Chasing Sleep

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Chasing Sleep (2011)


Sleep is one of the hottest topics in science today. Why do we need to sleep? Why is sleep so hard to get for some, and how does that affect everything from our performance to our income? At what point does sleeplessness becomes a sleep disorder requiring treatment? What happens when we are deprived of sleep? What happens when we sleep? Do children need more or less sleep? Do their sleeping requirements change as they grow? Insomnia and sleeping too little are practically epidemic in modern societies. Many of us are guilty of sacrificing our sleep for a myriad of seemingly compelling reasons. Chasing Sleep is a ground-breaking medical series that will make a sleep guru out of you.

Episode List

Host Adrian Pang answers all of our burning questions about sleep as he undergoes sleep experiments in the name of sleep science.
23 minutes
Imagine not being able to fall asleep. Imagine this happening night after night despite countless cups of chamomile tea, soothing eye masks and soft music. Insomnia is the prolonged inability to fall asleep or stay asleep or get good quality refreshing sleep.
23 minutes
One invention in the 19th century has led to people keeping later hours in the 21st century – the humble light bulb. Modern inventions in a modern society empower us to do more. Problem is, we are sleeping less, and less.
23 minutes
Do you snore? Would you know if you snore? Does your spouse snore but stubbornly denies? Is snoring normal? Can it kill?
23 minutes
Think of your friendly 7-Eleven cashiers, trusty paramedics and chatty taxi drivers. What is the common vein among these three occupations? Shift work. While we may be familiar with the concept of shift work, few of us are aware of its hazards.
23 minutes
Parents typically expend a lot of energy and resources hiring tutors, sending their children to enrichment courses and other activities in the hope that their children would fare better in school. They typically neglect the importance of good and ...
23 minutes

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jasonbrown9265, posted on January 23, 2016

Lots of good info. Makes me realize to make sleep a much more important part of my life. Good series to watch right before bed.

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