AM & PM Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

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AM & PM Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

Suzanne Deason

Reach your weight-loss goals with two easy-to-follow yoga conditioning videos designed to start and end your day. Yoga instructor Suzanne Deason guides step by step you through a revitalizing morning practice to help you wake up, energize, and set your intentions for the day. Her relaxing evening yoga session releases the day’s stress and tension from your mind and body, and promotes deep restorative sleep. AM/PM Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss designed to help you tune into your physical and emotional needs, and tap into the inner resolve you need to make healthy, positive choices every day.


Episode 1
Episode 1
, 27 minutes
Suzanne Deason introduces yoga techniques that emphasize weight loss.
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Episode 2
, 29 minutes
Bring each day to a relaxing close with a a practice designed to increase the awareness of the needs of your body.
Available worldwide

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nomikenan, posted on July 11, 2016

Loved this relaxing p.m. yoga. Some said it was too easy, but for whom? I found it ideally balanced between effective stretches and doable poses for the less flexible among us. For me, this was perfect. Suzanne has a calming voice and presents the poses in an easy-to-follow way. Perhaps eventually I'll want a more challenging sequence, but for now, I'm satisfied that I can enjoy a simple, calming evening routine.

(As for the wedge, I just used a blanket. Not going to invest in another piece of yoga equipment that will sit in my closet.)

bnimblenow, posted on June 8, 2016

Suzanne Deason was a teacher whose classes I had on DVD when I first started my home practice and I'm so grateful to haver her instruction again (the VCR is long gone!). Relaxing and calming class.

kungfuyogini, posted on June 12, 2015

Enjoyed this Peaceful Evening Yoga Practice to unwind.

bstobbart, posted on April 13, 2015

Yet again, great videos by Susan and with best body mind connection instruction I have ever heard. She really stresses the benefits of yoga as a holistic health practice which I feel is so lost in more current variations, but then its wonderful to have diversity in yoga. I also enjoy the music so much.

geminiwitch, posted on January 31, 2015

Always has been one of my favorites since I was first introduced to Yoga. Very gentle and relaxing. It was just what I needed pre-bedtime. Thank you!

Kenneymm, posted on December 19, 2014

This video provides a lovely morning yoga sequence for the not so flexible person,using blocks. I also enjoy the pm sequence which is very calming.

energiayoga, posted on November 24, 2014

Flowed smoothly but only one down dog at the very end & no posture names were given...? Either way, nice practice.

mcgarryu, posted on July 29, 2014

Did the pm and didn't really feel like it did much of anything for me, it's relaxing but that's about it. Also you need a strap and a wedge block which I have but didn't know beforehand, usually Gaiam is pretty good about noting if you need props but must have missed this one.

Bigballer, posted on September 2, 2013

It was almost boring, and normally I never feel that way about yoga. I did the PM video. I liked the beginning neck stretches, but I feel like all the stretches weren't held long enough.

Dianna_Morris, posted on May 12, 2013

I had this on VHS when I was in high school and lost it, I've been searching for it now for years as it relaxed me so perfectly before bed. I am so glad that you have included it as well as the AM version in your collection :)

psykosprite, posted on September 20, 2012

I did this in the morning assuming the 27 minutes was all or at least mostly yoga. After impatiently waiting thru a few minutes of chit chat on yoga it finally started. I didn't realize props were needed so I just winged it without them. My opinion though was this is great for beginners, novice yoga practicioners or those needing a "modified" yoga course. Really smooth and quiet but not what I wanted or needed to wake up. I definitely didn't feel the burn for any weight loss.

rachel.lynna, posted on August 2, 2012

This is fine- not very hard at all. I think it's only considered "for weightless" as part of your diet and other exercise routines. She uses straps and wedges in the PM video (haven't done the AM one yet)- wasn't expecting that and don't have those things. Would have been nice to offer modifications for those of us who aren't going to go out and buy a yoga wedge (seriously, come on). Other than that, it's a fine, easy workout that more or less relaxes you for bed.

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on August 3, 2012

Thanks for your feedback. We have updated the class descriptions to include which yoga props are needed. We do this as a matter of course, but somehow, missed this one. Although she doesn't mention this in the video, you can always use a folded towel instead of the yoga wedge, which we've noted in the class description as well. Namaste.

rachiebaby18, posted on May 3, 2012

this is perfect immediately after you wake up. moves and stretches aren't too hard, just enough to get the bodies energy moving and flowing.

ivyangelina, posted on March 15, 2012

created a very nice calm close to the day - very relaxing and soothing - smoothes out any wrinkles from the day for a great sleep. As someone who is also working on weight conditioning it gave me a nice body awareness and reconnection.

robienne, posted on March 12, 2012

Being an overweight middleaged woman who is starting on her road to fitness, I love both of these programs. The chunking of the time, 20 minutes each, makes the program feel comfortable and doable on a consistent basis, and the stretches challenged me enough that I was not bored.

While other more advanced yoga people may sneer at how easy this video is, I highly recommend it to women of size just starting their conscious journey to fitness.

iamanda, posted on November 7, 2011

Yes, the poses are simple, but I could still feel my body working and relaxing at the same time. I feel ready to start my day knowing I did something good for myself.

krisedler, posted on November 5, 2011

The stretches were very elementary and there was nothing to point to why this should be included in a yoga routine for weight loss. It was night to stretch the legs this way, but again - nothing to do with weight loss or really evening wind-down stretches.

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