10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast

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10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast

Jessica Smith

Burn fat and build lean muscle while target-toning your abs, arms, hips and thighs with three high-energy workouts that maximize calorie burn while toning and tightening your entire body. Master instructor Jessica Smith’s fun, upbeat instruction style will keep you engaged and motivated to drop—and keep off!—those stubborn 10 pounds!


20-Minute Arms Video
Episode 1 20-Minute Arms
20-Minute Arms (2011)
Episode 1
, 23 minutes
Jessica Smith
Get tank-top ready with this quick upper arm workout.
Available worldwide
20-Minute Legs Video
Episode 2 20-Minute Legs
20-Minute Legs (2011)
Episode 2
, 23 minutes
Jessica Smith
Get long and lean legs.
Available worldwide
20-Minute Abs Video
Episode 3 20-Minute Abs
20-Minute Abs (2011)
Episode 3
, 20 minutes
Jessica Smith
Get a strong, sexy core.
Available worldwide

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baskin, posted on February 19, 2016

great instructor. I did the trio in 1 workout - whew-challenging! loved it!

ChristineD31, posted on November 11, 2015

What a great 20 minute workout! Definitely good if you are in a time crunch but want to do a real effective workout. Jessica Smith makes every minute count and works every muscle in your lower body. Sure felt longer than 20 minutes. Added to my playlist.

SuzanneHB, posted on February 16, 2015

I love Jessica Smith. She's matter-of-fact, motivating and so pleasant to exercise with! I've done the abs and arms workout on MYO, and I find them challenging but with with plenty of modifications to make it work!

essential.yoga, posted on January 22, 2015

Wear and tear on spine and shoulders. Excessive.

redwinghockeylover, posted on January 21, 2015

This series is easy to follow along and really got me huffing & puffing! Moves I've never done before. I love how Jessica puts the levels of difficulty into motion. I will be repeating this series. Thanks Gaia!

rashel, posted on January 11, 2015

This workout gets my muscles burning quick. The music is less than motivating, though.

mel3553, posted on September 8, 2014

Fantastic series - Doing all 3 gives a well-balanced work-out. Love the instructor.

jkonopa, posted on August 6, 2014

I've been training for years and with this trio of workouts I've achieve wonderful results. Do these regularly and clean your diet and you will too.

nvymomx3, posted on July 25, 2014

First time doing a jessica smith work out I exercise regularly and found this tape a good challenge. Will definitely do this series again.

barikoralband, posted on July 15, 2014

happily have discovered this workouts and Jessica Smith in general. Her cues are great- and the abs is tough, but great. so are the arms. I don't love the music- I do wish there was maybe an option to lose the music (and play my own with her voice!), but she really rocks it. This girl is definitely a winner! By far one of my favorite videos on Gaiam. And doesn't lose it's appeal after being on repeat. Looking forward to diving more into the world of Jessica Smith with her website, etc.

supermoon1, posted on June 29, 2014

Great workout for the arms. It is much needed for women.

erindoughertynutrition, posted on April 12, 2014

I love all of these 10 Pounds Down workouts. The arms I found just perfect, exactly the types of exercises I enjoy doing and not too difficult. Jessica has a great training personality, she's motivating but doesn't need to be a drill instructor. Her abs workout is insane and so are the legs. All of these exercises are nice and short, will make you sore to the core the next few days when you just start out, but are all the perfect level that you'll achieve if you stick with them.

april0, posted on March 24, 2014

not in love with the music, but the workout is solid! So much so quickly. Wow!

scherman.a, posted on February 17, 2014

Jessica is great, I love her workouts. If you go to her website, jessicasmithtv.com, you can find even more cardio/weight training/barre/yoga. It's great.

Realgonekitty, posted on January 2, 2014

Every segment is fun, energizing, challenging and you will see results quickly! Definitely recommend doing these if you are wanting intensity, none of that ridiculous cardio dance moves to follow and don't have too much time. Great for moms!

brightman73, posted on September 23, 2013

Holy Smokes the arm workout is intense! She is in great shape. I had to stop and stretch or rest several times. That's the main drawback to shorter workouts -- they cover more turf on the body, but there isn't any stretching.

tessa2, posted on September 9, 2013

What a great sweat! Just completed legs and arms within the hour I have today, and am very impressed with what was accomplished in this time. Jessica keeps a great pace, at times a bit fast for me, but I'll get there. She's encouraging and the music keeps me going as well. The best part is that I'm not thinking so much, just doing and that's exactly what I need...get me out of my head and into sweat! I'll incorporate this into my calorie blast yoga series throughout the week and look forward to a lean, strong body throughout the holidays this year :).

magary71, posted on July 14, 2013

So far I have only tried the arm workout, but I was very impressed with it. I really like how it incorporates a little boxing as well. It's fast-paced but not too fast. Excellent cueing / instructions, very clear. I like the emphasis on the back. Those "dolphins" are hard! I would add my own stretches at the end, though, as there is barely any time spent for stretching.

pampi.mc, posted on July 9, 2013

This arm workout is really well paced and offers clear instructions. It moves quickly enough to keep the viewer engaged and working hard. Thanks! I definitely recommend it. I can't wait to try the legs and abs.

avivale, posted on June 6, 2013

This is an amazing advanced workout. I always do the legs section first because it's the hardest. It works your lower body all around, incorporating great core moves and balance. I highly recommend that runners do this as a strengthening routine! The arms section is challenging too and also features some lower-body balance. The little boxing cardio is a fun break. Highly recommend!

kokolynee, posted on May 23, 2013

Really enjoyed this workout. So far I've done legs and arms. It was challenging yet effective. I do it in combination with the legs 20 min one and together they make a good all-over toning routine. I used 5lb weights and 2lb weights in combination depending on the moves.

Jenn1320, posted on April 1, 2013

Really enjoyed this. Like the instructor, too!

marzdarz, posted on March 7, 2013

This looks like a great video, but there is something up with the sound on the legs one, in some places its so loud and almost distorted that its hard to hear the instructor. I really like the choice of music though, sort of bellydancy.

Foxx13, posted on February 3, 2013

Great upper arm workout, she only uses 5lb weights so I thought this would be easy, but my arms are burning. Its challenging but nothing crazy. Love it.

Larpin, posted on January 21, 2013

Love the abs section. Different moves, different variations on traditional exercises.. Original, effective moves.

bpenpeci, posted on January 5, 2013

Is there a recommended schedule type of thing for this workout? I mean, would it be most effective if it's done 3-5 days a week, all of them at once? or on different days?

lynno50, posted on December 26, 2012

Simple and straightforward with clear instruction. You can focus on getting a good workout. I'm a beginner and have been extremely frustrated by many of the other workouts (especially cardio) that GAIAM rates as "for beginners". This has both strength and cardio in it.

daphne719, posted on December 15, 2012

Was skeptical that a 20 minute workout would fit my needs. This one did. Like the instructor.

dkedora, posted on December 14, 2012

I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and find it very difficult to get to the gym let alone get out of the house! This workout was perfect in 20 minutes while he napped. I will continue to do this at home when I can put the baby down and squeeze in a short and effective workout. My heart rate was up and I found this challenging for my post baby body but not impossible! I liked that there wasn't a lot of jumping( especially for someone breast feeding) but it involved toning and good cardio.
Highly recommend....

Suzanne, posted on December 10, 2012

I haven't been on gaiam in awhile, and was going to do one of my other normal workouts, but I saw this and thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did. Great full body workout, but the concentration on the arms was great. Will definitely do this again, and will try the abs and legs routines too. Thanks!

courtneymcbee, posted on December 10, 2012

A great workout!

AndreaR, posted on December 10, 2012

20 minutes is just right to keep me going. Pleasant instructor, pleasant music, and very effective exercises. Love it, love it, love it. This is just what I was looking for.

helpthe3percent, posted on December 10, 2012

Great workout!!

ohmira, posted on December 5, 2012

This was my first workout with Jessica, and she is amazing. I love how she combines high reps for strength to get your muscles good and tired along with cardio to burn those calories too. According to my heart rate monitor, I burned 150 calories in the 20 minute upper body segment while also getting in my strength workout. I will be doing this workout many more times.

ashleystone, posted on December 5, 2012

I love long workouts that are strength and cardio combined. Jessica has done a great job of making these workouts challenging and when strung together they are a wonderful complete workout.

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