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Styled for Seeking Truth channel
Origins takes a journey through the biological roots of where we have come from and where we have gone. Using fire as a metaphor for technology, the film looks at the advances of our civilization and how the recklessness of unchecked technology is now choking out the environment and poisoning our bodies.
Origins (2014)
101 minutes
Origins takes a journey through the biological roots of where we have come from and where we have gone.
Available worldwide
Episode 8
Satya: Truthfulness as Honesty and Integrity (September 2016)Introduction to Yoga Sutras
Episode 8
, 7 minutes
Satya, or truthfulness, is the second of five yamas that make up the first limb of yoga. If we value our individual conscience more than our own self-interest, we can become our own hero by maintaining our integrity.
Available worldwide
The Butterfly (2002)
79 minutes
Eight-year-old Elsa and her mother move in next to Julien, an ornery old entomologist with a lavish butterfly collection in his apartment. Her mom is hardly ever home, and Elsa soon grows attached to her neighbor.
Available worldwide
Rumi: Poet of the Heart (1998)
56 minutes
How did a Persian mystic poet of the 13th century become the bestselling poet in America? Rumi: Poet of the Heart explores how Jelaluddin Rumi was discovered in the West and features two of the individuals responsible – ...
Available worldwide

The Big Picture

Insights on Global Perspectives

Styled for Seeking Truth channel
The Overview Effect, first described by author Frank White in 1987, is an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it. The film explores the phenomenon of the Overview Effect and the wider implications and importance of this understanding for society and our relationship to the environment.
Choice Point (2012)
74 minutes
Choice Point is a groundbreaking film on how we both individually and collectively can be the change that we want to see in the world.
Available worldwide
With One Voice (2009)
78 minutes
Awaken to the reality that unites us all. With One Voice features mystics from many great traditions around the world who illuminate the unity of humanity through the mystical traditions that binds all faiths together.
Available worldwide
Season 1, Episode 5
Enlightening our Global Culture (October 2013)Mind Shift
Season 1, Episode 5
, 28 minutes
We are facing a unique crisis as our renewed vigor for attaining enlightenment clashes with our materialist based economy and fear-based politics. Daniel Pinchbeck explores the cultural benefits of enlightenment with comedian ...
Available worldwide
Surviving Progress (2012)
87 minutes
Technological advancement, economic development, population increase – are they signs of a thriving society? Or too much of a good thing?
Only available in United States

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The Sacred Journey of the Heart
Sound Resonance: Feel the Vibration
The History of Astrology for Modern Day Seekers

Amplify Awareness

Explore the Path of Meditation

Styled for Seeking Truth channel
How to Meditate
This meditation series lead by Mark Williams and Bill Filter can help you develop the tools to keep what happens inside the mind as serene as a mountain lake--if that’s what you want. A much richer, more satisfying way of life is available to you!

Click here to watch the full series
Dharma Punx: Guided Meditations with Noah Levine (2015)
4 Episodes
Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx and Against the Stream, is a Buddhist teacher, author and counselor. He offers three guided meditations, of varying lengths and styles.
Kundalini Meditation with Krishna Kaur (December 2015)
4 Episodes
In this series, Krishna Kaur, Master Teacher and Trainer of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, offers the building blocks to Kundalini Yoga through the theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga kriyas (yoga sets), asanas, and mudras.
Meditation 101 (January 2015)
5 Episodes
This well-rounded meditation 101-guide highlights what meditation is, why to do it, and how to meditate. Rather than striving to achieve anything in particular, this practice brings us greater familiarity with our minds, gets us out of our task-oriented way of thinking, and ultimately shifts our ...
Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis (2015)
4 Episodes
Former Theravadan Buddhist monk Gregory Burdulis is an expert in mindfulness and meditation. It’s a message dear to his heart, so Greg wants to introduce you to mindfulness because it affects us all.

Mind Shift

Expand Your Field of Consciousness

Styled for Seeking Truth channel
Connecting with Universal Consciousness
Start upon your own journey of awakening and enlightenment by exploring what consciousness is, where it comes from and how we are all connected through a universal consciousness.
Open Minds:  Video
Season 5, Episode 53
Interfacing with your Higher Mind with Tiffany Barsotti (November 2015)Open Minds
Season 5, Episode 53
, 63 minutes
From the Reticular Activating System, which may be the seat of conscious awareness, to the functions of the Alta Major chakra, we can reorient our understanding of consciousness by exploring the Theosophical way of balancing ...
Available worldwide
Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines (2013)
69 minutes
A feature documentary about the resurgence of psychedelics as medicine. Psychedelics can be potent tools for getting to know who we are, who we can be, and for healing the trauma of a society that is addicted to greed and ...
Only available in United States
The Global Brain (1983)
35 minutes
The Global Brain explores the theory that the Earth is a self-regulating living organism and asks what function humanity might have for this planetary being.
Available worldwide
Conscious States of Dying (2008)
40 minutes
We sit with Stanislav Grof, author of numerous books on altered states of consciousness. He shares his experience and discoveries about the various states of consciousness one experiences throughout life, and upon the moment ...
Available worldwide

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