The Change Makers

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The Change Makers (2010)


As a reporter, Céline Hue decided to meet men and women of exception, people who bring a big ray of sunshine into the lives of others. Brave and involved, sometimes a little quirky, they have chosen not to comply with the rules but rather to make change happen when the system fails them. Thanks to their new and original ideas, these true pioneers fight to change mentalities by developing projects that bring hope.

Meet Father Boyle, the director of the Home Boy Industry, an American association that only hires ex-gang members, or Trevor, the inventor of the pipe pump carousel, that provides running water to schools in South Africa. Céline’s spontaneous comments and sensitive approach allow her to build strong relations with the people she encounters. Thanks to these “Change Makers,” tomorrow is another day.

Episode List

The Change Makers documents brave people who fight for a cause, visionaries who help others when the system breaks. In this episode, Celine Hue visits four change makers across America challenging the system and changing lives.
51 minutes
The Change Makers highlights the accomplishments of people working to change the peoples’ lives. This time we travel to Brazil to meet four people actively making a difference. Celine Hue visits a school in the heart of a favela where violence and gunfire ...
52 minutes
South Africa, a land of great change, calls for bold innovators to come forth to change peoples’ lives. This episode introduces five such bold creators.
52 minutes
With weak government programs, the Argentineans learn to take care of themselves with innovative ideas and programs. Travel across Argentina with Celine Hue as she visits four such programs that are changing the lives of many people.
51 minutes
Canada is the second largest country in the world, yet some of its people face incredible challenges that inspire some incredible people to reach out and help out those in need. Celine Hue visits these people to learn how they are making a change.
52 minutes
Spain, like many developed nations has many challenges that face its citizens. Celine Hue visits innovators to learn how they are changing the lives of others.
51 minutes

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