Becoming a Man

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Becoming a Man


This award-winning collection follows the epic ordeals of boys living around the world. Each must face a grueling and impressive challenge in order to make the difficult passage to adulthood.
During each ordeal they must prove their intelligence, courage and maturity. Success will mean a new status and responsibilities within each community – but success isn't guaranteed. If they fail, they will remain children, until the next challenge.

Episode List

To achieve the transition to manhood, Banda must climb giant trees to gather honey, the elixir of life, whereas Kolé in Ethiopia must embark on a long journey, which will take him to the bull jumping ceremony.
52 minutes
In Southern Ethiopia, 11 year-old Wario belongs to the Borana, a semi-nomadic tribe renowned for salt trading in the region. It is time for him to prove to himself and to his family that he is a real Borana, and can take on important responsibilities in ...
51 minutes
In the Kayapo community of northern Brazil, young adolescents must face a terrible challenge to reach adulthood – confront Amyu, a giant wasp that builds nests as big as men.
52 minutes
From the north to the south of the huge expanse of Siberia, the children of the steppes and of the tundra – all lovers of dry and often hostile lands – will have to retain the teachings of their elders in their hearts if they are to become true men.
52 minutes
In the snow-covered plains of northern Mongolia, the Tsaatan nomads are a proud and free people who live off hunting and gathering. They travel on the backs of reindeer, on which they completely depend to survive in this hostile and remote land.
50 minutes
Becoming a Man in Melanesia follows the epic ordeals of two young men who live on separate islands. Although the two young men will never meet each other, they share a common, singular goal – to make the difficult passage into manhood.
52 minutes

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