Dance for Weight Loss

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Dance for Weight Loss

Patricia Moreno

Burn fat quickly with this high-energy Dance for Weight Loss workout. Patricia Moreno teaches you cardio dance moves that slim, tone and strengthen your entire body. With easy-to-follow instruction, Patricia leads you through a heart-pumping, calorie-burning dance workout that will help you lose weight quickly. Slim down while having fun with popular moves from fitness and dance that focus on fat-burning cardio. Dance for Weight Loss includes workout options perfect for both beginner and advanced exercisers. You will burn calories and tighten up without even realizing that you are exercising.


Episode 1
Episode 1
, 63 minutes
Burn fat and shed calories quickly with the high-energy Dance for Weight Loss workout.
Available worldwide
Express Dance Workout Video
Episode 2 Express Dance Workout
Express Dance Workout
Episode 2
, 34 minutes
Slim down while having fun with popular moves from fitness and dance that focus on fat-burning cardio.
Available worldwide
Interview with Patricia Moreno Video
Episode 3 Interview with Patricia Moreno
Interview with Patricia Moreno
Episode 3
, 11 minutes
Interview with Patricia Moreno on Dance for Weight Loss.
Available worldwide
Abs Bonus Video
Episode 3 Abs Bonus
Abs Bonus
Episode 3
, 13 minutes
Develop the strong abs you need to dance and look good.
Available worldwide

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nancyromaine, posted on July 11, 2015

While I love to dance, I find that I am going to need a bit of practice to keep up with Patricia. However, I can see that practicing and learning from her will be well worth it because... I FEEL HER JOY! That is a wonderful and inspiring thing. Thank you, Patricia. I also lovvvve your yoga videos.

kenerups, posted on November 13, 2014

I did the 60-minute dance. The steps are definitely complicated, and it will take a few sessions to be able to get them. I also thought I caught her saying the wrong foot a few times, and it threw me off a bit. If I could get the hang of it, I could see how it might be fun. First time was frustrating, though.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on November 14, 2014

@kenerups - thank you for your feedback. I apologize that this video was frustrating. We will definitely catch these things with future videos.

gillianchao, posted on September 5, 2013

The 30 minute video spends the whole time teaching and you barely get your heart rate up.

lovely95, posted on August 1, 2012

I just did the abs & I found it very unique & a good workout especially for the waist. It also had great stretching & a little bit of cardio in the 12 minutes just doing the standing ab exercies. Different & still challenging.

rachiebaby18, posted on May 7, 2012

i like that its 60 mins. the steps arent difficult but it can take a few watches to catch on better, but its fun. :)

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