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Shaman healers have walked the earth for many centuries. With their traditions, adventures, and secrets they carry with them healing wisdom. It’s this ancient knowledge that can be applied to our energetic and spiritual journeys today. Shamanism is about creating a relationship with plants, spirits, and ancestors while developing remedies that offer relief to the living. It’s the shaman’s duty to be in service to community and to learn to walk the unseen planes, where most ailments begin. Great dedication, commitment, and creativity are required to be successful, as each patient, spirit, and plant offers its own unique teachings and challenges.

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Why Shamanism on Gaia?

Here you’ll learn the secrets of ancient tribes and present day shamans to help you in your life today. With renowned content you’ll be amazed as you find out more about the power of organic matter and energy to heal the most deadly of western diseases. Discover the stories of these shaman healers and their interactions with those in need as they work to mend the mind, spirit, and physical body to help people in their communities live more fulfilling lives.

“Shamans are those who work with the invisible realms to bring healing, peace, and wholeness to the living world.”

Andye Murphy, aka. The Rock'n' Roll Shaman
could you be a shaman?

Could You Be a Shaman?

Most Shaman are not seeking the path, they’re called to it.

Your spirit might be guiding you toward shamanism if:

  • You have vivid dreams and/or past life memories.
  • You have a strong lineage of family healers.
  • You’ve been drawn to the unexplained.
  • You've had a near death or spontaneous out-of-body experience.
  • You’ve been present for many deaths/births.
  • You’re always the one people confide in.
  • You’re an empath—you feel the pain, emotions, and joy of others.
  • You feel deeply comforted by nature.
  • You have past-life memories of being a healer/seer.
  • You have been struck by lightning.
  • You like to solve things, finding creative solutions others may miss.
  • You see spirits, talk to plants, or can control your dreams.

How to Become a Shaman:
Explore the Unexplained

A shaman is a fierce guardian of the physical world and must have personal mastery in certain areas. The shaman’s heart must be pure and clear with a great love for humanity and for the Earth. The gifts that flow through us are not ours; they are bestowed by Spirit and must be treated with great reverence.

Being a shaman takes a fearless heart to go against the flow. Shaman healers are not stronger, smarter, or braver than others. They walk hand in hand with Spirit, using faith as their guide, and trusting in the relationships with the allies they have built. They see the illusion of the world and seek to heal within themselves every wound and doubt so that others may learn to do the same. Learn more about the path of the shaman in this compelling article from a healing master himself.


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“Shamans walk between worlds to retrieve medicine, wisdom and guidance which will benefit their community. By forging working relationships with plants, Spirits, and ancestors, remedies are offered to bring relief to the living.”

Andye Murphy, aka. The Rock'n' Roll Shaman

Shamans of the World

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Shamanism Today


Open Minds: Path of the Shaman with Itzhak Beery

Prior to organized religion, the power to heal and bring blessings of the spirits into our world rested within the hands of the powerful and wise shamans. This was many centuries ago, but today these shamans still walk among us. One of the, Itzhak Beery, is trained in the Yachak tradition. In this compelling show he discusses where his own path of the shaman had led him.


Mind Shift: Toltec Shamanic Prophecies

The Mayan calendar was not meant to indicate the end of the world, more so a transition. We’ve entered a new period of slow transformation and awakening. We are currently in the time between the 5th and the 6th sun, which is a time when spirituality shifts from an external focus to an internal one. Daniel Pinchbeck discusses these toltec shamanic prophecies with Sergio Magaña. Later on in his show he is joined with Dharma Padon Daly and Salvador Bolivar Madera to dive deeper into the concepts of ancient shaman and how they relate to our current period of transition.


The Toltec Art of Life and Death with don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the influential work, The Four Agreements, shares the wisdom of the ancient Toltec, shaman healers, and the innermost workings of the singular heart and mind. He also details the spiritual journey he undertook after suffering from a near-fatal heart attack. A heart-attack that kept him in a nine-week long coma suspended between this world and the next. Life and death are interconnected; what it comes down to is our connection with our authentic essence, our will, our spark.

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“Being a shaman is a way of life. It’s a path of devotion, and isn't for the weak or faint of heart. It takes great courage to walk in places and offer wisdom, that many in our society don’t acknowledge.”

Andye Murphy, aka. The Rock'n' Roll Shaman


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