unseen power ruling over our society, it does so only because we allow it to hold sway over the course of our lives. Neil Kramer defines the dominating ethos of Empire and explains how our culture continuously creates and perpetuates it ...
58 minutes
A ubiquitous lesson that we are taught from a very young age is that we must relinquish our power to authority. Neil Kramer reveals how we can disempower Empire by willfully choosing sovereignty and prepare for any potential consequence.
54 minutes
As we enter 2015 our thoughts turn to what lies ahead in the New Year. Saturn is just beginning its long trek through Sagittarius and we will experience a time of gradually expanding conscious. Robert Phoenix explains the most influential aspects, transits ...
58 minutes
Every so often, a visionary comes into our world with the ability to transform the ways we perceive our reality. One such person is renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick. , Anthony Peake illuminates the life, mind and influences of Philip K. Dick.
57 minutes
Lady Tracy Worcester environmental activism efforts have culminated in the documentary film, Pig Business. Lady Tracy Worcester calls for consumers to take the pig pledge in order to understand what our purchasing choices really mean.
56 minutes
Children born post 9/11 will be unlike any generation seen before. They live in a continuously changing environment fraught with massive social revolutions spawned by rapid technological advancements. Kingsley Dennis defines the generation just now rising ...
61 minutes
Money is one of our most intimate relationships in life. If you want to better understand what is happening with your life, it is time to take a long honest look at your relationship with money. Tracy Smith has defines the gifts and talents of eight ...
60 minutes
It is a matter of grave concern when our children’s imaginary friends cross into the real world, heralded by paranormal phenomena. Ann Andrews recounts her harrowing experiences as she realized that her child’s imaginary friends were actually ...
59 minutes
Troy McLachlan describes our planet in a time before time, when people lived in a time of abundance and peace. After this world came crashing down, an elite class rose, bent on maintaining their abundant lifestyle. Troy McLachlan defines this secret ...
63 minutes
Your name is the key to understanding your soul contract and how it interacts with another’s. Nicolas David Ngan explains how you can use soul contract work to maximize every relationship in your life.
55 minutes
A massive change is about to take place for humanity at the genetic level. In essence, we are mutating into the next level of humanity. Richard Rudd explains the intricacies of his 64 Gene Key system that can unlock the secrets underlying who you are and ...
58 minutes
Much of the paranormal phenomena and extraterrestrial encounters that have spawned ancient accounts continue to this day. Malcolm Robinson explains the intersection of other realities by recounting several otherworldly tales from modern-day Scotland.
62 minutes
Many children born today are coming into this world with a higher level of consciousness. Nicolas David Ngan explains how we can use the insights from soul contracts to better understand and nurture our children’s gifts and goals.
57 minutes
A new era of scientific research is providing insight on how we can guide our own evolution in order to reverse aging and to make death obsolete. Dr. Bill Andrews and Dr. Terry Grossman are two such scientists, and they have come to explain the science of ...
59 minutes
Lifetime after lifetime we encounter the same collection of souls which repeatedly returns to support each other through their various lessons together. Sheila Gillette channels THEO who explains reincarnation and the soul family before answering questions ...
59 minutes
As spring of 2015 approaches, Saturn continues its trek through Sagittarius. Along the way, powerful transits will take place that could have major implications upon world affairs. Robert Phoenix gives us an astrological update for spring of 2015.
59 minutes
Jerry Wills began his extraordinary life as a baby abandoned near a military base. As he grew, he discovered healing and intuitive abilities that would eventually set him upon the path to fulfill his destiny as the transformational healer that he is today.
60 minutes
News media continues to report that the economy is in recovery, yet many people are still struggling just to survive. Why are food prices still going up and what’s going on with interest rates? “It’s not the economy, stupid.”
64 minutes
From the moment the Perron family moved into their dream home, strange things began to happen. Andrea Perron recounts the frightening real-life events that became the basis of the Hollywood movie, The Conjuring.
61 minutes
Hidden in the heart of our being is a divine-spark that can release these fractures and bring us into alignment with the divine. THEO, as channeled by Sheila Gillette, reveals how you can rediscover and integrate your divine essence into the wholeness of ...
58 minutes
It took a trip to the café at the end of the universe for Jerry Wills to realize that we are not alone. His visits gave him the insight to recognize various otherworldly beings, their devious designs for humanity and how to avert them.
57 minutes
Once upon a time, alchemists and philosophers where highly regarded as keepers of great wisdom. This wisdom could be lost if not for those devoting their life to preserving their secrets. Steven Ross explores the teachings of philosophers and alchemists of ...
53 minutes
From the emergence of the first conscious humans to our imminent technological transcendence, what it means to be human has always been in flux. Byron Belitsos explains transhumanism from the Urantia perspective by highlighting the history and future of ...
58 minutes
As life continued for the Perron family, the persistence of paranormal activity forced them to come to terms with the multi-dimensional aspect of their reality. In her second interview with Regina Meredith, Andrea Perron shares what she learned from her ...
61 minutes
For the first time in human history, each of us has instant access to an immense treasure trove of information. However, as a society, we have lost the capacity for wisdom. Steven Ross explains how we can reclaim our wisdom by opening our minds to become ...
46 minutes
According to the Urantia Book, the fabled land of Atlantis was the locus for two off-planet factions struggling to be the sole progenitors of advanced human civilization. Byron Belitsos recounts the Urantia Book’s telling of the rise and fall of Atlantis/ ...
65 minutes
Sacred architecture has always served as a means of conveying symbolic information, but its secrets were decipherable only to a select few. Randall Carlson reveals the secret ratios and patterns found in the cosmos and throughout nature which are encoded ...
63 minutes
Cosmic order is realized through patterns found in nature as well as the cyclical timing of major geological events. Randall Carlson explains the connection between catastrophic events and cosmological cycles, such as the precession of the equinox, from ...
65 minutes
Has our society become so complex, that our children have become overwhelmed by the many demands placed upon them? Kim John Payne suggests returning simplicity to our children’s lives to reengage their sense of security and creativity.
57 minutes
Despite the traumatic paranormal events of the Perron’s home, they learned that humanity is beginning to shift into a higher dimensional state where the paranormal will become the normal. Andrea Perron explains that her experiences taught her how we can ...
58 minutes
In the spring of 2015 we saw distrust of major institutions flare-up into episodes of virulent turmoil. Any lingering smoldering mistrust could set off a season of discontent. Robert Phoenix returns to illuminate what the coming astrological transits hold ...
57 minutes
Humanity once thrived during a golden age as the glowing visage of Saturn perpetually loomed high above…and all good things come to an end. David Talbott recounts various remnants of these bygone centuries as depicted by the thunderbolt and celestial wheel ...
68 minutes
What the future holds for us is uncertain. But we can expect a world filled with technology advancing at an ever-quickening pace. With such a future, is there any place for the human mind? Adam Curry explains the coming intersection of technology and ...
58 minutes
It seems that we not only share this planet with a great diversity of life, but we all share in a collective consciousness as well. Linda Bender has long had a deep rapport with the animals in her life and she explains the intuitive connections we all ...
59 minutes
Lee Harris explains how he connects with the collective consciousness and channels higher beings before entering trance and channeling “the Z’s” who offer wisdom on intimacy and the current changes humanity is experiencing.
60 minutes
The golden age of Atlantis and Lemuria was a time when humanity understood its energetic connection to a greater universal collective. Though lost through the ages, it is now being reclaimed. Lee Harris discusses holding the balance between spiritual and ...
58 minutes
As our souls progress lifetime after lifetime, we lose the memories of who we once were. This is not the case for Joan Grant. Jane Lahr recounts the extraordinary lifetimes of Joan Grant and her gift of far memory that inspired her writings.
55 minutes
Every year a new virulent strain of virus holds us captive to the threat of the next great plague while truly devastating diseases garner less attention and public anxiety. Dr. James Hutton explains some of the most provocative viral infections while ...
66 minutes
The secrets underlying the ultimate transformation are now ready to be revealed. Freddy Silva explains the ancient secrets of resurrection as whispered by many mystery schools from times of old and into their modern day teachings.
59 minutes
Jane Lahr brings forward some of the lost works of Joan Grant so that we all may benefit from these profound teachings. Joan Grant chose not to publish some of her most poignant works, such as her lifetime as a Native American and the time she spent with ...
46 minutes
Within the flicker of the silver screen, subtle hints of real extraterrestrial contact have made their way into our psyche. Len Kasten offers a review of the recent history of extraterrestrial contact, on and off the silver screen, which has led to the ...
52 minutes
Len Kasten discloses details of the Zeta Reticuli exchange program which was an exchange program with an extraterrestrial civilization that was approved by the U.S. government in 1964. One year later, twelve military personnel departed on what was to be a ...
62 minutes
Jerry Wills explains how we can all tap into our own healing abilities and where to look for answers if such healings do not work. We may be quick to blame the ineptitude of the healer but we must realize that what results is always a consequence of each ...
59 minutes
Joel Bakst explains how the tenets of the Torah, Talmud and Kabballah work together, with human consciousness, to help reunify the collective human soul. Through our consciousness, we can willfully reunite our lower dimensional existence with the higher ...
62 minutes
Daniel Raphael offers guidance for returning the social aspect to sustainability in our global civilization. If there is little hope that we can fix these problems ourselves, perhaps we may need some celestial guidance to help heal our broken world.
65 minutes
Robert Phoenix returns to explain the major transits and the resulting effects that we can expect for autumn of 2015. As this long hot summer begins to wane, we will begin see the outcomes of the work we put forward during the past few months.
55 minutes
Matthew Fox unveils the light that Hildegard von Bingen brought to the world through her visions and teachings. Her divine visions heralded a new movement of Christian mysticism that persisted for centuries.
53 minutes
Matthew Fox compares and contrasts the teachings of the Rhineland’s two greatest mystics, Meister Eckhart and Hildegard von Bingen. Eckhart was firmly dedicated to promoting his view of compassions which were in direct opposition to the capitalist powers ...
62 minutes
Dr. Ed Park conveys detailed information about the cutting edge of longevity studies including advancements in telomerase and adaptogen research. He offers a fundamental change in how we think about physiology and maintaining health and wellness in order ...
59 minutes
David Berceli explains how we can learn to shake off trauma. The emotions resulting from traumatic experiences can embed unwanted emotional triggers deep within the subconscious mind. But there are techniques that can help us learn how to release these ...
58 minutes
Ivan Rados explains how we can live in a society, without following all of the unwritten rules of decorum yet fully express our innate divine love and awareness. These Rules of society and cultural obligations can stifle artistic ingenuity from blossoming.
63 minutes
Meg Blackburn Losey conveys that the definition of what it means to be a sentient being is being redefined in each generation. From Indigo to Crystal Children and beyond, each generation of humanity enables us to better comprehend what it really means to ...
73 minutes
Michael Esposito shares some of his most profound discoveries while recording ghostly voices.Could it be that certain locations are prone to recording audible emotional emanations and reproduce them only when the conditions are right? Or can we really ...
58 minutes
Christopher Moon relates how he learned to communicate with the spiritual realms via a unique technological advancement called the Spirit Telephone. Those who are technically adept and sensitive to spirit communication have learned how to bridge the gap ...
59 minutes
Death may come as a surprise to a young soul, and Michael Lindemann explains that this not an ending, but just the beginning of a long journey. But, this adventure is never a solitary venture as we all have many partners that we help and in turn assist us ...
60 minutes
From the Reticular Activating System, which may be the seat of conscious awareness, to the functions of the Alta Major chakra, we can reorient our understanding of consciousness by exploring the Theosophical way of balancing energy.
63 minutes
The New Age movement, no matter how popular it is, seems to have a tough time resolving real-life concerns. Nigel Taylor discusses the conflicting information found throughout various self-actualization movements in order to examine aspects of the ...
62 minutes
By deciphering ancient Vedic texts in Sanskrit, Simon Chokoisky has decoded the Five Dharma Types. This knowledge can give you the insight needed to discover who you are at the core of your being and finally steer your destiny toward true happiness.
60 minutes
Catherine Shainberg explains how a mother-to-be can help to bring the greatest power in the universe to her womb. Visualization is the key. It taps into the language of energy and can inform the body what to do when words don’t work.
62 minutes
Nostradamus once predicted great calamities to befall the Earth. Yet, none of them seemed to have occurred. When Nostradamus came through in a channeling session with Dolores Cannon, he revealed the truth behind his quatrains and how humanity avoided these ...
56 minutes
Who can you turn to when a child goes missing and the police have exhausted all leads? Robbie Thomas has honed his psychic abilities in order to become a valuable asset to law enforcement by helping them solve some of their toughest cases and bring missing ...
60 minutes
Paul O’Brien reveals how divination can be a very powerful tool for guidance, but only if we are willing to let go of our attachments to specific outcomes. Divination can help us to tap into our intuitive wisdom and discover a wise resolution.
57 minutes
Paul Wagner can help you get a leg up on day-to-day situations with a system he developed called The Field Guide to Human Personalities. It is a set of 78 unique personalities that each one of us takes-on in order to face different scenarios.
54 minutes
As another year draws to a close, we once again consult with Robert Phoenix to gain astrological insights for the year ahead. Be prepared as great changes may be in store for our finances and personal health.
61 minutes
With lucid dreaming, you can learn how to not only remember your dreams but how you can intentionally use them for clearing out negative emotions, boosting creativity and problem solving.
61 minutes
Carl Lehrburger guides us on a journey through the forbidden history of America by detailing evidence of a European presence long before Columbus.
56 minutes
Michael Mott suggests that intelligent humanoid beings, dwelling in vast underground Biosystems, have always been a part of Earth’s complex ecosystems and inspired countless folktales from around the world.
59 minutes
To disclose or not to disclose is not up for debate with those who are desperately awaiting the official revelation of otherworldly beings and advanced technology. But who could have ever guessed that a small college town in Texas just might be the ...
61 minutes
Passionate love can come on in a flash and can weather just as quickly. But when the chemistry goes away, you finally get to meet the real person in your relationship. Now is the time you come to terms with compatibility and if you were meant to be together.
59 minutes
Each of us come into the world to fulfill our dharma, or soul contract. With that, we will build many relationships, some lasting a lifetime. To better learn how to navigate these relationships, we need to understand our own dharma and how the five dharma ...
58 minutes
Everything we know about our wellbeing may be backwards. Dr. Jack Kruse has found that consciously creating the right environment of light, water and magnetism may dramatically increase health and healing in the body.
62 minutes
Can something as simple as breathing become the foundation for a healthy mind and body? Anders Olsson explains that breathing is the basis for the quality of your life and enlightenment.
58 minutes
It has become Simon G. Powell’s mission to bring forward the spiritual benefits and a scientific understanding of psilocybin in order to change the way government agencies and cultural norms approach natural psychoactive substances.
59 minutes
Many centuries prior to organized religion, the power to heal and bring blessings of the spirits into our world rested within the hands of the powerful and wise shamans. Today, these shamans still walk among us, and one of them is Itzhak Beery.
62 minutes
Today, many organized religions are struggling as new religious thoughts emerge. Many of these new religions focus upon the divine feminine, which Tricia McCannon calls, the return of the divine Sophia.
63 minutes
Robert Phoenix explains that as spring 2016 begins to set in, the time has come to finally slough off the sluggish energy of the past winters. Coming up, we may see an electrification of the human spirit as the revolutionary ideas of Uranus form a ...
58 minutes
Mariana Copper explains that each and every one of us has latent psychic talents, to some degree. To that effect, she enumerates different forms of psychic abilities and communication styles so that you can open the intuitive senses that you were born with.
61 minutes
Little by little, the aboriginal people of Australia have entrusted their secrets to a few individuals with the hope of bringing them to the world in a respectful way. Those secrets were passed on to Robbie Holz, who, like her husband, had been trained by ...
56 minutes
The complexities of chronic illness continue to baffle even the most ardent of scientists. But Dr. Jerry Tennent thinks he may have unlocked the secrets to overcoming chronic illness and returning to the body to its natural state of health.
59 minutes
Rupert Isaacson’s incredible journey to learn how to heal autism with horses began with a chance encounter as his son, who was diagnosed with autism, suddenly connected with neighbor’s horse.
61 minutes
Through a unique astrological system, based on this information, Connie Kaplan helps people to discover their reason for living by gaining a deeper understanding of the soul and its connection to the unified field of consciousness.
63 minutes
Tom Hatsis scrutinized medieval documentation of witches and has uncovered a history mired in misogyny and persecution against peaceful practitioners of folk medicine who used entheogens as part of their worship of an ancient fertility goddess.
54 minutes
Eighteen years of the life of Jesus is unaccounted for in the biblical accounts of his life. Paul Davids has explored the mysteries of where Jesus was and what he was doing during those missing years.
63 minutes
Gary Malkin, who has composed music for film and television, has personally witnessed the power music holds over our emotional state. Through musical composition and the design of health care facilities, he helps people to cope with emotionally challenging ...
38 minutes
Doug Noll has studied the science of how the brain processes conflict and has developed a program to help inmates learn the art of peaceful conflict resolution. He has discovered behavioral patterns that can help people build connections between the ...
56 minutes
Johnson was a repeat offender serving a 40 year prison sentence when he had a spiritual awakening. After his release, the pieces fell into place for him to start a program which would help transitioning inmates learn how to find their own sacred space and ...
57 minutes
Neil Kramer has a unique way of melding the philosophical and mystical by tapping into the wisdom of Hermetic teachings in order to give us practical means of discerning the truth through experiential knowledge.
61 minutes
Freddy Silva takes us on a tour of magical places on Earth which were built with the primary intention of inducing otherworldly experiences. These are places where one may enter as an ordinary human, but exit with the likeness of a god totally aligned with ...
59 minutes
Sheila Gillette returns, once again, to channel the THEO group. This time, they bring insights into the nature of parallel lives, soul families and accepting guidance from the higher self without doubt.
57 minutes
Robert Phoenix returns to provide a preview of the astrological predictions for summer 2016. During the next few months we may see ugly secrets emerge and dark conspiracies come to light as many of the transits lend their influence to reveal sensitive ...
62 minutes
As the shamanic prophecy of the Eagle and Condor comes to a close, we will see a uniting of heart and mind. Utilizing wisdom from the Paqos of the Andean Mountains, Jeffrey Wium explains how we can unite the intellect of the mind with the intelligence of ...
53 minutes
As a T.V. weatherman, Scott Stevens has seen many strange weather phenomena over the course of his career. But when the weather failed to follow known predictive patterns he began to investigate the cause. What he learned about chemtrails changed his ...
55 minutes
Enrique Villanueva has experienced extraterrestrial contact throughout his life. But he never understood the nature of those experiences until he met with the Rahma group learned how to meditate with the intent to initiate contact.
61 minutes
While conducting a comprehensive examination of ancient temples, Cort Lindahl found a pattern within their structures which connect some of the world’s most powerful monuments, such as the Tower of the Winds in Greece, the Stone Circles of Avebury and the ...
62 minutes
With the discovery of the New World, mysteries of the ancient world took root in the sacred structures of North America. Cort Lindahl expounds upon his examination of the alignment of ancient temples by following the movement of the great bloodlines of ...
60 minutes
Jerry Wills recounts the tales of two post-Civil War explorers who discovered a cave in the Grand Canyon which bore artifacts from ancient Egyptian and Asian civilization. Artifacts which were quickly claimed by the Smithsonian Institute, never to be seen ...
55 minutes
We continue our exploration of anomalous features of the American Southwest with Jerry Wills. This time we look into the strange phenomena of rock arches which work like time portals. As he points out, there are so many stories with striking similarities ...
60 minutes
Rumor has long held that deep within the vaults of the Vatican library lie the answers we seek concerning extraterrestrial visitation upon our world. Through legal maneuvering, one man has chanced an encounter with these enigmatic documents, Daniel Sheehan.
61 minutes
In the 1970s, the war on cancer began with a presidential decree from Richard Nixon. Since that time, many theories and treatments have risen. Some are accepted and perpetuated as standard medical practices by the establishment, others have been neglected ...
60 minutes
The qualities of masculinity continue to be a mystery because men receive many conflicting messages about what it means to be a man. Arjuna Ardagh addresses these concerns as he highlights the qualities of conscious men.
63 minutes
With all the publicity seekers and sensationalist flooding the UFO community, it is getting increasingly difficult to discern those who have had authentic experiences from the attention seekers. Paola Harris has learned how to authenticate the sources of ...
53 minutes
Paul Hellyer’s tenure as Canada’s National Defense Minister gave him the skill set and contacts necessary to begin unravelling a decades-old web of deception and disinformation concerning the influence of extraterrestrial beings on our planet’s governments.
46 minutes
Continuing his line of disclosures, Paul Hellyer discusses the ways money is used to manipulate politicians and the governments they run. Most importantly, he reveals his examinations of the people who are at the pinnacle of this Ponzi Scheme and what they ...
44 minutes
Paola Harris discusses some of the most influential cases of contact made with extraterrestrial beings, including Travis Walton, Clifford Stone and Philip Corso. What we learn, is not only are we not alone, but there is a means by which we can initiate ...
54 minutes
Some people have had an open and alive connection to angelic beings since the day they were born. Such is the life of Belinda Womack who began working with angels at a very young age. Since then, she has refined her work with a committee of twelve angels.
57 minutes
Multiple sources tell us that a higher frequency of energy has come to our planet which is actively accelerating conscious evolution. Lee Harris returns once again to channel the Zs who discuss the implications of the arrival of this new energy upon our ...
57 minutes
The shadows of the summer are dispelled and the past turmoil becomes a chance for us to reclaim our sense of self-reliance and sufficiency. Robert Phoenix lays out the Astrology for fall 2016, which may present us with the impetus to get on with our ...
59 minutes
We have been led to believe that financial systems are extraordinarily complex and beyond the understanding of the common person. Citizen Zeus says that it has always been a simple con game and proves it by enumerating ten financial practices which have ...
67 minutes
Many people devote their entire lives searching for their destiny, only to find themselves meandering endlessly without direction. Chetan Parkyn introduces us to the principles and applications of, Human Design, a comprehensive divination system which can ...
62 minutes
On the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe stunned audience like no one before her. In the pages of the tabloids, word of her mysterious death left everyone breathless. Paul Davids explores and debunks details underlying the official story of Marilyn Monroe’s death.
56 minutes
Robert Bleck discusses a system he developed, called Source Completion Therapy, which helps his clients to heal deep emotional wounds from their past. He explains that we cannot really be open to all the beauty and magic in our lives until we rid ourselves ...
51 minutes
Your hand may hold the secrets which can reveal who you really are. Ellen Goldberg explains various features on the hand which can help you discern which of seven archetypes holds greatest sway over your personality.
63 minutes

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Fuller Beacon, posted on October 6, 2016

I just fell down the rabbit hole, what is going on, I don't know, but Gaia should really get on this and give us a new perspective

ldmessall, posted on September 15, 2016

What a wonderful world I inhabit and I am so grateful that I have chosen GAIAM to be part of my reality and thankful that Regina is aware and present. Lee Harris feels to be such a clear transmitter of a loving communication that resonates so deeply. What a gift. Just what I needed. Thank you. This experience feels like family has gathered and we just keep hugging.

Brendan.k.hill, posted on September 6, 2016

Great episode!! I love the intro music. Could you tell me who made that music or where I can go to learn more?

Thank you!


aafrw2a, posted on August 18, 2016

I have just watched episodes 27 and 28 of season 4 and I am hooked, completely! This show is the best I have seen so far on the topics of anything that is related to supernatural elements and I really love all of it. Thank you for making this show and thank you Theo for taking the time to answer all of these questions.
I do have one question for Theo, do our souls sometimes reincarnate as animals or even insects? If yes, can we retain a memory of it just like in our human travels, If not, how come we don't? Thank you.

merisingstar, posted on July 3, 2016

Nothing else out there in TV land compares to this top notch program. Thank you, Regina, Gaia.com and the guests.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on July 5, 2016

Thank you for writing! We appreciate your support of our programming on Gaia.

All the best,

rmross127, posted on June 18, 2016

Just stumbled upon this. Have much to learn.

brightnewday, posted on June 13, 2016

This is one of the most inspiring and important interviews I have even watched. I think that everything Freddy Silva teaches about the Temples of the Otherworld should be introduced in our educational system, and religions should make a huge effort to understand and explain these foundational understandings of resonances and energies to those who find comfort and healing in these sacred spaces. I wonder how many people have any knowledge of what a sacred space actually means. Most think it is where you go to pray in silence or to do ceremonies, but they don't understand how the architecture was constructed to enhance the important energies you would be interacting with---how the stones come alive, as Silva explained. This is so important, and it is what questers, seekers, believers want to know about beneath the texts that may allude to things, but this gives does not demystify--it increases the awareness of the great mysteries involved in the human interconnectedness with the laws of nature and the cosmos. Thank you ever so much for this video and for your continued revelations. You are like a super graduate school for everything we have sought to learn that no courses ever included. Yet this should be the central teaching , basic to the courses that grow out of these principles. Magnificent. Bright New Day (my I.D. for Gaia)

irene.koyada, posted on June 5, 2016

Dear Regina (with respect),

I love your work, shows, and energy. Thank you for sharing. It nourishes my soul tremendously.

Irene E. Koyada

sunbinder, posted on January 23, 2016

Healing our beautiful jewel. Perhaps a Group of Forty interview some day?
Inspiring video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uko_XwFUlY

On another figurative note, 'Great Human Potential: Walking in One's Own Light' is absolutely astonishing.
Who is Tom Kenyon? His musical inspirations/channeling?

Thanks for all the work & inspiration. And love to your niece/nephew .. a journey of spiritual enlightenment for those who are touched.

JuliaB, posted on January 4, 2016

i can't find the episode on probiotics. Meredith talks to a doctor says she uses the tar like toothpaste. can anyone help

JMSMITH1, posted on June 1, 2016

I know the one you're asking about. I watched it recently, and I've been using the toothpaste -- it's amazing (nearly black but creamy not tar-like). Great episode! http://www.gaia.com/video/compton-rom-micronutrients-heal

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 4, 2016

Thank you for writing! This may be the Regina Meredith interview you are looking for:

jenhar, posted on January 1, 2016

I love your shows and wonder if Gaia.com can effect a few technical tweaks.
First on Gaiam -
a TECH SUPPORT button at the top for when it doesn't work - which seems to happen more and more regularly here in Los Angeles. And yes, it would be awesome if there could actually be a dedicated team that talked on the phone with you. So far the best system I've run into is on Amazon where they ask you how you'd like to be contacted: when you choose "Phone, Now" your phone rings instantly and shortly a tech rep comes on to give you support. The "support by email" is an endless chore and if other viewers are like me, we just give up because the day has many demands. I often get the feeling that I am being "blocked" from viewing your content. Definitely cuts down on my enjoyment.
the Purple Player -
though it says that it is "offline viewing" - whenever I launch it, it has an active prompt that says "downloading"... eventually becoming usable. When my internet isn't working the Purple Player doesn't work - which contradicts the idea of "offline viewing".
Needs more and different sorting capabilities so I can more easily find some of the episodes that I want to re-watch. i.e, by date, by Guest's name, by key words, and a view option to just look at the text titles rather than the cumbersome icon pictures; with the option of seeing it in the traditional text list of files, and file metadata (again date downloaded, guest's name, host's name title, perhaps last time viewed, etc.) , one could sort it and remember the sort order for ease of access.
thanks for your consideration of these ease-of-use issues.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 4, 2016

Hello @JENHAR, thanks for writing! We're sorry you're having trouble getting in touch with us.
You can reach us through our contact page here:

The Purple Player tethered download option is still available. You can contact Purple Player support through the following link:


maxmaggotskull, posted on September 16, 2015

170-something episodes now and almost every one a revelation of knowledge and truths of the utmost importance. Thank you Regina for your hard work spreading awareness and truth we love you!!

Puptart, posted on September 1, 2015

Yes, I read this notice, but you are on my Tuesday morning schedule and I arrived at the computer with breakfast and you weren't here! See you Thursday!

alinajenon, posted on August 25, 2015

Oh Gaiam, love your shows, but the old episode layout with video icons was so much easier to follow. My head is spinning with all these words and no pics... but maybe that's just my brain?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 1, 2015

Thank you for commenting! You can also find all the episodes of Open Minds listed here:


alinajenon, posted on September 2, 2015

Cool, thank you! Also, please I would love to request an episode with Dr. Ibrahim Karim on BioGeometry and BioSignatures... so much info you may need 3 episodes with him! Amazing, scientifically backed, beautiful Oneness minded soul. Similar in some ways to Patrick Flanagan. Thanks :)

Rajah, posted on June 18, 2015

Regina's knowledge of all this esoterica must be vast. I would love to see her encapsulate all the threads from so many sources into her vision of the whole tapestry - the bigger picture that emerges of who we are, where we have come from, where are we going.

Jimirod, posted on June 9, 2015

sandbox, posted on May 3, 2015

Great job Regina!

paul39, posted on April 28, 2015

Regina - much appreciative of your interviews and your professional openness to all forms of thought. Your preparedness is like crazy-good... Am curious to know after all these interviews in all the "realms" - what have you learned - 'about you'? Can I interview Regina?(LeGuruisYou.com) I know all of your listener/viewers would love to hear what inspires Regina- about Regina and the ah-has" you have experienced through all these teachers. Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the information that is out there? - How do you 'judge' what is true - for you??

Indine, posted on April 24, 2015

Regina, I have learned so much from your shows. I was wondering if Robert Phoenix could do a chart on the creation of CERN, and the creation of the LHC. I recall his show on atomic energy, it led me to wonder about the anti matter. Thank you again for your wisdom, questions, and interviews.

Cherikia, posted on April 5, 2015

Regina I have been watching your shows for about 3 years now. Today I felt led to thank you. You and your team has assisted me in opening my eyes, heart, and soul in more ways then you could imagine. I am so thankful and grateful for the work that you do every day and for Gaiam TV. Namaste, Cheri

macthe13th, posted on March 22, 2015

From the perspective of a humble therapist, I just wanted to comment on Regina Meredith's "reframing" skills. Fantastic! watching her technique is a large part of what I enjoy about her interviews. Love the discussion topics as well though!

darcienicole, posted on February 4, 2015

I have giam on my roku and just watched the episode with Dr Carlos Santos on Obamacare. I was shocked to see so much miss information on your program. He stated
1. there are High Deductables - (15,000) however in realith the highest deductable is 6,500
2. Cant choose a doctor - not true again, for example on coventry carelink hmo if you choose to change your primary doctor it is effective immediately.
3. He also states no PPO available - NOT true, there are also ppo, epo, hsa, and hmo
4. He states no one is denied health care now...Not true..If you need surgery for back pain and do not have health insurance or medicaid NO doctor or hospital will help you.. Emergency room will only give you pain pills.
5. He also said with his way as a concierge doctor services are pay as you go...NOT TRUE AGAIN, you have to pay him monthly..(that's pay weather you need it or not) and he stated you can see the nurse practitioner, if needed.

Asking a doctor how insurance works is like asking someone that does landscape design what disease is killing your plants!! Someone from the Insurance Industry would have been better suited for this discussion to give insight not misinformation.

hazewhisper, posted on December 17, 2014

So many interviews. I am trying to keep up! I'm still a year behind. Anyways, love the show and thank you for choosing this career path.

kyle7, posted on September 9, 2014

Regina - thank you! Your show provides ultimate information and resources about the world around us that can't be found anywhere else. The experts you bring on the show provide life changing information to your viewers. The one area I find myself hoping for more information is regarding raising children. I am a father of a 2yr old awesome little boy and while watching your shows I consistently try to interpret how to use this information to provide a better life for him.
Some examples: Nutritional Experts: How do I provide the best nutrition for my son? NLP: How can I prevent negative subconscious mindsets from forming at an early age? Fukashima Radiation/ Chem Trails: How do we protect our children? Etc.. For nearly anyone you may interview I might be asking how does this relate to a 2yr old and how can I use this information to his best benefit.
Do you have any resources on raising children in today's changing world? Would you have done anything differently raising your son knowing all this great information you now know? Thank you! Your work is life changing for so many. All the best to you!

seankaufman94, posted on September 8, 2014

Plus regina is beautiful :)

jmepatton, posted on July 30, 2014

I am very impressed with ALL the spiritual, scientific, and dimensional professionals on your show! I am also very gifted to receive the invaluable information that you so generously give away for pennies a month.

I mentioned the above Professionals in the subject line because they relate to my own private research into our ancient past. I strongly believe in the memories of past lives that Dolores Cannon has worked on, and understand that through Dolores, Regina has recalled a past life in Atlantis. I have also watched the "Open Minds" episode with Scott Onstott on Sacred Geometry, in which Scott uses Google Earth as a tool to explain many numerological alignments on our planet.
Seeing this has given me hope that my use of Google Earth as a tool will also be given credence, and that both you and your audience could take a moment of your time to watch my research on ancient Atlantis (As a continent), through the also wonderful tool of youtube. Typing my member name JMEPATTON into youtube, or by following the below link will reveal videos ( 1-4 ) that will eventually reveal what I believe to be the lost continent of Atlantis, amongst many other civilizations such as Lemuria. I apologize beforehand for the lengthiness of the videos, but there is so much land to cover or uncover I should say. Please reply with your professional analysis everyone...

Thank you for your time!
James Patton

kickers02, posted on May 7, 2014

I really enjoyed the show channeling Anna with Regina Meredith but could not find the web page Joan and Johnny.com. Is that there email address or web page?
Maybe someone could help me with this. Sincerely , Russ Email kickers02@aol,com

butobase68, posted on May 13, 2014

patricehocking, posted on April 8, 2014

Excellent show. Mr. Marlar is very sharp, wise and easy to listen to. Enjoyed the conversation.

jroclynx, posted on March 16, 2014

wow -- you are so awesome. I've watched hours of your shows and have added many more hours to my playlist. Thanks for being you and your prolific service to us all. :) Need a personal assistant? :D

taoss, posted on March 8, 2014

Regina, you and Barbara are so knowledgeable.

I can't wait for her newest book to be released.

millerspetzoo, posted on March 1, 2014

I Just want to let you know how much I am enjoying all of your interviews Regina. You are really good at what you do. You are well informed, thoughful and always seem to ask the questions I am thinking! You and Gaiamtv are helping make this world a better place. Thank you!!

Traveller, posted on February 26, 2014

I so appreciated the information presented in the interview with Barbara Hand Clow. We all need to better understand our life cycles and how to deal with them. I gained a lot of insight today regarding Kundalini and various Saturn/Uranus Returns. Thank you for being such a clear voice and pioneer in alternative media.

Leen22251, posted on February 13, 2014

Excellent as always! I feel so appreciative for the superb and heart-felt interviewing skills of Regina M!

pandafrei, posted on February 4, 2014

Marilyn Rodack , a vessel for a Multitude of Light Groups, would make a phenomenal guest. Hearing about the sacred codes, sacred geometry and wisdom from other Realms would not only be fascinating but also be practical in helping individuals learn about concrete steps to manifest good into their lives!

pandafrei, posted on January 28, 2014

Hi Meredith!
2300 Ascension Energy this month and next are being anchored onto the Earth Light Grid. This exciting news because for those aligned with Ascension goodness, they can more effectively and more quickly manifest their dreams to come true. Marilyn Rodack, a vessel for a Multitude of Light Groups, has had this mission. We need to all be so grateful for her tireless work to anchor this new breakthrough energy onto the Earth Plane! This will mean that human suffering will truly begin to end and Dark Forces will visibly lose their grip over our lives!

rainbow_audrey, posted on January 25, 2014

REgina, you reference your interview with Ken Rolla as one of the additional sources of information about solutions to the problems created by geoengineering, but I can't find the interview, even when I use the search feature of the website. What is the name of this interview?

KKJack, posted on January 21, 2014

Regina - great interview with Dane Wigington. I have been spreading the word to friends and family since watching this morning. Keep up the great work getting important information like this out there.

phyllisbrewer, posted on January 20, 2014

the human being is not a body with a mind. The human being is MIND with a body

56wings, posted on January 20, 2014

I want to express my sincere gratitude in advance of the upcoming episode "Hijacking the Weather" interview with Dane Wiggington! This subject is, in my opinion, the most URGENT issue facing the planet and all living things on her. I have been following the work of Dane Wiggington for some time now. I believe he is one of the most informed and outspoken voices on the issue of geoengineering and the devastating effect it is having worldwide. Please make him a regular commentator on Gaiam, as this subject needs our utmost attention and action to bring it out of secrecy and into the public conversation!

As someone who feels physical effects from the toxins on heavy spray days, I'm certain I'm not the only one who is desperate for relief from the assault going on above our heads. Thank you Regina, I'm so looking forward to this episode!!

Brent Penzotti, posted on January 17, 2014

Where did the episode about hijacking the weather go ?.

Mcampagna3, posted on December 26, 2013

I was so very surprised - thought I was watching a program on Fox News and not Gaiam TV. Everyone needs health care - bill that passed certainly isn't perfect - lets work together to make it work for all.

Shiite, posted on December 5, 2013

This is a suggestion for an interview. The person's name is TEAL SCOTT. Google her as I think you will find her quite knowledgable on many subjects.

douglasbloom, posted on December 1, 2013

Thanks for the Financial Reality Check episode. How about an episode on the "open-source" money movement, including bitcoin?

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