Advance Your Practice: Bhujapidasana

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Advance Your Practice: Bhujapidasana

Andrea Marcum

Take your practice to the next level with our offering of focused mini-series. This special category will give you the tools you need to Advance Your Practice safely.

In this series with Andrea Marcum she explores the building blocks of the peak pose: Bhujapidasana. Bhujapidasana literally translates as “shoulder-pressing pose” some people call it “bug pose” and it is often the transition into Titibasana (Firefly Pose). You see, in order to even think about pressing your shoulders, you need your hips to be open enough to snuggle in… not easy for a lot of us. Plus you need deep core strength to get that little bugger off the ground. In this Advance Your Practice series, Andrea is going to turn that bug around and have some fun!

Episode List

In the first episode of Andrea Marcum's series, Bhujapidasana, Andrea lays out our foundation to get that bug pose off the ground.
22 minutes
Episode two of Andrea Marcum's Bhujapidasana series, Seatback In Upright Position, takes us from our core and hip work in episode one to the mechanics of lift off.
23 minutes
In the final episode of Andrea Marcum's Bhujapidasana series, it's time let it fly as part of a flowing vinyasa practice.
55 minutes

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TiffanyB@Gaia, posted on May 16, 2016

Andrea will help you unfold into this with Part 2, released today! There will be another in the series next week as well to close out this wonderful lesson. So happy you are enjoying this as much as we are!



marystavrou, posted on May 9, 2016

Andrea...I am loving your videos. I was surprised, however, that you didn't actually do the pose your were building towards. I find this one of the hardest poses to get into...I have many teachers get into it easily but none showed me had to get access to it. Thank you for all these poses that will build the foundation for bhujapidasana.

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