On the Edge

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On the Edge (2009)


We live in a world that abound swith controversies and conspiracies. Theo Chalmers hosts guests such as politicians, scientists and activists who present evidence of secret, hidden and even nefarious agendas happening right under our noses. With topics ranging from UFOs, Illuminati, predictions, paranormal, politics, secret societies, and cryptozoology, he reveals things that the establishment would rather be left alone.

Episode List

Lloyd Pye offers evidence of what has come to be known as the star child skull. What he has to offer may upset everything the scientific community has come to accept about the origin of humanity and the existence of extraterrestrial beings.
47 minutes
Millions of people around the world claim to be visited by aliens and thousands claim they have witnessed strange and bizarre animal mutilations. David A Clayton has spent many years investigating these terrible atrocities and he postulates a link between ...
48 minutes
Matthew Williams is a UFO researcher with a strong interest in crop circles. One day, he and his friends figured out how to create these shapes in the fields. Williams explains how they made the circles and the ultimate event that changed their lives. The ...
48 minutes
The ability to read minds, to know the future, to see what others cannot all these things and more come with the power we all have within us. David McCready, author of The Great Simulator, joins the show to explain about his own abilities and how we can ...
48 minutes
Doyle Shamley and Robert Halton talk with Theo Chalmers about the various big conspiracies that are working to put power into the hands of a secret organization. This organization may have ties to ancient mystery religions that have been controlling ...
58 minutes
Jon King, author of Princess Diana: The Evidence, shares his experiences and evidence that exposes what may be the crime of the century. His main focus is simply to prove Diana’s death was an assassination and not a mere accident.
99 minutes
Host Franky Ma sits with economic experts Mark Cocking and Dominic Frisbee. They discuss what they see happening with the current economy and what they expect is to come from it. They feel that an unintentional financial catastrophe is sure to come to the ...
98 minutes
Andy Thomas, author of Vital Signs and leading researcher into crop circles, joins the show to explain the phenomenon of crop circles. He gives the history of crop circles and some insight to their creation and possible meanings.
40 minutes
Andrew Collins, author of The New Circle Makers, joins the show to explain his understanding of just what crop circles are. The old circle makers made the stone rings and the new circle makers are making crop circles in the same locations. Both are temples ...
48 minutes
Nick Pope, one of the world’s experts on UFOs explains the dramatic increase in the reported sightings of UFOs and the information that governments are just starting to release.
49 minutes
In this two part interview, Len Horowitz, shares his discoveries and research from emerging viruses to the healing power of sound.
94 minutes

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