Crop Circles: Embrace the Mystery

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Crop Circles: Embrace the Mystery (2012)


The Crop Circle phenomenon appears in the newspapers and TV news. Numerous books and dozens of DVDs have been produced. Many documentaries and TV films have been made. Even Hollywood has produced a film about the phenomenon.

Producer and cameraman Roy Leraand has followed the crop circle phenomenon since 2009. During filming he met with all the key people who continue to actively embrace this mystery today. This became an amazing story about a phenomenon that has been reported every year for decades, and is now reported from all around the world.

Is it a communication, is it an art form, or is it a big experiment, a message from an unknown sender from an unknown source. These questions open doors to a new world, maybe to something that we have forgotten along the way.

Episode List

This is a story about the crop circle phenomenon, as told by researchers, enthusiasts and those who embrace this mystery. Episode one takes us all the way back to when the first crop circle was reported in the early 1980s.
46 minutes
In the second episode we will follow some of the crop circle researchers during the summer months, and explore what’s going on out in the fields.
45 minutes
In this episode you will see that there are many other strange occurrences. Glowing balls of light floating in the skies are frequently reported, and even captured on film. Is there a connection between the crop circle mystery, ancient sites, and these ...
45 minutes

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unity38, posted on May 12, 2014

Why are we discriminated against because we live outside the USA/Canada area. Strange as it may seem there is life and intelligence in Australia and elsewhere. I am really disappointed.

pushkar.baral, posted on October 22, 2015

Installed tunnelbear chrome extention and now I can watch ALL videos. Goodluck sweetheart. Greetings from Perth.

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