Beyond Human Limits

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Beyond Human Limits (2006)


Three adventurous scientists risk their lives exploring the limits of their bodies. Will they survive their own experiments?

The human body is a wonderfully complex machine. Confronted with extreme conditions such as hypoxia, cold, and isolation, it triggers off strange and primitive survival mechanisms that modern science is only beginning to understand. Based on true stories, with re-enactments and 3-D medical imagery, Beyond Human Limits recounts the adventures of three scientists who had risked their lives to explore the limits of their bodies.

Episode List

Dr. Jaeger tested his resistance to hypoxia, the lack of oxygen, by living two months at an altitude of 6,700 meters.
52 minutes
E2 Cold
Trapped for a whole night outdoors in extreme cold weather, Dr. Cauchy explains how he survived against all odds.
50 minutes
E3 Time
Michel Siffre spent two months beneath the earth’s surface without any time landmarks. He discovered the existence of an “internal clock” and his experiments gave birth to a new science: chrono biology.
51 minutes

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