Abs Ball Workout

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Abs Ball Workout

Jonathan Roche

The Gaiam Abs Ball workout is a great abs workout for men, designed to strengthen your core and sculpt your abs. This unique two-handled ball is easy to grip, and the weight is the recommended resistance for optimal torso-reshaping results. These two workouts features seven-time Iron Man triathlete Jonathan Roche who guides you through each 12-minute workouts (beginner and advanced) teaching you moves such as the "3-Layered Crunch" and "Russian Twist" to effectively chisel your torso and reveal your abs.


Beginner Video
Episode 1 Beginner
Episode 1
, 18 minutes
Jonathan Roche
Power-sculpt your core with the added resistance of the sure-grip, two-handled abs ball and the beginning Ab Ball Workout
Available worldwide
Advanced Workout Video
Episode 2 Advanced Workout
Advanced Workout
Episode 2
, 17 minutes
Jonathan Roche
Strengthen your core and sculpt your abs with this advanced abs ball workout
Available worldwide

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