Daily Meditation

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Daily Meditation

Rodney Yee and Maritza

This acclaimed meditation video is two parts. A.M. Meditation is a simple morning program led by internationally acclaimed yoga and meditation instructor Rodney Yee. A gentle yoga warm-up helps transition your body from sleep to seated meditation, followed by breath work to stimulate the body and mind and ending with a guided meditation. P.M. Meditation invites you to step back and take a quiet pause at the end of your day to recenter and unwind. Long-time inspiring meditation teacher Maritza shows you how to sharpen your awareness, broaden your perspective and find sanctuaries of stillness to the inner layers of your body, mind and breath.


AM Meditation Video
Episode 1 AM Meditation
AM Meditation (2002)
Episode 1
, 27 minutes
Begin your day with this inspiring and centering yoga warm-up, breath work and meditation practice.
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Episode 2
, 20 minutes
End your day with a centering meditation practice. P.M. Meditation can help you find inner calm and focus as you end your day.
Available worldwide
Episode 3
Episode 3
, 18 minutes
Bring a new level of stillness to your daily meditation with this P.M. Meditation practice lead by long-time inspiring meditation teacher Maritza.
Available worldwide

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aliciavalentyn, posted on July 6, 2016

Thank you My husband and I enjoyed this very much. Namaste

wlbgypsy, posted on June 4, 2016

Wonderful guided meditation. Blessings..

sheinpdx, posted on March 11, 2016

I found the series to be excellent. I will use all three in the future.

veda, posted on December 1, 2015

My mind was racing too much to trust myself to focus and settle into meditation, so I turned to this video, doing episode 2, first, which was some releasing asanas, though there is repetitive talking in the first video, it led my mind toward a more relaxing mindfulness, then I followed with this video, episode 3, and, again, though the talking is a bit long for me, it would be helpful to beginners, I was able to focus my thoughts toward her soothing voice and suggestions, which finally gave me the meditative state I required! Thank you!

Bolowe, posted on July 19, 2015

This meditation is very easy to go inward to connect with the infinity. Love the stretching sequence to prepare the body before meditation, something that is much needed for first thing in the morning.


celiaa07, posted on May 21, 2015

This meditation was very nice and simple and I felt great at the end. The only issue was the video pausing several times, I wish these could be downloaded to avoid that issue.

ELH127, posted on May 4, 2015

My meditation practice is taking on a new component...yoga.
This was perfect.

liz022376, posted on February 11, 2015

Beautiful way to start the day. Thank you.

Cmacstrand, posted on February 5, 2015

I enjoyed my first time using this video. I liked the background instrumentals, but with the woman singing in the background I found it hard to ignore her. Is there a version of this that doesn't include her singing? Namaste, awake and alive, thank you.

stacymarek, posted on January 25, 2015

Lovely way to start the day. Precious...

gordon.c.cummings, posted on January 18, 2015

Namaste Love & Light

ccclark2000, posted on January 4, 2015


JayW, posted on November 28, 2014

bette.wendy, posted on November 19, 2014

I agree with the comments of Jamie Colombo...the music was a bit distracting altho I enjoyed the meditation. I also enjoy Rodney Yee's teaching style.

jamiecolombo, posted on November 9, 2014

I am a big fan of Rodney Yee and his practice. His voice is very calming and clears the mind. The music however was so distracting that I could not get into a deep meditation. The high pitched "oohs and ahs" of the female singers are pretty....but too distracting for a meditation.

Nessvanb, posted on July 29, 2014

I can't say enough how much I enjoy Rodney Yee's practice. He is a blissful teacher, and it has positively influenced my practice

JyotiB, posted on May 4, 2014

Loved it, the gentle warm-ups before starting were perfect for settling down for a period of time. Wish it was longer.

JyotiB, posted on April 12, 2014

simply brilliant,,,,,,,have never managed to get deep into meditation,,,,,,but this was amazing,,,,,the soothing voice, the perfect gaps of silence, the music,,,,,,,what can i say,,,,,,,i am addicted,,,,want to listen to this everyday.....

Renemccann, posted on July 14, 2013

wow. I just did the Daily Mediation with Rodney Yee. I can't say enough how grateful I am for this material. My husband and I have been a follower of David Wilcock, Geoge Norey. So having so many amazing people together on one place is awesome. The material is so interesting. I stopped watching mainstream media except the history Chanel and H2. I appreciate what you are doing for humanity. This meditation was so simple, beautiful. Thank you.

B-health, posted on June 26, 2013

Beautiful was y awaken. Very centering and gentle. Love it!

mumblebump, posted on December 19, 2012

This is a great way to start the day if you aren't looking for anything vigorous. Nice, gentle stretches ease the body into the day. The guided meditation is great, very soothing, but awakening. I'll have to work up to sitting still/meditating this long, it's a bit long for me as a first timer.

I was looking for something gentle to prepare my mind and soul for a less soulful day. Does the trick.

ravenousblue, posted on November 12, 2012

The morning mediation with light yoga is amazing and is the PM minful yoga. I haven't tried the PM Mindful Yoga. She has her own video on here with yoga and meditation combined which is also great.

Rachelgarden, posted on September 25, 2012

Perfect!! Just Perfect!!!!!

Rachelgarden, posted on September 21, 2012

After a hard hard day as a Social Worker I so look forward to my 20 minutes with this video. her voice is very relaxing the poses perfect for releasing stress. Of course relaxation pose is my favorite "-)

eden0718, posted on July 11, 2012

I liked Yee's voice very easy to lose yourself within his meditation practices.

Rachelgarden, posted on June 12, 2012

I like the voice the soothingness of it and the pause half way of no sound no noise it almost had me asleep.

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