The Deep

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The Deep (1997)


At a depth of one mile, the deep sea begins. Making up more than 50% of the Earth’s surface, it is the largest unexplored part of our planet. Until very recently man knew more about the solar system than about the universe beneath the waves. Now this is about to change. Scientists are illuminating the deep in a rush of discovery that is scattering old myths, and laying bare secrets of nature hidden since the beginning of geological time.

Episode List

The oceans remain one of mankind’s greatest mysteries because reaching the bottom of the ocean safely presents a greater challenge than reaching the moon. Now, we can get a glimpse a various technologies created for scientists and military to explore the ...
50 minutes
In the depths of the deepest parts of the ocean reside some of the strangest creatures mankind has ever witnessed. As technology improves, we are able to explore deeper, and for longer. We join the scientists as they explore one of the deepest parts of the ...
50 minutes
From vast oil reserves to microscopic bacteria, there are many sources of riches to be reaped from the ocean’s depths. With these vast resources, the ocean floor can be interpreted as fields of gold. To this day, these resources remain largely untapped and ...
51 minutes

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