Defenders of the Planet

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Defenders of the Planet (2001)


A fascinating look into space exploration. First, this series covers potential threats to the earth, including killer asteroids, solar flares and lethal alien virususes. Next, the series outlines the history of the U.S. space program and some of the sacrifices made through our quest to explore other frontiers. Finally, it follows the training, launch and successful mission of Shuttle Atlantis through the eyes of an astronaut on his first venture into space.

Episode List

Killer asteroids, solar flares and alien viruses.
48 minutes
Explore the history of the space program.
48 minutes
Take a trip on the shuttle Atlantis.
48 minutes

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oneuniversegirl, posted on January 13, 2014

I can't believe this show is even allowed to play. David looks at simple structures and speculates about what he thinks they may "be". No definitive proof is offered at all. When he shows the photos that have been blurred beyond recognition he says he sees certain shapes and speculates about them. This is a perfect film to demonstrate what "Matrixing" is. It's like seeing bunny rabbits in clouds. Don't waste your time on this show.

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