AM & PM Walking for Weight Loss

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AM & PM Walking for Weight Loss

Debbie Rocker

AM and PM Walking for Weight Loss is a walking workout system that gives you the flexibility to slim down and get fit your way. This unique comprehensive program includes two walking workouts. The A.M. Walking workout is an invigorating effective workout that helps you wake your muscles metabolism and mind. It s a calorie-burning regimen that will give you a healthy start to every day. The P.M. Walking workout is designed to continue the calorie-burn but at a relaxed pace so you can unwind and end your day with a healthy peaceful state of mind.


Episode 1
Episode 1
, 29 minutes
Wake up with walking workouts designed for weight loss and increased energy with Debbie Rocker!
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Episode 2
, 26 minutes
Debbie Rocker takes you through this effective workout designed the energize you, release stress and help you to wind down to a calm place.
Available worldwide

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99lizardo, posted on September 1, 2016

I have used another walking program for several years so was eager to try something new. Happy to say this was a short but w ell paced plan and I appreciate Debbie's message Thank U!

lucymtodd, posted on December 30, 2014

A perfect workout for me. I really enjoyed Debbie Rocker, her moves, the music and the intensity. And what an incredibly beautiful background. I loved all of it. I'm 71 years old and feel like I've finally found the right walking video that I can stick with. Thank you, Debbie!

Sandywillow, posted on November 9, 2013

enjoying the workouts, however, like to keep track of my miles.
can you give me that info?

roseen, posted on April 25, 2013

I'm just starting out with these videos, though not with exercising which i have been doing for for 15 years. I could do it but i'm a bit worried that it will be too much for my knees. I'm 65, overweight, and have arthritis in knees, hips and neck.. may save this one for when I've progressed some.

marzdarz, posted on October 17, 2012

The workout was decent and just about the right level for me ..I'm 44 and quite a lot overweight,though i've been exercising on and off for a month or two now. It's sort of along the lines of a lot of Leslie Sansone videos. But somehow I found it kind of annoying..she just talks and talks through the whole thing, and is encouraging to the point of irritation. For example, she's saying stuff like you can do it, just stay with us now..when we are doing something like stepping to the side. Also the cueing is almost *too* far in advance..she says something about side steps..WAY before we actually start doing then and it's kind of distracting. I agree with the option to mute the trainer and keep the music. That would improve this and many other videos out there.

QueZee, posted on June 3, 2012

I'm 54 and just getting back into exercising after a long break. For me, it was just the right level. It's a routine I could really imagine doing in the morning just to wake up. Not too stressful, but enough for me to break a sweat.

dmoo, posted on January 26, 2012

The trainer is very scary looking - and her nonstop banter was too, too annoying, All the "I am..." statements did not inspire me to follow her lead or example. The two women in the back should have been placed in the foreground and an option to mute the trainer and keep the music would be a great improvement. And give her a sarong or skirt or something...

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