The Earth‘s Riches

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The Earth‘s Riches (2004)


From spaceships to mobile phones, metals are an integral part of the objects that make up the world around us and that we use in everyday life. The metal industry is a major component of the world economy, yet extraction and refinement is still an arduous and dangerous process, not only for the workers but for the surrounding environment as well. In The Earth’s Riches, each episode follows the journey of the metal, from the ground it is mined from to the plants where the hard work continues as the raw metals are refined and processed. The series offers the viewer a window into the reality behind the production and makeup up of the everyday objects we so readily take for granted.

Episode List

This episode tells us about the significance of nickel for our lives. It documents the consequences of the wide-spread mining of it for the people and their environment in New Caledonia.
43 minutes
Copper has accompanied mankind throughout most of its history, first in its pure form, and then as an alloy. Today, copper is used more than ever before.
43 minutes
Today, no other country on earth uses and produces as much iron and steel as does China. Worldwide, iron and steel prices have risen dramatically, because demand in China continues to grow.
43 minutes

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