Conscious Aging

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Conscious Aging

Kate Potter

In this series of yoga talks with Kate Potter she discusses with her students the choice to 'age consciously'. What does that even mean? How can we age more consciously and use yoga as a tool that informs perspective and self-care? Yoga can help calm the emotional chatter so you can hear your own truth and absorb the big picture. Maybe age CAN be a state of mind. When you leverage the power of yoga, that state of mind shows on the outside, too!

Choose to age with grace, happiness and laughter!

Episode List

Join Kate Potter as she discusses various relationships with conscious aging. This yoga talk explores the tendency towards attachment to body image, the journey through motherhood, and the value of older role models.
5 minutes
Kate Potter addresses the simple question: "What's the matter with looking our age?". This yoga talk discusses our perceptions of inner and outer beauty as we age.
6 minutes
Sit in with Kate Potter as she discusses how we can more readily become at ease with aging.
6 minutes
Kate Potter discusses the idea of a 'longevity revolution' as our populations discover how yoga and whole wellness are increasingly facilitating graceful aging.
6 minutes
Join Kate Potter as she discusses the effect of social media (the purveyor of youth) and how it conditions our perception of aging.
9 minutes

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